Expert Recommended Guide on How to Clean RGB Mousepad Easily

Are you feeling oil sticky while using your mouse pad? But you are confused about cleaning it as it is your first time use with RGB mouse pad. So, how to clean RGB mousepad? Typically, …

Are you feeling oil sticky while using your mouse pad? But you are confused about cleaning it as it is your first time use with RGB mouse pad. So, how to clean RGB mousepad?

Typically, you can clean it with a clean cloth and also use water. At this point, you must know the common ingredients and the proper ways lest you should damage them.

So follow our guidelines one by one to clean your mouse pad quickly.

How to Clean RGB Mousepad | Effective Way

RGB mouse pad is one of the best choices for gaming heroes. But sometimes, you may face the worst part over time. It looks like oil sticky, dirty, discolored, or dark mode. As a result, it affects gaming performance.

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Then again, the dirty mouse pad performs slowly in working time. We can also get rid of these if we maintain some basic cleaning steps as well as the maintenance tips.

Here are some unique ideas we showcase step by step. And the best part is these things are available in our home. So read them to know, without delay.

Things You Need

First of all, we need some materials to clean mouse pads. These items are-

  • A smooth sponge or microfiber cloth
  • Detergent or shampoo
  • Warm water
  • Soft towel/microfiber cloth

Let’s start cleaning your mousepad.

Step-1: Unplug All the Cable Connections

Though it’s the common but major step that you might know you see we humans are fond of forgetting when any trouble appears before.

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So, at first, keep all your cable and cords disconnected from your mousepad. Washing or cleaning the mousepad with the power connection can lead to an electric shock. And you might not want that.

Step-2: Place the Mousepad in a Suitable Place

At this moment, set the mouse pad in a suitable place to clean easily. You can also clean the mouse pad by placing it on a flat surface like the table or floor.

Step-3: Apply Warm Water in Sponge or Microfiber Cloth

Take a soft and clean sponge or cloth. And use lukewarm water into the sponge to get wet properly.

You can use normal water, but if you think the mouse is too dirty, lukewarm water will be effective.

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  • Avoid boiling water
  • Never dip an RGB mousepad into water
  • Do not use a hard stiff brush

Step-4: Apply Some Liquid Detergent Or Shampoo

Now spread some liquid detergent or shampoo on this sponge or soft brush.

Tips: Be alert and avoid using bleach to clean a mousepad. It will damage your lovely mouse pad.

Step-5: Rub on the Mousepad

Now, gently keep rubbing in a circular motion with your brush or microfiber cloth well. Then rub it properly all around the mousepad except the edges.

Clean it in such a way so that no part is omitted of the mouse pad. So, continue scrubbing to remove dirt from the entire piece.

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Tips: Ensure the detergent does not go on the mousepad’s edges where there is electrical wiring.

Step-6: Wipe out the Soap with Dry Cloth

Now, take a clean cloth and damp it in water.

After that, wipe out the detergent stuff with that damp cloth. Clean well. No need to use further water.

Step-7: Wipe Out with Dry Cloth

Now, wipe out the mousepad surface with a dry cloth.

Step-8: Let It Dry

Let it dry for some hours. You can dry the pad using a hairdryer if you want. Wait for 24 to 36 hours to dry. Then use it.

Tips: It would be harmful to connect the RGB mousepad right after cleaning. Wait until it completely dries out.

So, now you know how to wash the mousepad using water that too the RGB one, without any damage to the mousepad.

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However, if you here looking for ways on how to deep clean RGB mousepad, the above method works, too.

So, start cleaning.

How to Dry Mousepad?

After washing it, In some cases, it dries very quickly, and sometimes it delays. It depends on the material of the mouse pad.

Well, mostly, the regular pad dries quickly, but the heavy mouse pad dries late. Now we will follow some way for drying mouse pad quick to use it instantly.

At first, wrap it in a soft towel and remove any extra water. Repeat this process several times.

After drying for a while, try to soak out water using tissue and absorb water and moisture from the mousepad. Again run this process to dry out the mouse pad. In a short time, it will be dry.

If you want, let it dry outside or wherever the wind blows. It can take 24 to 48 hours to dry well. Then it becomes usable.

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Some also suggest using hair drying. It also works.

How to Clean Mousepad without Water?

Oh! Are you afraid of washing with water? Or the RGB mousepad manual says only dry cleaning? No problem, let’s see how you can clean it without any water or liquid.

Clean Using a Wet Tissue/Wiper

You can clean the mousepad using a wet tissue. You can find them in the nearest store easily.

However, you can clean using any electronic wet wipe like the MiracleWipes wipes.

Clean using a Soft Bristle Brush

First of all, check your mouse pad dirt. You will see some floating white lines after sketching on the mouse pad.

This way, you can be sure that it is high time you cleaned your mouse pad.

Use a clean sponge or brush to clean the mousepad. Then rub, rub, and rub on your mouse pad and drag the dirt outside the mousepad line. Keep rubbing and dragging out dirt until you find your mousepad clean.

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Clean Using Isopropyl Alcohol

You can also use any alcohol pads or take a tiny amount of alcohol pads on a clean microfiber cloth and then clean the mousepad with that.

However, the benefit of using alcohol is that it cleans your mousepad and sanitizes it at the same.

How to Clean White RGB Mousepad?

The white RGB mousepad gives a lovely look. But it gets dirty very quickly also.

Moreover, a dirty mousepad also affects your gaming while you are trying to aim at your enemy, and due to the stickiness on the mousepad, you cannot target it well.

So, clean it using any of the aforementioned methods before it gets too dirty and not usable anymore.

How to Clean RGB Mousepad Razer?

The RGB razer pad is a particular type of electric mouse pad. It is unique for gaming performance. So it should be best if you took care of it from the beginning.

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However, no worries, you can clean it using shampoo, dishwasher, or cleaner if it gets dirty. Just follow our shown method above step-by-step.

Try to clean it once a month. Then it will last for a long time at your table.

How to Clean SteelSeries RGB Mousepad?

The Series RGB mouse pad is created with a unique look. Besides, it is made without sewing. It is adjustable with rubber, aluminum, and other material.

So you can clean a SteelSeries RGB mousepad with comfort. Warm water and regular detergents are enough to clean it. Now we can also try to clean it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you wash RGB mousepad?

Of course, you can do it. RGB mousepad washing is pretty possible. In the processes time, you have to be careful about this action. However, we need to avoid boiling water and make sure the water does not go on the edges where the wiring line is connected.

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Can a dirty mousepad affect gaming?

Yes. The RGB Mouse Pad is the best choice for gaming heroes. Sometimes it can slow down your performance level due to oil stickiness or dirt. At the moment, it can affect your smooth gaming.

Can I use baking soda to clean my mousepad?

Yeah. You can use it. By the way, in the case of lifting heavy stains, use it to pick up any dirt. Moreover, you can use it to remove any foul smell or germs from the mouse pad. But it is not to use regularly to clean your mouse pad. It can be counterproductive if stated more than the amount. So be careful in using it.

Can you wash the mousepad in a washing machine?

Yes, you can unless the mousepad is RGB. If your mousepad is fabric or rubber made, then you can easily wash it inside the washing machine. But the RGB mousepads that come with wiring on the edges are not machine washable. Again, some mousepads are said to be machine washable, and you can wash them using your machine.

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Final Word

Nowadays, all guys prioritize their RGB mousepads as it plays a vital role in running the mouse well, especially in gaming.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. It is a great way to know how to clean RGB mousepad easily and then clean it yourself.

As a beginner, it may help to remove your confusion. At the same, you can save your bucks from buying a new mousepad.

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