How To Clean ZOWIE Mouse? Best 3 Ways

Do you know how to clean ZOWIE mouse when it gets too sticky? Alcohol-free baby wipes are the super accessible and safest way ever you should try. Well, there are some other pro methods, as …

Do you know how to clean ZOWIE mouse when it gets too sticky? Alcohol-free baby wipes are the super accessible and safest way ever you should try. Well, there are some other pro methods, as well.

Typically, you may touch so many things in your room. Then without cleaning the hands, you touch the mouse. However, you may not see that germs; the remaining germs may become harmful for health. So, here we will show you the most effective and most used methods to clean the Zowie mouse and make it new again.

How To Clean ZOWIE Mouse

When we researched all the possible solutions to this problem, we find that using the mouse for an extended period is the primary source that makes it dirty. The sweat and the oil emitted from our bodies make your Zowie mouse greasy.

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So, we are showing you the step-by-step process of how you can clean your Zowie mouse without any residue left.

Method 1: Use Alcohol-Free Baby Wipes

The alcohol may damage the coating of the mouse. Besides, the rubber side may get spoiled with the touches of alcohol. That is why you should use alcohol-free baby wipes to clean your mouse. Cottonelle Alcohol-Free Wipes can be usable here.  These are really helpful as no harsh chemicals are used in these wet wipes.

Step 1: Remove The Grease

First, make sure the wipes you have taken are alcohol-free. Then take a wet wipe and smoothly wipe out the grease from the mouse. Make sure your mouse is plugged out. If you need more wipes to grease out the mouse, you can use more.

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Step 2: Erase The Grease With Cotton Pad

After using the baby wipe, now it’s time to use the cotton pad. The cotton pad will slightly erase the remaining grease and wetness from the mouse.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to rub the mouse harshly. It may damage it.

Method 2: Clean The Mouse Using Paper Towels

If you do not have any wipes or wet tissue, you can use paper towels to clean your mouse. Just follow the following steps-

Step 1: Unplug Or Remove The Batteries From Mouse

Whenever you clean your mouse, you must unplug it from the cable. Thus you can eliminate any unpleasant situation. As the mouse is a piece of electrical equipment, caution should be the priority. Another important thing is that if your mouse is wireless, you should remove the mouse’s batteries.

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Step 2: Place The Mouse On A Paper Towel

As you are going to clean your mouse, it is expected that some dirt will worst your table or surface. That’s why place your mouse over a paper towel on your chosen surface.

Step 3: Remove Dirt From The Tiny Nooks

The tiny nooks of the mouse may hold dirt inside. As the mouse always remains with the hand’s touch, it’s very typical to enter the dirt into the mouse’s small part.

In this case, you may use a toothpick to remove the derbies from the mouse’s tiny nooks. Then enter the cotton bud and carefully scrape out the dirt from the inaccessible part of the mouse.

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Make sure you avoid the actual sensor of the ZOWIE mouse. Otherwise, the cotton bud will damage your mouse.

If you do not have the cotton bud can use any small stick that is as thin as an earbud.

Step 4: Blow Out The Remaining Dirt

In this step, you can use canned air. You may fail to remove the remaining dirt by the toothpick. That’s why you need to blow the dirt out with the canned air properly.

Step 5: Thoroughly Wipe Off The Mouse

Use any wet wipe or paper towel to wipe out the ZOWIE mouse’s external grease. Just wipe the towel over from the mouse.

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But one caution you should remember is that if your mouse is wireless, try to avoid the alcohol wipes.

Step 6: Wipe With A Cloth

At last, you need to use a dry cloth to wipe the mouse. Carefully wipe by the dry cloth to remove the wetness from the ZOWIE mouse. Here, you can also use any dry paper towel or any microfiber cloth.

Any microfiber cleaning cloth like the Mr. Siga ultra-soft cotton cloth can be effective to use. Cleans out the invisible dirt like a magnet. Things we like-

  • Ultra-soft microfiber cotton
  • Scratch-free and non-abrasive type

Method 3: Use Spray Or Disinfectant Product

You can use any disinfectant spray to clean your mouse. But this method will fail if your mouse is so much greasy for the sweat.

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Step 1: Prepare The Mouse To Clean Up

First, you need to plug out the mouse or remove the batteries from it.

Step 2: Place the Mouse Over A Cloth Or Paper Towel

As the disinfectant sprays become liquid mostly, there is a chance to wet the surface. That’s why place the mouse over any cloth or paper towel.

Step 3: Clean The Mouse With Disinfectant Spray

Make sure the spray you are going to use is not harmful to your mouse. Otherwise, it may damage your mouse. Then start to disinfect the ZOWIE mouse by spraying on all over it carefully.  Then, gently rub in a circular motion using any paper towel or microfiber cloth. And wipe the dirt away.

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Pro Tip:

Make sure to clean every nook and corner and there remains no spray inside.

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Cautions For Cleaning The ZOWIE Mouse

Cleaning the mouse is a very hygienic issue. When you clean your mouse, you can mostly avoid any germs infection. But when you clean your ZOWIE mouse, some cautions you should keep in mind.

If you use alcohol wipes to clean up the mouse, it can make your mouse less glossy to look. Again, the alcohol-based wipes can hamper the rubber part of the mouse.

Besides, if the liquid part of the wipe goes into the mouse, it may damage the internal functions.

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When you try to clean the mouse using a toothpick, it may harm the sensor too. For this reason, whenever you clean the mouse, you must follow the precautionary issues.

How do I clean my Zowie Mouse?

Use any alcohol-free baby wiper as a DIY tip, or use a paper towel and a good disinfecting spray to clean the Zowie mousse. But make sure to avoid the mouse sensor part to avoid any damage.

How do you clean a Benq Zowie mousepad?

for the Benq Zowie mousepad, use any damp paper towel and clean the mouse by rubbing it over the mouse. But never think of inserting the mousepad inside the washing machine, otherwise, you might ruin it.

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Final Words

Cleaning a mouse is not a very difficult task if you can handle it with care. Naturally, the mouse becomes dirty every day due to sweat and germs.

Perhaps this article will help you to find 3 methods if you are looking for how to clean Zowie mouse. Then why delay? Start to clean your mouse now!

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