How to Convert JPEG to JPG On Mac- 3 Easy Tips And Tricks

How to Convert Jpeg to jpg on Mac? Though Jpeg and jpg do not have much difference except an extra ‘E’s in the middle you can convert easily by changing the extension name. Besides, some …

How to Convert Jpeg to jpg on Mac? Though Jpeg and jpg do not have much difference except an extra ‘E’s in the middle you can convert easily by changing the extension name. Besides, some converters can do your job too.

JPEG and JPG both are file extension names for image files. And converting this file format is pretty easy and essential in today’s techno world for media sharing and easy usage.

However, today, we have brought 3 ways for you to convert JPEG to JPG. Let’s see.

How to Convert JPEG To JPG On Mac

You may notice that the Mac computer contains an image as jpeg files. Jpeg and jpg are the same that means there are two several extensions similar picture format.

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Still, if you want to convert jpeg format to jpg, can do it with easy steps. Nevertheless, on Mac, you can convert the image of Jpeg to jpg in three ways. The three methods are:

  1. Changing extension name
  2. Using system preferences
  3. Using an online converter

Read this post attentively to know how to convert jpg image to jpg on Mac. Let’s start:

Method 1: Changing Extension Name

Preview is the way that provides convert image files to PDF. JPEG. PNG, JPEG 2000, TIFF, PNG, PSD, and others. This is useful so you can share files on another kind of computer.

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Change the extension name and convert Jpeg to Jpg on your Mac with the following steps.

Step 1: On the Mac, go to the Preview app and open the File. Now choose File> Export.

Step 2: Open the format menu of the pop-up and choose a file.

Click the Format pop-up menu, and you should choose a file type. Moreover, press and hold the Option key if you can’t find the file type that you want. After holding on to it, you can see an older or special menu; click on the menu of Format-up.

An additional option may be present depending on the image file format that you choose. Depending on your requirements, you can add the quality of the image.

For example, to create Jpeg or jpeg 2000, you can adjust quality as you want. Even to create a PDF file, choose a Quartz filter and apply it to the picture. Besides this, you can encrypt the picture so that another person cannot view this image.

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Step 3: Then change a name and type a new name or new location. Click on Save for saving the new File. Now you can see the jpeg image file converted into jpg successfully.

Method 2: Using System Preferences

Using system preferences you can also convert Jpeg image format to jpg format on Mac.

Step 1: first, on your Mac, you need to open Automator. From the Finder Applications window, tap on the Go dropdown and choose applications. Now you should click on the Automator app.

Step 2: At this time, from the template dialog box, you need to choose the service template from the template dialog box

File>New. Tap service.

Step 3: The service receives a selected dropdown menu to choose image files at the window above. Then at the top of the left corner, choose show library.

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Step 4: In the left Library Panel, click the photos now choose and drag changes.

This is the time to say yes and click add.

Step 6: Under the items of copy finder, choose your Mac computer dropdown menu on the window of copy finder items.

Step 7: Clasp save from your Automator at the upper of the screen. For your created service, type a short name. Accordingly, you can type jpg convert. Finally, to save it, clickS on the saving option.

At last, you have done converting Jpeg to jpg successfully.

You can get the most popular jpg menu item file formats whenever you click on the image file. The new jpg file will show up on your MAC.

Method 3: Using Online Converter

An online converter named Online Convert is a free and simple online tool. Yet, with this online tool, you can convert Jpeg to jpg images easily.

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Without any installation and sign-up, you can easily convert images. Twenty million users use this famous online Jpeg to jpg converter monthly.

Using this online free converter, you can convert multiple image files at a time. All of these converting images you can download one by one. On the other hand, this is the simple and easiest way to convert Jpeg to jpg.

Nonetheless, here below, we describe the steps to convert jpeg and jpg on Mac.

Step 1: First, go to your browser that browser you use like UC browser, safari, Google Chrome, and more.

Step 2: Open your browser and search Online Convert.

Step 3: There is a choose file option; click on the choose file option. Then choose your jpeg image from your gallery to convert to jpg.

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Next, choose File and upload this image and now click on the start conversion option below. Plus, you can choose multiple files as well to convert Jpeg to jpg.

Step 4: However, converting the File will download automatically. To see the new image file, click on those downloading Files and open it easily on your Mac.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG On Mac Using Quick Action

Especially with IOS 11, Apple began using the image format of HEIC. For smaller sizes of jpeg format, the jpg image format is popular. This jpg format also makes way for Mac. However, the HIEC image format makes a problem for most apps. Below here we give some easy steps to covert HIEC image to jpg on Mac.

Additionally, you may love to save the images from your iPhone on MAC in a suitable format when you want to save the Mac in the future.

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In particular, isn’t it great if you can get an easy and quick way to convert HEIC images into jpg?

Let’s see the steps for it.

Step 1: Setting Up The Quick Action

Open the Autometer from your Mac which you get in the application folder. Or, to search it, you can use Spotlight — after opening Spotlight, just select the “New document.”

Currently, from your templates list followed by “Choose,” click “Quick Action.”

Type “copy finder” over the screen left side into the search options box. Next, you can click “Copy Finder Items” on your screen right side. In contrast, choose the folder to the images you need to save the converted.

Come to your left side screen now into your search box type “change type.” Eventually, you select from your right side screen “change type of images.”

Here also, you can find a dropdown too, so change it to “jpeg.” Finally, tap File>Save in your menu bar and for your quick option, enter a name.

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At last, to complete the process, click “save.”

Step 2: Convert HEIC file To jpg

Right-click any HEIC image file to use the new quick option and then choose the previous Quick Action that you made. So, in a folder that you created earlier, you can find a new converted jpg image.


JPG and JPEG are both common extensions file names used by Windows as well as Mac. Therefore, users can easily store and save digital images in those file formats.

According to a consortium of independent experts, both of these file formats are frequently used formats for images. However, there are some differences between them.

Let’s have a quick glance at the comparison between jpg and Jpeg:

Defining the same abbreviations as JPEG-Joint Photographic Expert Group and typically uttered as Jey-Peg.Same abbreviation- Joint Photographic Experts Group
Jpg is the three-letter image file format used in the earlier version of Windows that needed 3 character file format extensions.  It comes with a multiple-letter format that has acquired more popularity for image files and is popular in recent digital image file names.
Jpg file format is more famous than Jpeg.This Jpeg files format is not much popular as jpg.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the meaning of a JPEG image?

JPEG is the standard format of File that can be compressing pictures. Even so, you can store them and sent jpeg image files quickly by email. The complete form of JPEG is Joint Photographic Experts Group

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What is the difference between JPG and JPEG images?

JPG and JPEG have no significant difference between them. The main only difference is the number of characters used.

Are iPhone photos JPEG?

Yes, all iPhone images are saved as jpeg files.

Final Word

Above all, Jpeg and jpg have no major difference without the name extension. But, if you want, you can convert a jpeg image to jpg with some method easily using which method you like.

Most web graphics and images are saved in jpg format; that’s why jpg format is more famous than Jpeg.

Graphics designers save many bitmaps in jpg because of easily download and transfer option. Jpg format contains a 24-bit color palette. That’s why jpg format is the best format than Jpeg.

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However, this is the post where you can get the best method of how to convert Jpeg to jpg on Mac. We hope you can get the helpful way for your image after reading this.

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