Here Are 3 Ways How To Delete Go Launcher Ex From Android

Having trouble with Go Launcher Ex on your android? How to delete the Go Launcher Ex? the most effortless way is to delete or force stop this from the settings. But if this does not …

Having trouble with Go Launcher Ex on your android? How to delete the Go Launcher Ex? the most effortless way is to delete or force stop this from the settings. But if this does not work, we have some other ways, too.

This article can provide you with 3 simple methods with a step-by-step guide on how you can remove the “Go Launcher Ex” application from android.

However, we download or install the launcher to make our device more arranged. Sadly, for some anonymous things, you may decide to remove. But for some technical issues, the removal process gets challenging.

Let’s not waste time and moving forward with our step-by-step methods.

How To Delete Go Launcher Ex From Android: 3 Effective Methods

As we hinted, like other applications, it cannot be removed or deleted by uninstalling it from the app widgets. However, you can complete the task by following some changes in the settings of your phone.

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You should also know that whether it is Go Launcher Ex or Go LAuncher Z or any other updated ones, the following 3 methods will work for all of the cases.

Here, we have shown 3 methods to uninstall Go Launcher Ex from Android. Each method varies from phone to phone. So try anyone that your phone lets you try.

Method 1: Delete Go Launcher Ex From Settings

Do follow the steps carefully:

Step 1: Enter The Main Menu

First, you need to unlock your android device if your device is smart lock protected. After that, go to your android main menu option to access the apps.

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Step 2: Open The Settings Option

Look for the setting icon. You can find this settings icon in your phone’s apps or menu options. The settings icon looks like a rounded gear sign.

Step 3: Tap On The Applications

After going into settings, scroll down and select the application button. After selecting the application option, go to your running application on your device.

Step 4: Select The Go Launcher Ex

In your running application, you will find the option “Go Launcher Ex”. Then select the launcher.

Step 5: Click On Force Stop

After entering the launcher, various options will come on your android screen. To stop that application, you need to click on the “Force close/Force Stop” option. With this primary method, you can remove the go launcher ex from your android device. If you still cannot fix the problem, you can update the go launcher ex application and remove it.

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Method 2: Delete GO Launcher Ex from Device Administrators

After reading our first method, if you feel that that process doesn’t solve your problem, check out this method.

Step 1: Enter The Setting Option

At first, you need to find the android setting. Swipe down the device interface and select the setting option.

Step 2: Select Location And Security

After entering into the setting options, swipe down to all heading. Then tap on the location and security option.

Step 3: Tap Device Administrators

You have to scroll down after entering into the location and security. Then you will find the device administrators option. Click on the device administrator option.

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Step 4: Deselect The Check Box

In the device administrator option, you need to deselect the go launcher ex’s check box option. After that, you have to allow the deactivate option.

Step 5: Select Uninstall Option

Now, go to the manage applications option. Then, click on the uninstall option. Then the Go Launcher Ex application will be stopped and deleted from your phone.

Method 3: Delete Go Launcher Ex with The Touchwiz Home

Here we move on to our 3rd method. To remove Go Launcher Ex, you can also follow the following steps:

Step 1: Go To Setting

In your android device, firstly, you need to select the settings option.

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Step 2: Select Default Application

After selecting the settings option, you have to scroll down and find the default application manager. Tap the default application manager.

Step 3: Press Home Option

Next, you need to go to the home option.

Step 4: Select TouchWiz Home Option

After selecting a home option, you need to go to “TouchWiz” home, which may take you back to the square one interface.

Step 5: Restart Your Device

When all the steps are done, restart your device. And then, successfully the go launcher ex will be removed from your android.

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Still Go Launcher Ex Worth It?

Let’s know some authentic information about this launcher. Though you are here to know the removal process, we should tell you this Go launcher comes as a screensaver or administrator application. This application helps you to see your android home screen more beautifully.

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You can easily set the screen saver if you want. For this, all you have to do is go to the gallery, select your chosen image, select and hold on to the image, and click on the screen saver option. With this application, you can select any themes, fonts that are included in this launcher.

Besides that, it provides one of the incredible features named backup quality. Amazingly, you can restore or backup your complete configuration to an SD card. Also, using this launcher, discover a new way to use your android device. To put it simply, it gives you a unique customization option for your android phone.

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Why Delete Go Launcher Ex Application?

The go launcher ex came with lots of accessories. So, to improve your android home screen, you should never use annoying things. Another part, a lot of unnecessary advice will pop up when you go back to launch, which is also irritating. Besides, the launcher is full of ads everywhere, and due to its lack of support, it cannot provide high-resolution devices.

In most cases, some third-party launchers like go launchers cause significant problems like memory loss and system lags. These problems only occur when the launcher is not configured correctly. If you are a high-end device user, then the launcher’s software bugs also cause unexpected performance issues on the device.

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Things To Remember Before Selecting A Launcher Application For Android

Each launcher has different exciting features. First, you need to understand what features your device needs or what kind of launcher you are looking for. Then you can easily select the launcher of your choice according to your needs. 

Also, there are some other things you need to avoid; for example, many launchers proudly advertise their own better processing.

Again, if a launcher promotes and advertises that can impact the phone’s performance in some cases, you should avoid the ones with lots of ads.

Remember while decorating your dear android, don’t end up damaging it!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of launcher is go launcher ex?

The go launcher ex is a design launcher. The design launcher comes with icon packs, widgets, wallpapers as a foundation shell to renovate phone features.

Is it safe to use a launcher?

Yes, all launchers are not unsafe. Launchers are only used on your device’s skin, and when you delete it, it does not damage any device’s data.

Should you use a launcher?

When you want to make your device’s home screen more functional and personalized and change your android interface, you can use the launcher.

Final Thoughts

The explanation above describes how to delete go launcher ex from android. After confirming different user experiences, we have figured out these 3 methods.

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However, in this article, we have covered various information from using a launcher to deleting a launcher and the facts before selecting a launcher. You now have the knowledge to delete go launcher, so feel free to customize your android screen with other launchers further.

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