How to Disable Samsung Dex to get Rid of Annoying Notifications

How to disable Samsung dex? It’s pretty easy to disable the app from the settings that we have discussed here. Do your Samsung mobile has a dex feature? It is a great feature of the …

How to disable Samsung dex? It’s pretty easy to disable the app from the settings that we have discussed here.

Do your Samsung mobile has a dex feature? It is a great feature of the latest android devices. It makes work so easy to handle by using your mobile device like a computer.

But sometimes, it may cause you some trouble. When you connect your phone, there will be lots of notifications that may annoy you during work. Then you need to disable it.

Disabling the app will disable the notification. This only can happen if you know how to it properly.

Today we are going to tell you this. So, read through the content for better understanding.

What Is Samsung Dex?

If you do not know what Samsung Dex is, then let you know that it is an advanced feature of android mobile devices. With this feature, one can connect their mobile device to an external display or tv and use the mobile like a computer. It is also possible to use the mobile device simultaneously.

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Do you know how the mobile get connected to the monitor? You are going to need some device like an HDMI adaptor DeX Pad or DeX Station to connect your phone with another bigger display.

How to Disable Samsung Dex?

After updating your phone to a new version, you may receive a notification of Samsung Dex for PC. It may annoy you during work. 

At first, let’s see the quick disabling way from your phone.

How Do I Remove Samsung Dex From My Phone

If you do not need the Dex feature or you do not care about it on your phone, it is better to disable the feature from the phone. With some simple steps, you will be able to disable Samsung Dex from your phone.

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The process is explained here in simple steps-

Step 1: At first, go to the Settings menu from the home screen

Step 2: Then search for Apps

Step 3: Click on Apps

Step 4: Notice that there are three dots located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Tap on it

Step 5: There a list will appear

Step 6: Now Choose ‘Show System Apps’ from the list

Step 7: Then go for ‘DeX for PC’ and select it

Step 8: There are two options FORCE STOP and DISABLE

Step 9: First tap on ‘FORCE STOP’ and confirm it

Step 10: Then tap on ‘DISABLE’ and confirm it.

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And Samsung Dex is disabled so quickly.

What To Do When Samsung Dex Screen Mirroring Not Working?

Are you using the SamsungDex, but the screen mirroring is not working? No need to worry about it. If you know some simple tricks, you will be able to switch Samsung Dex to screen mirroring.

Solution 1: Manage Settings

Step 1: To manage settings, first tap on the Settings icon from the home screen

Step 2: Then go for Connections and tap on it.

Step 3: From their select More Connection settings

Step 4: There will be an option titled HDMI Mode

Step 5: Select HDMI Mode there

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Step 6: You will see an option to toggle between the Samsung DeX and Screen Mirroring.

Step 7: Switch the button from Samsung Dex to Screen Mirroring

Solution 2: Reset your phone and Monitor Connection

If the first solution does not work for you, try the second solution.

Step 1: Disconnect all the connections like wifi, power connections of your phone, and monitor.

Step 2: Now reconnect the power cable to the power supply.

Step 3: Turn the power of your phone and monitor on.

Step 4: Reconnect the mobile and monitor to the wifi.

Step 5: Now, try again to switch to the screen mirroring.

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Solution 3: Other solutions

If all these solutions did not work for you, there are other solutions.

  • Sometimes the screen mirroring may not work because of the cover on the phone. Take off the cover of your phone and again try to connect your phone with dex cable.
  • If the mirroring does not work with a wireless connection, use a wired mouse or keyboard
  • Check if your devices are compatible with each other.
  • You can try a hard reset to your phone.


If your Samsung dex is not working properly or doesn’t find this function useful, you can get rid of it. To avoid all annoying notifications or unworking Samsung dex, disabling the function is the best option if you know how to disable Samsung dex.

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This is not a very tough task to do at home. To learn every detail, read the process explained carefully above. Here we also told you about the solutions if the screen mirroring doesn’t work.

We hope this will help to solve the problem you face. You will be able to switch Samsung dex and screen mirroring.

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