How To Fix AOL Mail Not Working On iPhone| 3 Simple Methods

how to fix aol mail not working on iphone

Mr. Salavin Matthews is a business icon and has to handle a big semi-conducting company. For his company issues, he needs to maintain well-communications with his friends and colleagues. Salavin likes to use AOL mail instead of regular mail as it is easy to install and a super-fast browsing system. But he has faced some trouble for some days on AOL mail, such as it doesn’t open and takes sufficient time to load. So, he was getting frustrated about what to do to fix it.

Like Mr. Salavin Matthew, many of us are suffering from these technological problems. If you’re one, it would be good news for you to discuss three simple methods for solving your device problem. Learn out these below methods on how to fix AOL mail not working on iPhone wisely.

Methodical myths of fixing AOL mail not working on iPhone

Before starting the task of how to fix AOL mail not working on iPhone, it would be better to console myself with some facts. These are,

  • The below five methods are suitable if your iPhone doesn’t have any manual problems.
  • After applying these methods, if you are still suffering from this problem, it is better to consult an IT expert.
  • Keep your iPhone processor load-free.
  • Make sure that your iPhone doesn’t get damaged or broken.
  • Always keep clear the excessive data from your iPhone.

Method-01: Turn on your iPhone airplane mode

People often complain that their phones keep failing to receive new messages or emails when they clear their inboxes. Sometimes the same things will be shown on the screen that “there’s an error occurring”. I know how much it is while we keep chatting about essential issues. I’ll miss out on so many vital mails for these disgusting issues. If you’re the same victim as me, it will be better to fix it by turning on airplane mode. Follow these steps.

Steps-01: Go to the settings or turn on the home screen bar

 You can turn on airplane mode on your iPhone by following two steps. First, go through the settings. Second, turn on the home screen bar frequently.

Steps-02: Press the airplane mode on

After going through the settings or screen bar on your iPhone, press the airplane images to turn it off or click the airplane on the grounds. You will find that the airplane mode option seems to be green. It ensured that you’re doing the task successfully.

Steps-03: Wait for 2-3 minutes and turn it back

After a few seconds, turn it back. Then re-check your AOL mail to examine it.

Methods-02: Reboot your grid position for fix it

Suppose you notice that the issues didn’t fix up after double clicking your flight mode open and close. If you still see that your AOL mail becomes continuously showing “an error occurred”. Then go through the second option. Sometimes the problem may occur from your grid settings. Maybe your iPhone cannot catch your local network spontaneously. Several reasons exist in this situation. You could try this second method if the first method didn’t work.

Steps-01: Scroll Down the “Settings” options and find the general one

First of all, scroll out your iPhone’s setting options to find out in general. Then click on this option.

Steps-02: Find out the “Reset” option to fix the mail problem

Afterward, find out the reset option. Press the reset option. You’ll see three or four more options that lay behind the reset option.

Steps-03: Click the network reset option or cellular network to finish the task

After finding the reset option, scroll downwards or upwards to justify the network reset settings. Click the option and wait for a minute. It may take a few minutes to adjust your local areas networking systems. Now your networking systems have been settled. And if you want, you can restart your iPhone. It’s optional. I’m leaving it on your decision or choice.

Method-03: Delete your AOL old passwords and reset it

Delete your AOL email account is required. It’s a life-changing hack after trying out these above two methods. It is a risky approach because once you delete your account, all your documents become removed forever. But sometimes, deleting your AOL email accounts can solve your problem tactfully. Follow these three steps to delete and re-create your AOL email.

Steps-01: Go through your iPhone settings option

To delete your account, start-up to go through the iPhone’s settings option. Then scroll down downwards to search out the “Password & Accounts” options. Most of the iPhone models have attached these options at the bottom of the page.

Steps-02: Reset your old passwords

To reset your old passwords,

  • select the “Passwords & Account” options.
  • Then click on your old email account and press the reset options.
  • Then select the “AOL” option again.

Steps-03: Create a new password and sign in again

Create a new password and email account on your AOL mailing sites. Then sign in again with your identity. I think now you’ll be able to skip out the troubling problem swiftly. You may get a little confirmation email after signing in AOL mail.


Unlike these overall three methods, you can also fix your AOL mail problems by verifying the mail address on your iPhone. Finally, contact any iPhone servicing center or customer care if the problem still lags behind you. Nothing is more annoying while you’re not signed in on your email account or failed to find out your mail.

Remember, when there is a problem, there is a solution too. You’re not the one who has faced these problems. Just keep patients and figure out the problem to supply the approximate solutions. I hope that now the question of how to fix AOL mail not working on iPhone can quickly be solved. You may win the stressful battle that has ruined your night’s sleep.

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