How To Log Out Of Mail On iPad: 4 Easiest Method You Ever Try!

how to log out of mail on ipad

Got your new iPad and don’t know how to log out of mail on iPad yet? Then this article will give you the easiest tutorial with just 4 simple methods that you didn’t even notice.

Like any other smartphones or tablet operating system, the Apple products like iPad does not have a usual log out option for the email application. The company claims their device to be that sound and secured from hackers that it doesn’t even need any. But yet the issue could be quite irritating as well as frustrating for some of us.

So let’s get started and don’t miss a part or you may leave clueless of these 4 simplest hacks.

Is It Even Possible to log Out of Email on iPad?

iPads are made intending a single user which promotes the concept “One gadget one owner”. So, it doesn’t offer any separate log out option for the email application. But the problem arises as gadgets are not always operated as well as owned by a single user which creates privacy concerns.

Although the iPads doesn’t have a log out option for email applications, the process can be done using some different methods that are not suggested by the company but yet are built-in. In other words, the Apple company actually provided the log out system with the device but in other names.

So, it is actually possible to log out of the email application on an iPad and this article shows you 4 simple methods of how you can do it.

How to Log Out of Mail on iPad

***If you feel hurry, then you should watch this quickest method in just 60 seconds!

The setup and operating system of an iPad is not the same as an android or windows device. So any one can struggle with the logging out issue. Here are the 4 simple ways that is suggested the most all over the internet by the experts and the iPad users.

Method-1: Delete Account

This first method may seemed quite breath taking for you, but take it easy, cause it is not literally going to delete your email account. This method simply removes the account from your iPad without deleting from the internet and the next time you try to log in, it will ask for password. So this method is just another name of log out on an iPad. Just follow the steps below:

Step-1: Go to settings.

Step-2: Go to “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.

Step-3: Click the mail option.

Step-4: Select the red dialog “Delete Account”.

Step-5: Confirm.

This method is also suggested by the “GMAIL” security authority and the “Google Support”.

Method-2: Turn Off

This method is the second highest suggested method on how to log out of mail on iPad on the internet. It is almost same as the first method. Here the mail option contains a turn on-off switch, which is green when it is turned on and dis-colored when turned off. Just do as follows:

Step-1: Go to settings.

Step-2: Go to “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.

Step-3: Click the mail option.

Step-4: Turn off the green switch from the right side of mail option.

Method-3: Sign in with Another Account

This method is another “Google Support” suggested technique. But you need to create or add another account to your iPad if you choose this one. Or if you have already added multiple accounts on your device, you can just switch between them. All you need to do is:

Step-1: Open the “GMAIL” app on your iPad.

Step-2: Tap your profile picture icon from the top right corner of the screen.

Step-3: Select your preferred account.

Method-4: Trick Your iPad

This method is not a formal one but works pretty smart and also popular among the iPad users around the world. The initial steps will remain same as before:

Step-1: Go to settings.

Step-2: Go to “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.

Step-3: Click the mail option.

Step-4: Erase your email password.

Step-5: Enter a fake password.

Step-6: Save it.

Step-7: Ignore the warnings and select ‘Done’.

You will be signed out until you enter the correct password. This method is not that popular but it works 100% and doesn’t even damage any of the settings and information.

Which One to Choose

All the methods suggested in this article are completely safe to follow. But you’ll need to follow any one not all of them. So which one will be better to choose? Well, over the internet, the first method which is called delete the account, is the most suggested method by the email providers and also the highest preferred one among the iPad users than the other methods.

The second method might be preferable for the “GMAIL” users as it is suggested and authorized by the “Google Support” community.

Final Words

Now apple devices are our dream gadgets and who doesn’t want to use it like a pro! Knowing some simple hacks and tricks will allow you operate your iPad trouble free.

If you have gone through the article already then you have just got the easiest and simplest 4 methods of how to log out of mail on iPad. So don’t freak out on your iPad while struggling to log out. Simply try these methods and get a swift and easy iPad surf.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I re-log into my email account after logging out on iPad?

Simply go to ‘Settings”, select “Mail’ and tap “Accounts”. Then tap “Add Account” and choose your mail provider. It will ask for your email address and password. Enter and wait for account verification. Finally choose information and select “Save”.

In case of the first method, you will need to log in following these directions. The rest will only require username or email address and password.

Are these log out methods going to make any damage to my email information and settings?

Absolutely not! These methods are 100% safe and will just temporarily remove or turn off your account from the device without making any internal information and setup changes.

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