How To Pause Google Drive Upload/Download Android- Pro Tips

Suppose you need to pause on an upload or download file. But Google Drive does not show any pause or cancel button. Then, how to pause google drive upload/download android phone? Simple tips is to …

Suppose you need to pause on an upload or download file. But Google Drive does not show any pause or cancel button. Then, how to pause google drive upload/download android phone? Simple tips is to turn off the network connection, and it will be paused.

Occasionally the Google drive catches demands for downloading larger files. You want to wait and don’t run it now; then, you must know how to pause it as there is no pause button on the notification bar.

Okay. Let’s do it effortlessly. It’s not that challenging to do. Just follow our tips.

How to Pause Google Drive Upload/Download Android

Google drive is a better option to store any file or data. So you can keep essential things smartly. Besides, it allows sharing or downloading any size of files as long as you have the storage available.

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Sometimes in the upload time, it may create an issue. Otherwise, the network is working slowly. So you can take a step of pausing the running file.

So, let’s start. Here are some ideas to follow these options. Hopefully, you can do it.

How to Pause Uploads to Google Drive on Android

Let’s start with pausing the uploads.

It can be easy to upload a file to the drive. When you need to pause the file uploads, you see Google has no direction on this option.

So how to stop uploading files in the Drive on mobile. It’s nothing but possible to take some tips. Just keep checking the steps given below.

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Step: 1

While something is uploading on the Google account drive, come on the home screen of your android phone. 

Step: 2

Now, slide down the notification screen from the top of your home screen on the notification bar. Afterward, you can hold on to tapping the option that shows the percentage of downloads. If you see any pause button, tap it to pause immediately. Otherwise, turn off Wi-Fi or the data connection option from your android if there is no pause button.

Step: 3

Now, you will see that it shows waiting for the Wi-Fi network to resume again. Thus it will happen to stop uploads to Google Drive.

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If you connect the network again, it will auto-resume downloading, but it won’t resume again if you cancel it from here. You have to restart the download again.

How To Pause Google Drive Download Android

Both are the same to pause a download or upload a file system. So, follow the same trick to pause any Google drive downloading.

Earlier, there was an option that showed for pausing and resuming Google Drive downloads or uploads. But nowadays, Google seems to be changing their system concerns resulting in a hassle sometimes for the users.

Why Is Google Drive Not Uploading Files?

Oh, you are concerned that your files are not uploading? The uploading file is interrupted in many cases. You can also solve this if you know some tricks. If one step works, you don’t need the other one. So let’s get started.

  • Check your Wi-Fi or data connection & restart your device.
  • Sync and backup your accounts, or it may fail the upload
  • Check out the precise cache data to clear all
  • Update the Google account Drive app to upload easily
  • We should wait a little longer in the larger file uploads
  • Log out of your account, then again reconnect the account
  • Check out the Google system tray of status on the dashboard
  • In the upload time, disable your antivirus apps.
  • Rename the uploading file by checking the file extension according to the base of the file
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Check these tips. Expectantly one or the other will help you for sure.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why does Google account drive stop uploading?

Google drive uploading may stop for various reasons. Your Wi-Fi data or internet may be puzzling these times. So recheck your internet connection and enable the data uses option from settings. Moreover, the upload file size is so big, but your cache is under 250 measures. Of course, check this option and select the size to your needs. Thus it recovers your stop uploading problem.

How do I stop syncing?

Stopping syncing is very easy for your device. Now you can see this quick navigation to stop syncing easily. Go to your phone Settings < Accounts and Backup < Select the Accounts, or Google account < Delete/ remove from syncing. In this way, your account will stop syncing.

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How to continue incomplete upload in the Google-connected drive?

If the file is still buffering when checking on the Google account connected drive, it is pretty possible to complete the upload. For this, select the three-dot line. After toggling the drive app, press on force stop. Then start the incomplete upload again. In this way, you can upload it.

Final Words

With luck, you get a trick on how to pause google drive upload/download android. It’s helpful to resolve your problem.

Now, store any sized files on your Google account connected drive anytime. Continue with us to get more information. Enjoy your file savings with Google Drive storage.

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