How to Remove Scratches from Laptop Touchpad- 5 Magical Home Remedies

How to remove scratches from laptop touchpad? Some amazing DIY can be helpful in this case. Then, you can use scratch remover also. Let’s share 5 home remedies and other ways too. In this context, …

How to remove scratches from laptop touchpad? Some amazing DIY can be helpful in this case. Then, you can use scratch remover also.

Let’s share 5 home remedies and other ways too. In this context, we will show you all possible ways that you can try to get rid of that horrible scratching marks and when you feel a rough surface while using your laptop trackpad.

How to Remove Scratches from Laptop Touchpad?

Removing scratch marks from the laptop touchpad is quite difficult sometimes. But don’t panic. You can fix it unless the entire trackpad is damaged.

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We will give you some great home remedies. And using these treatments, you can eliminate scratch signs from any laptop touchpad at home.

Moreover, you will know about alternative methods if you cannot remove the searches at home or are lazy to do some DIYs.

5 Magical Home Remedies to Remove Scratches from Laptop Touchpad 

Use Microfiber Cloth

You have to be sensible on your laptop trackpad skin. You should try a microfiber cloth to remove the scratch marks. You should not use any harsh cotton for cleaning your laptop.

Use Toothpaste 

Toothpaste is a great product to get rid of the scratchy marks from the laptop trackpad skin.

  • At first, put a tiny amount of toothpaste on your laptop trackpad where the scratches are; the amount will be very little.
  • Then rub it clockwise for a few moments.
  • Now soak a microfiber cloth with water and rinse well. Then, clean the toothpaste with fiber.
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It will help to eliminate scratching marks from the laptop unless the scratches are too deep.

Use Any Citrus- Containing Cleaner

Citrus-based cleaners are highly effective to clean out scratching marks. It is a common element of your house. Apply a little bit of citrus-based cleaner to the scratches on your laptop then remove it with soft cotton.

Try Cleaning with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common ingredient in our home. You can easily find baking soda in your kitchen.

  • Take baking soda and water in 2:1 ratio in a bowl, then mix it to make a paste.
  • Use it on the scratch marks in a small amount. Rub it for 30 seconds, and then clean it with wet microfiber stuff.
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Tips: Beware! Any liquid does not go inside the keyboard or other ports.

Try to Fix Scratch Marks with Dishwasher 

The dishwasher is a product that is used 3 times a day. If you want to remove any minor scratching marks from your laptop touchpad, you can use the dishwasher.

Please take a tiny amount of dishwasher, mix it with some water, and put it on the scratches. Now grab a super micro cotton cloth and rub gently. It will help to remove minor scratches.

Use these 5 amazing home remedies to remove the unwanted scratch signs from your favorite laptop skin. They are very cost-effective solutions for you.

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5 Premium Ways for Removing Scratches from Laptop Touchpad

So, we just saw the DIY remedies that we can easily find the elements at home. Now, let’s see the solutions for those who are lazy to try the DIY and need something quick but effective too.

1. Use Any Scratch Remover

It is the easiest solution to the problem. Some people also call it the magic eraser.

You see, here you can apply any car scratch cleaner to remove scratch marks from laptop trackpad though it’s an automotive purpose. But it really works!

Just buy a scratch remover from the store and apply it on your laptop trackpad skin to remove the scratching nail marks or others. Keep in mind to use a good quality brand.

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2. Remove with Silicon Spray 

You can find many silicon sprays on the market; select one based on quality and performance.

Then apply it to the laptop touchpad. It helps to make your laptop touchpad shiny and gives a polished look that seems like a new one.

3. Using Flexible Plastic Putty Knife 

For this technique, you will need a flexible plastic putty knife from the market. Then use it at a 10 to 20-degree angle to remove the laptop touchpad coating.

Don’t rug the touchpad skin too hard. Otherwise, you may ruin the entire trackpad.

4. Try to Remove Scratches with Metal Polish Kits

If your laptop has a metal body, especially an aluminum body, the metal polishing stuff will work superbly. You can try this Chemical Guy metal polish from any hardware store or on Amazon.

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It is pretty expensive, though. Pour some metal polish stuff on the scratch marks only and rub them softly in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth. It helps to cover the scratchy marks. 

5. Remove with any Plastic Polish 

You can also try good plastic polish kits for the plastic body laptop. Like metal polish, you can easily get plastic polish from any hardware store. You see, the Novus plastic polish kit is quite popular also.

For using plastic polish, you have to clean the dirt from the laptop trackpad skin firstly. Clean it using a dishwasher and let it dry properly.

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Then apply the coating of plastic polishing stuff until you see no scratches. Please wait a couple of minutes, and your laptop’s plastic cover will absorb it.

Tips to Maintain While Removing Scratches from Laptop Touchpad

  • Always use a soft wet cloth for cleaning but never use it with excessively wet. Try to use a lightly wet cloth.
  • The amount of baking soda, dishwasher, toothpaste should be standard, and the usual amount is tiny.
  • You should not use excessive water for cleaning.
  • Be careful about using products on the laptop touchpad; if they go inside the laptop, it can damage your laptop.

3 Special Tips for Laptop Touchpad Maintenance

When you understand the laptop touchpad maintenance procedures, you can protect your laptop touchpad from scratches.

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First, you have to know how to cover a laptop touchpad; then, you can protect your laptop touchpad surface. Here are the tips:

  • Use a laptop touchpad protector; it will ensure the safety of your laptop touchpad.
  • Also, you can try any laptop touchpad stickers to protect the trackpad skin. Now there are different kinds of stickers available in the market. Select one according to your choice.
  • Don’t use your touchpad very roughly. Use it gently.
  • Never use your nails to use the touchpad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we repair the touchpad of the laptop?

Yes, you can repair the touchpad of the laptop. For restoring your touchpad, you should go to a reliable repair center. You can replace your damaged touchpad if you can provide a big budget.  

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What to do if the touchpad of the laptop is not working?

If your touchpad is not working, then you can use a keyboard for operating your laptop. For solving your laptop touchpad problem, identify the problem initially. If it’s not working for scratches, go and check the remedies here or if there are other problems, go to a repair center to replace it. 

How much does it cost to fix a laptop touchpad?

Replacing a laptop touchpad is pretty expensive. It depends on the brand. It can cost around $149 to $200 if you want to replace your laptop’s touchpad.


After glancing at this article, we hope that you are now pro on how to remove scratches from laptop touchpad.

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We showcased all the remedies, techniques, and tips on a research basis. So you can trust it and apply it to solve your trackpad problem.

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