How To Send Videos Without Losing Quality? Send It Like A Pro

how to send videos without losing quality

Whenever we think of sending videos to anyone, the first thing that comes to mind is that the sending video may lose its quality or sharpness. So, how can we fix it? It is the central question of many of us.

Yes, we can fix it. When you send those videos through WhatsApp or messenger or from another app, these apps will compress your high-quality videos into low-quality videos. So, in this article, you can know how to send videos without losing quality and keep saving the videos in online storage for further shipping.

How To Send Videos Without Losing Quality

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Maybe, you recorded videos from your android phone or iPhone, or you may capture the video from the PC’s screen. And now, want to send those incredible video footage to another third party like your personal company workers or, to your ad agencies, or, for personal social media coverage, or for your YouTube channel? It may be better for you if you chose to send your videos using the online platform.

Online cloud storage services have become more popular for sending files from one place to another. For this purpose, you can choose these mediums such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or We Transfer to send your necessary videos without quality compression. These online storage mediums are well known for sending videos or files to the remote area. Let us make clear these ways for you-

Method 1: Using Google Drive

Google drive is a well-known storage service and the most commonly used option for cloud service users to send large video files. Follow these easy steps to know better about the Google drive service-

Step-1: At first, you have to open Google Chrome on your PC or phone.

Step-2: Then, you will see a bars icon at the upper right side of the chrome page. Click that bars icon. It will open the drive page for you.

Step-3: You can also type, and it will also open the drive for you.

Step-4: The sender and the receiver both need a Gmail account for accessing Google Drive. It is much safe than using other sorts of storage services.

Step-5: To send a video from any device, you have to upload the video on Google drive. You can increase the video resolution. The maximum resolution for videos in Google Drive is 1080p, and it is the standard size for HD broadcast. Whenever you send the video to any third party, the receiver can download the video in 1080p resolution.

The Google Drive storage will also give you the option of 15 GB. Now, by using this 15 GB storage, you may upload your important videos previously. When the time comes, you can send those videos. When you sign in to your Google Drive account using Gmail, you have access to use this 15 GB of online storage from anywhere.

Method 2: Send Using Dropbox

The most convenient medium to send a large video with excellent resolution is Dropbox. We all know that it is a file storage or sharing service. You can trust that by using Dropbox, the receiver can find the exact video with no quality compression whenever you send a video. For getting the Dropbox services, you have to maintain the following steps-

Step-1: Go to the play store and search for the Dropbox app on your android phone or PC.

Step-2: Download the Dropbox app and open it.

Step-3: You have to sign up for the app, which is free. After signing up, you may get 2 GB (gigabytes) space for free using purposes. If you want more storage than 2 GB, then you may buy the paid version of Dropbox.

Step-4: Then, you need an email account and the email’s password to free sign up for the Dropbox app.

Step-5: Go to the home and tap the blue plus icon to add the recorded video you want to send. Mainly, you have to upload the video in Dropbox by selecting it from your phone or PC.

Step-6: After uploading the video, tap on the three dots (right side of the video file). Then you can find the share option to send your video. You can share the video by email without losing its quality. Google Drive also gives you the option to copy the video link and send it by email. Then the receiver has to download the link. The receiver gets the original video (which was forwarded by the sender) without losing the video quality. Some video cameras can shoot videos in 4k resolution. To send these types of high-quality videos, you must depend on the Dropbox transfer system.

Method 3: Send Using We Transfer

We Transfer is used to send videos or files as opposed to storing them. If you use it, you have the option to upload large videos up to 2 GBs for free in a temporary location. To know the application of We Transfer, you have to depend on the following directions:

Step-1: Visit Go to the homepage; there, you can see a blue plus icon. You have to add the video you want to upload by clicking the blue plus icon.

Step-2: You have to enter the receiver’s email address and type your email address in the Email address option box.

Step-3: You may click the three dots. It can change the way you want to send a transfer of the video.

There is an advantage for the We Transfer users. That is, you can send a short message along with this video file. We Transfer also provides you a unique download link to your video. The receiver can download the exact video without compressing its quality.

Google Drive, Dropbox, We Transfer are great at migrating huge-sized data libraries to cloud storage services. It makes that extensive data available to other users for watching or downloading. Sometimes the sender may give some restrictions to some users to access or download the video files.

Send Videos Without Losing Quality Through Offline

You can also send your videos offline. Sometimes you edited the video on a computer and wanted to send the video to your android phone. You have to collect a USB cable for connecting the computer with your android phone for this purpose.

After connecting it, tap on the notification of the android phone. Choose to send files via USB. Then go to your computer and select the video which you want to send. Click the right button of the mouse and select your phone drive option. In this offline method, you can also send the video without losing quality.

Concluding Part

If you are at home or in your workplace and want to send a video file to your interested party, you must use Google Drive, Dropbox, We Transfer (online storage services). Because most of the users get benefitted from delivering their recorded videos perfectly with no compression by using these cloud storage services.

Most of us may hear the name of these online storage platforms. But whenever you want to use it, you may get a little difficult to operate these online services. This informative article will help you answer how to send videos without losing quality by using these storage services.

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