How To Set Birthday Reminder On Android Phone To Wish On Time

how to set birthday reminder on android phone

Do you usually forget to wish your beloved persons on their special occasion, especially on their birthdays?  In this tech-advanced world, no need to give your brain that pressure of recalling everything.

If you know how to set birthday reminder on android phone you can stay relax. And every year, your phone will make you reminded with its reminder notifications. Then you don’t have to be ashamed for forgetting your beloved person’s birth dates or other special dates.

Read the whole article to get vast ideas about it in detail. Let’s not make you wait anymore.

How To Set Birthday Reminder On Android Phone

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It’s very simple to set a birthday reminder on your android phone. And you can do this using your android app widget. Almost all the android phone has this reminder application by default.

Step-1: Swipe up the home screen

At first, you have to swipe up the home screen. If your android phone is password protected or smart lock protected, unlock it first. Then swipe the home page to access your apps. Generally, you can see pages included with 14-16 apps.  Look for the app called “Calendar” or “S Planner” or even “Reminder” in some androids.

Step-2: Open the app

Now click on the “S Planner” or the “Calendar”. When you enter into the interface, you can see a calendar will be shown on the screen.

Step-3: Add the birth date

This will show you the current dates and months. If you want to add a reminder on today’s date, you can just touch or click on today’s date, and instantly another interface will come. It will ask you to add any subject and set the alarm at a specific time. However, if you want to set a reminder or alarm on a different date or month, you can swipe on the months. And when your desired month appears to you, touch the date to add a title on it which will be shown while it is alarming. You can also add the date by tapping on the (+) button in the bottom right corner. In some Androids like Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., has this feature.

Step-4: Set the name & alarm type

Now write down whose birthday it is. There will be another option below there to select the time, when the alarm will start, and when it should be stopped. You can select all day alarm by tapping the option called “All Day”. In that case, it will notify you the whole day. By the way, then you can invite someone to wish that day as well. Tap invite and go to contacts. Select your expected contact to invite.

Step-5: Set the alarm repetition

Then select the repetition option whether you want to set the Reminder monthly or yearly or anything else. You will see the list will come on screen after you touch the repeat option. You will find the options like daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Select ‘Yearly’ so that you can be notified of the birthday reminder every year.

Step-6: Save it

After finishing to fulfill the options, recheck once. Then save it. To save the date, you will see two options below there called “CANCEL” and “SAVE”. Select “SAVE”. Oh, here is another good news, you can add your location in some androids. Some updated android phone features upgrade the calendar and reminders Setting. So you can add it. Then save the event.

If You Need Can Edit It Anytime

You have added an event on a fixed date. Now you may be thinking about the date is right or wrong. And unfortunately, if you have found that the date is wrong. No problem. You can edit it. Just tap the date, and you can see the event. Click on it, and again you will find two options called “DELETE” and “SHARE”. You can delete it. And then rewrite the event on an accurate date. You may add any icon that matches your birthday reminder. In some android phones, the sticker adding option is available, and in some android, handsets are not available. So you can add it if there is.

Delete The Reminder Dates When No Need

As you have read before, the process of deleting any reminder you may know about now. But I’m repeating it again. If you see that the calendar is going to be full of reminders, you may become puzzled by it. So, explore the months and have a look at the dates. Find out the less important events. Select the date and tap on the “event” that you renamed previously. Select “DELETE” to delete it. It will be removed from your calendar.

Is There Any Apps Available To Set The Birthday Reminder

If you do not like to add any reminder with your phone’s app, or if your handset does not recognize the setting, no need to be disappointed. You can install some software to set a reminder alarm and make your valuable time more special to the special one. You will find all these apps in Google Play Store. And the first and foremost name that appears at first is the “Google Calendar”. It is quite popular and user-demanded.

Setting the Reminder using “Google Calendar” is the same as shown above. Some other apps are available like Facebook, Birthdays for Android, Birthdays- Birthday reminder, To Do Reminder with Alarm, Contact’s Birthdays, Birthday Countdown, and so on.

You can install them to use as your willing.

Bottom Lines

At the end of the story, we must say that you now know how to set birthday reminder in android phone. As a result, you can set the alarm on the first moment of anyone’s birth date and wish them on their precious time. Make them feel happy and thoughtful. And have a good journey with your beloved one.

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