How To Test RGB Fans Without Motherboard | 2 Easy Ways

How to test RGB fans without motherboard? You can simply test it using a power supply with a proper Voltage supply. Well, you must know the tactics, though. We’ll show you that with easy steps …

How to test RGB fans without motherboard? You can simply test it using a power supply with a proper Voltage supply. Well, you must know the tactics, though.

We’ll show you that with easy steps today. Not only that, the article is going to describe some additional questions that might come to your mind.

So to know all the pros and cons, read the entire context and get your desired information.

How to Test RGB Fans Without Motherboard

Although using a motherboard is a simple way to be sure that your RGB fan is okay or not. But when we are investigating the ways to test the fan without installing it inside the CPU or motherboard, we can divide our discussion into two methods. One is using a power supply, and another is observing the fan’s physical appearance.

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So, let’s explain the 2 matters.

Method 1: Test Using Power Supply  

You can use your PSU to make sure that the RGB fan you have purchased is perfectly okay.

So, to test it, all you need is a power supply and a paper clip.

Step-1: Connect the Fan with the PSU

You can plug the case fans pins into the PSU’s corresponding socket. You will find the RGB fans cable has 4 pins/4 pins connector, you have to connect them to the power supply’s Molex connector.

Step-2: Short out Pins with Paper Clip

Then the step is for your paper clip. Now, take the cable of the power supply that has a 20 or 24 pin connector. You will see, there are different color’s wires available.

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But, what you have to do is to find out the green color wire. When you find it out, then follow the green wire to get its pin.

At this point, follow up to the pin, insert one end of the paper clip into the green pin and turn another head of the clip into the black wire’s pin.

You may see there are a couple of black pins, no matter in which a number of black pins you get the paper clip, you can choose any black one near the green.

Step-3: Turn on the PSU & Check Fans

Now, your work is finished. Get the cable plug into the power supply and turn it on.

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If the fan rotates very well and changes the colors while rotating the fan, it is okay. But, if the fan shows you any hassle, whether running or changing the fan’s color, that is faulty.

You will have to change it or have to make sure the joints are connected accurately. Then you will get your desired result.  

Method 2: Testing RGB Fan’s Appearance

However, now go ahead with some informal testing ideas. You can test the fan’s body appearance by checking the fan, case, cables, pins, and so on.

  • Initially, you can have a look at the fan blades. Are they okay or not? If some of them are not well bent, then probably there is a problem.
  • Moreover, in some cases, there can be a hassle with the pins. You have to check them if they are faulty or not.
  • Last but not least, you can check the cable of the RGB fan when you connect the fan with a power supply or motherboards with RGB headers. You can easily didact the cable if there is an issue.
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So, after checking the fan’s blade and cables, connect it to a voltage supply to test it. If the fan runs, then it is perfectly okay. Otherwise, there is a problem. Consequently, you have to change it or fix it after finding out the issue.

Basically, these are the ways to be confirmed about the RGB fan’s activity without checking with the help of CPU or motherboard.

Let’s meet some frequently asked questions. The following questions are supposed to come to your mind, so get your answers before being confused.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I test my PC fans without a CPU?

Yes. You can test your PC fan without a CPU for sure. In this case, you have to connect the case fans pins to the DC 12 Voltage supply. And then the supply can power it for your PC fan.

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Can I connect RGB fans to PSU?

Obviously, you can. You can connect your RGB fan as an alternative way of connecting with the motherboard RGB header. So this is an easy solution if someone does not want to test his RGB fan by connecting with a CPU.


To sum up the whole context, we would like to state that though RGB header on motherboard is a commonly appreciated connector to test any case fan. But the exceptional matter is to test it in another way, without connecting to CPU or motherboard. So, that was the anticipation of us to make you satisfied.

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However, after all the above discussion, we may hope you have earned an enormous idea about how to test RGB fans without motherboard.

Moreover, our team has tried to decorate the whole article full of information and techniques. So, we hope our work will be worthy to you. Enjoy your Computer gaming or computer journey.

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