How to Turn off Facebook Messenger Notifications on Desktop within Minutes

Is the incoming message sound on your desktop messenger bothering you? How to turn off Facebook Messenger notifications on desktop? You can turn all the notifications or just a few activity options from the messenger …

Is the incoming message sound on your desktop messenger bothering you? How to turn off Facebook Messenger notifications on desktop? You can turn all the notifications or just a few activity options from the messenger preferences on the desktop. There are some other ways, too.

But it’s not that difficult to find at all. However, you can turn off the Facebook messenger notifications both from the desktop app and browser.  And we have shown methods for all of these.

So, check them out.

How to Turn off Facebook Messenger Notifications on Desktop?

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Well, there are many ways, and several sources are guiding the wrong mostly. However, thinking about your ease, we have gathered here all the possible ways.

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On the whole, we will show you 3 methods for disabling the Facebook Messenger notifications on the desktop.

  1. Turning off from Desktop Messenger App
  2. Turning off from Messenger on the desktop browser
  3. Turning off from Facebook messenger on the desktop browser

Let’s proceed the ways.

Disable Notifications From Desktop Messenger App

At first, we will see how you can turn off the Messenger app notifications that you’re running on your desktop or laptop.

We all know the way to turn off the notifications from the messenger app on mobile. But when it’s on the laptop/PC, the method is slightly different.

Let’s see the steps.

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Step-1: Open the Messenger App & Log in to Your Account

Open the Messenger app on your desktop. And login to your account using the used mail and password if you are not logged in.

Step-2: Go to Your Profile Menu

After opening the app, you will find the chatbox on the right side and the users on the left side. Next, select the small-icons Profile Menu with your profile picture on the top left side.

Step-3: Select Preferences

When you select the profile menu, there will be several options. From them, select the preferences option.

Step-4: Go to Notifications

After selecting Preferences, another box pops up. Go to Notifications from the options on the left side.

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Now, you will see 3 options under the Notifications.

  1. Do not disturb
  2. Show previews &
  3. Notifications sound

If your turn off, meaning uncheck the toggle box of the ‘do not disturb ’ mode, the other two options will automatically turn off. And you will get neither notification sounds nor any message previews from your desktop sidebar.

When you turn off the ‘show previews’, you won’t get any chat previews that you might be afraid it was ruining your privacies.

And finally, the last option is the ‘notifications sound’. If you only turn off the notifications sound, you won’t get any annoying sound for your messages, but get the previews.

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Step-5: Close It

The final step is to close the box after disabling notifications. Don’t worry; it won’t close the entire messenger app; rather, the dialogue box appeared there.

So, now you know how to turn off the notifications from the messenger app on the desktop. You can now turn them off according to your comfort.

How to Disable Messenger App Notifications on Desktop for a Single Chat?

However, there is another way to disable notifications on the messenger app for a single chat. It’s kinda same as what we do on the mobile messenger app.

  • Right button clicks on the chat that you want to disable notifications for.
  • Select mute notifications
  • Select the time for how long you want to disable this and confirm.
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You can again similarly unmute the notification for the single chat.

Turn off Notifications from Messenger on Desktop Browser

Now, let’s show you the way to turning off Facebook Messenger notifications from the browser.

Suppose you are using Messenger on your browser. And now you want to disable the notifications sound.

So, the steps are as follows—

Step-1: Go to Messenger & Log in

Go to the Messenger application from your browser and log in to your account.

Step-2: Select Three Dots

After logging into your account, go to the 3 dots on the upper left side.  If there are no 3 dots on your browser, find a gear-like icon or the settings icon. Select that settings option.

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Step-3: Select Preferences/ Notifications

Now, if you see the preferences option on the popup box, select preferences.

However, some version does not seem to have the preference option direct notifications option can be seen. In that case, direct click on the notifications.

Step-4: Disable the Notifications

Now, uncheck the blue box beside the notifications. And it will disable the notifications.

Oh! If you can see the option saying ‘desktop notifications enabled,’ then disable it by unchecking the box.

Turn off Notifications from Facebook Messenger on Desktop Browser

Don’t you use a separate messenger app on your desktop? Need to know how to disable notifications on Facebook messenger on a desktop browser?

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Follow these steps—

Step-1: Go to Facebook & Log in

Go to Facebook from your browser and log in to your account.

Step-2: Select Messenger Chat

Now, on the top right side, beside your profile icon, select the messenger chat icon.

Step-3: Select 3 Dot Option

After you click on the messenger chat icon, you will see the messenger chatbox type box opens up there. It’s just the same as you see on your mobile.

Select the 3 dot option placed horizontally there.

Step-4: Turn off the Notifications Sounds

When you click on the 3 dots, another popup comes showing some option for notification sound settings.

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Turn off the one you need. You can only disable the incoming call sounds, message sound, or all.

Isn’t it so simple? Yes. Just follow the steps, and you can avoid the annoying notifications sound within minutes.


How do I stop Facebook Messenger from popping up?

You can stop the message preview option from the preference. And it takes not more than a few seconds.

How do I turn off Facebook Messenger notifications on my computer?

Go to the preferences option from your Facebook messenger profile menu, and turn off the notifications that you need. The best option is to enable the ‘do not disturb’ mode, and you are done.

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Wrap Up

 It’s time to finishing the guide here. Hopefully, you got the steps and learn the tactics now if you did not know how to turn off Facebook messenger notifications on desktop.

Enjoy your chatting without disturbing others with the sudden notifications sound with the higher beat. And get the proper privacy on your Messenger chatting on desktop or laptop.

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