How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications On Galaxy S5| 2 Easy Ways

how to turn off facebook notifications on galaxy s5

Having notifications on your smartphone is a good way to be updated about all your communication approaches. But sometimes, it becomes more annoying when it notifies you more often when you are too busy. Some apps send you notifications every now and then. You can turn off unnecessary app notifications. In this context, we will know how to turn off Facebook notifications on Galaxy S5. Basically, the approach to turning off any app’s notification on different androids is the same. However, you may need not analyze the settings right now because this article is going to explain you to the point.

How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications On Galaxy S5

Nowadays, Facebook notification works like an alarm by giving you updates of your profile. When someone posts anything on their social media or on their birthday, you are getting the updates immediately. It’s a good side. But indeed, sometimes people become bothered while having too many notifications.

However, here you will know about two effective methods that will help you turn off getting these annoying notifications from Facebook. The 1st method is about turning off notifications from the phone settings, and another one is from Facebook app. If you are not a Samsung Galaxy user, yet this article will be helpful for you.

Method-1: Turn Off From Phone Settings

Turning off the android app notification from phone settings is quite simple. Just follow the instructions serial-wise and apply them to your handset.

Step-1: Go To Setting Option

If you want to change your mobile settings, go to the setting application on your mobile phone. However, You will find it where all the apps are displayed. Basically, this option covers all the setting-related programs. You can also find the settings option from the quick notification panel. It’s a round-gear-like icon.

Step-2: Scroll & Find Sound And Notification

Inside the settings, have a look over all the functional options. Go for the “Sound and Notification” option. You will get your desired setting option into it.

Step-3: Look For App Notification

Now, inside the “sound and notification” option, you can see here are the options: Sound mode, Volume, Ring Tone and Sounds, Vibrations, Sound quality and effects, and so on. Look for ‘App notification.’ This option will here work for you. By scrolling down, you will get it. Touch it to go inside.

Step-4: Scroll & Find Facebook

Now, have you got your “App notification” option? Tap this option and enter into a new interface. Here you will find all your apps listing that you have installed. Moreover, we can share one more thing. If you intend to cancel getting the notification from another application, you can turn it off from this option also. Now come to the point, Scroll down to look for the Facebook app. Then, select the Facebook app and do the procedure as given below.

Step-5: Select Facebook

You want to cancel the notification from Facebook, isn’t it? So after selecting the Facebook icon, you will see some options.

Step-6: Turn Off The Notification

At this point, you may find some options saying like Block Notification, Set as a priority, Hide content on the lock screen, etc. Choose the Block Notification. There will be an option to tap, so tap there. It will block all the notification systems whether you are online or offline. This is how basically you can turn off getting notifications on the Galaxy S5 set. But if you want to try a different way, let’s see a further systematic way.

Method-2: Turn Off Notification From Facebook App

Here is a way through which any android user can cancel getting notifications from Facebook. You can try it if you want. However, to do the process, follow the rules as outlined.

Step-1: Open Facebook App

First of all, go to the Facebook app. Since you want to turn off Facebook’s alerts, tap the Facebook icon and enter there.

Step-2: Select the 3 Horizontal Lines

After entering into the Facebook app, it shows the home page. Look carefully, here are three horizontal lines on the top right side that contains whole settings options and other essentials. Touch here to enter into all the settings options.

Step-3: Scroll Down & Find Settings & Privacy

Now, scroll down to look for settings and privacy options. You will find all the groups and pages you have liked, your friend list, and so on inside this section. At the bottom of this section, see the option settings & privacy. Select it by tapping on it.

Step-4: Select Settings Again

After entering into this option, you will find a huge range of more options. Do not get confused, select settings again.

Step-5: Select Notifications

Inside that Setting option, you will find all options relevant to the accounts settings. Scroll down slowly and read the options. Check there are options called Personal information, Security, Privacy, Stories, and so on. Then you will find an option called Notifications. Enter there. It’s mainly the option that we need.

Step-6: Individually Turn Off

Last but not least, here are the Facebook options-the Text messages, Email, or other notification settings. You can turn them off individually. Go to notification settings, and turn off one by one whatever you want to turn off. You can select the comment section to turn off comments alerts, for example. Then follow the same process regarding other options like Tags, Reminders, or Friend requests, and so on.

Final verdict

Wrapping up with these easiest ways of how to turn off Facebook notifications on Galaxy S5. Overall, the basic approach to turn off any settings on Galaxy series smartphone are the same. If you can operate any one model of the Galaxy series. In that case, you will definitely be able to do these in others very smoothly.

We firmly believe that now you are perfectly confident to solve the problem. So, turn off getting an annoying notification and save your time from getting distracted by social media.

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