How to Uninstall Facebook Update| Solution for Android & iOS

How to uninstall Facebook updates may be the general problem for all now. You can uninstall the updates from Application Manager under phone settings in the earlier versions, but now you need to be upgraded …

How to uninstall Facebook updates may be the general problem for all now. You can uninstall the updates from Application Manager under phone settings in the earlier versions, but now you need to be upgraded with the fixes for the updated apps.

Last few days, I was disturbed by the Facebook updating notification on my Android. And it often eats up half of my charges while I turn on the Wi-Fi.

However, one of my cousins suggested the solutions to it. Thankfully, I also do enough research about it to help those guys using i-phone and iOS.

So, let us dive in without any fuss.

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How to Uninstall Facebook Update

Miraculously, how to undo an update on an app is variable for the device. Unlike, the methods are dissimilar for Android, i-phone, and i-pad also.

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Here, we’re discussing 2 methods for Android and one for iOS devices. Explore them!

Method 1: For Android- Using Phone Settings

How to undo an app update of Facebook in Android is quite simple. Just follow the following steps and get it fixed within a second.

Step-01. Go to the Phone Settings

Start from your phone settings. First, open up your Android phone’s device settings option. You can access it from your app’s gallery or from the notification panel.

Step-02. Click the Applications Manager/ Apps

Click on the portfolio of the applications’ manager/apps. This section can be named differently for various android phones. Mainly, you’ve to find out in the Android for the applications manager or Apps.

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Step-03. Scroll down & Tap Facebook App Installer Option

After clicking on the app, scroll down and find the Facebook app installer. Now, tap on the disabled options.

Steps-04. Return to The Application Manager / App Again

Return to the application manager/app again. Next, scroll down and click on the Facebook App Manager.

Steps-05. Click on Disabled Button Again

After tracing on the Facebook app manager, click on the disabled option. It will stop all kinds of updates from the Facebook app forever.

Method 2: For Android 8.0 & 7.0 – Absence Of Uninstall Update Option

If your phone doesn’t have the option to uninstall updates, this method will be workable for you. Only (5-10) steps will fix your continuous updating problems in Android 8.0 forever.

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Again, if you’re using an Android version 7.0, this uninstalling process will work on your device too. So, let us get started.

Step-01. Install APK installer

Start from your Google Play Store and install the APK installer by typing on the search bar.

APK installer is a detecting app to installs APK files on your device.


It is suitable for Android 8.0 only. If you’re a user of Android 7.0, then skip these steps. Instead, go straight on step-02.

Step-02. Download The Run Droid Hardware Info

Before going to the primary process, you’ll need an app called “Droid hardware info.” Open the App after finishing the Installation.

Droid hardware info is effective software that helps you find out some vital hardware specs about your advice. Make sure to download the correct version of the App.

Step-03. Note About Your Phone’s OS Version 

Tap on the App and note the Android version that is running in the “OS version” section. Next, note the DPI in the “Software Density” section. Please note this also for memorization.

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What’s DPI includes? It will inform you about the device screen size. As an example- Software Density – 480 dpi ( xxhdpi)

Step-04. Make Note About CPU

Click on the System option from the droid app, and you need to keep attention here two options mostly, CPU architecture and Instruction sets. Because these two options will be able to notify whether your device support an ARM chipset or an x86 chipset.

Similarly, find is it suitable to run a 32-bit chipset / a 64-bit chipset?  If you won’t be able to discover the 64-bit version, then it probably is not.

 If your phone support 64-bits, your device will support a 32-bits app without any hassle.

 However, arm64 is a typical CPU in most Android phones.

 Next, make a note about your device’s CPU architecture.

Step-05. Uninstall The Facebook

In this section, you’ve to uninstall the Facebook app that you want to stop updating.

To Uninstall Tt,

Open device Settings App > tap on the Apps & Notification > switch on the app> Click on force stop> Finished it by clicking Uninstall options.

Step-06. Allow The APK Installer

To allow APK installer to stop install an app from other sources, follow this-

Open the Settings again> Tap Apps & notification > Click on the vertical three-dot option in the upper-right corner.

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Next, select Special Access> click on the Installation unknown apps > tap on the APK installer> finish it by clicking the toggle switch on to allow this source option.

Are you getting bored? Only a few steps are leftover.

Step-07. Go To The Official APK Mirror Website

Go straight to the mobile browser and type apkmirror. After opening it, you’ll see a search bar in the upper right corner of the page. Type Facebook or any other app that you want to downgrade.

Step-08. Scroll Down & Tap The Desired Version

Scroll down all the options on the page from oldest to newest versions—Right-click on the down arrow icon on the version that you want to download.

After clicking it, see available downloads pages will appear to you. Then, go through the next option.

Steps-09. Select The Compatible APK Version

Before downloading it, tap the similar version to your phone in the “variant” column. Remember, if the version insisted you about “arm”, then you’ve to select 32-bits. In contrast, you need to select “arm64” for 64-bit versions.

Notes: Usually, you can install 32-bits apps on the 64-bit phone, as they’re pretty similar to each other. But you won’t run a 64-bits app on the 32-bits phone.

Again, if you won’t find any of the versions similar to your phone, select the “nodpi” option. It will fit all the screen sizes.

Step-10. Open The Files App

Now, scroll down and tap on download options. After finishing the download, the app will command you to open the folder in your My file’s app. Next, open your device files app and find out the download options there.

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Step-11. Tap On APK Installer

Open up the download files and tap on the APK installer. Next, click on the tap Always at the bottom of your phone screen.

Finally, tap the installation options. The option will ask you to allow access to the features which requesting. Pick the allowed options, and thus you can easily stop your Facebook apps from phase updating.

Method 3: For iOS- Using iTunes

You may be wondering how to undo Facebook updates on iPhone. The way is to sync the i-phone with i-tunes only before the Facebook app gets updated.

Naturally, when any apps update on your i-phones, they frequently fix bugs and add new features.

To get rid of this, uninstall Facebook update iPhone using i-tunes guide may help you the most. So, let’s get started.

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Step-01. Locate The IPA File Of The Former Version

If you’ve already synced your i-phone with i-tunes, then the previous file will be saved on the computer.

Find the files by following the steps,

For MAC, trace- /Users>Music>iTunes/i-Tunes media > Mobile applications ;

For Windows, trace- Users>Music>i-Tunes>i-Tunes media>Mobile applications.

Step-02. Copy And Save The Indicated File In Another File

Trace the IPA file of the Facebook app, then copy and save it in another file. Then, go for the next steps.

Step-03. Start i-Tunes & Go To My Apps

Now, start or click the i-tunes and go to My apps. My apps are an available platform where you can purchase and sync iOS apps.

Step-04. Find The Facebook App & Check Version Number

Find out the Facebook app and right-click on the icon. Next, click on the Get info to check out the version number.

If you don’t find the version number, then go straight to steps-5. If you succeed in finding the version number, then go straight to steps-8.

Step-05. Find The IPA File By Clicking Windows Explorer / Finder

Delete the existing IPA file before tracing the IPA file that you needed. Next, right-click on the Facebook icon> Select show in Finder/ Windows Explorer> Delete the IPA file.

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Step-06). Select The IPA File That You Previously Saved In Another Folder

Afterward, select the IPA file that you previously saved in the other folders. Next, go back to the i-tunes again> Facebook apps> right-click on it for updates.

This time, you’ll see a box in the i-tunes that asks you to locate the IPA file. It’s just because the existing one is removed.

Steps-07. Select The Location & Choose The Previous Copied File

On these steps, select the location of the previous file that you have already copied. Next, choose the file and go for the next steps.

Step-08. Connect The i-Phone or i-Pad To The PC/Computer

Connect your iPhone to the p.c / computer. Next, select the connected device options > tap on the Apps.

Step-09. Click The Remove Button To Stop Auto-Updating 

Now click on the remove button, which stands next to the app. It will allow your i-phone to stop the auto-updating options. Finally, finalize it by clicking on the Apply options.

Step-10. Reinstall The App Again & Finished Syncing

Your Facebook app is getting uninstalled for clicking on the application options. So, reinstall the app again and wait for a moment until the i-tunes sync the Facebook app.

Thus, you can stop your Facebook app from updating on iOS.

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How Do I Uninstall Facebook And Reinstall?

You can uninstall the Facebook app by going through the device settings > then open the application manager > uninstall the app for Androids.

For i-phone/ iOS go to the device settings > open up the applications > tap on the Facebook icon> uninstall it.

You can install or download it again from Google Play/ app stores for Android and iTunes app store for iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you uninstall updates on Facebook?

Uninstalling the Facebook updates will take your app back to the factory settings. You didn’t need to complete the factory reset. Factory reset is a last resort, including clear cache, data clearing, and rolling back updates in a pre-installing app will help you avoid it.

Does factory reset remove software updates?

No, factory reset does not remove your software updates. It just clears all the user data and also removes all the data in internal storage. It just restores your device to the factory come look.

Is it possible to uninstall the Android update?

No, it is tough to uninstall Android updates. But it isn’t impossible also. Most of the time, it’s pretty risky and voids the warranty. So, manufacturers don’t recommend it. So, it would be fine if you take a backup before uninstalling any android updates to avoid losing the data.

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Well, without notifying, Facebook updates may not bother you anymore. You can now fix it however you’re using an i-phone or Android.

If this furious problem didn’t stop getting updated frequently, we recommend uninstalling the Facebook app and reinstalling it again. Sometimes, the updating formats were working automatically on the Android devices. Check out if the settings were automated or manual.

Anyway, that’s all about how to uninstall Facebook update and their solutions. Let us know if this is helpful to you or not. Would you please share and check out our other tech-fixing articles also?

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