Learn How To Uninstall Samsung Gallery Within 2 Minutes

how to uninstall samsung gallery

Do you want to uninstall the gallery app from your Samsung handset? We would recommend not to do so. Yet, if you still want to disable or uninstall the Gallery, you can have a look at this easy trick.

We all know the Gallery option contains our most enjoyable or memorable times, as we capture our pictures of special moments and we store them in the Gallery. It contains our moments in another sense.

Still, for your ease, read this content. Here, you can know about 2 easy ways for how to uninstall Samsung gallery.  So keep reading the two approaches, and pick your desired method, whichever you want to take action.

How To Uninstall Samsung Gallery

We found the ways how to uninstall the Gallery option from any Samsung mobile phone are pretty simple. After reading the approaches, you must say, what an easy way it is! So let’s start. Read them thoroughly and apply your suitable one.

Uninstall The Gallery App From Settings Option

The first method to disable the Gallery is from the settings tab. You know, all the crucial functions related to the gadgets are controlling from the Settings. Here you can operate whatever you want. So, to uninstall the Gallery app, you have to follow the below steps. Oh, you can uninstall or disable different individual apps through the process.

  • Go to the Settings option. If you have an SD card, there will show you two options to enter. You should select Internal storage.
  • In some cases, you need not enter any option. You can find direct Apps. However, if you are following the previous path, look for the Apps option.
  • As I’m a Samsung user, I have used a different version of the Samsung handset. So try to find out what category your phone or tablet matches with my direction. So, enter the Apps option.
  • Scroll down, and here you will find the Gallery or photo Gallery that your device recognizes.
  • Select it, and a new interface will come. You may get an option to disable this App. Or, probably get the option named Default/ Open By Default.
  • So if you find the option ‘Disable,’ click it. On the other hand, if you get Open by the default option, then click there and Clear the Default.

These all are what you have to do. You cannot uninstall Samsung Gallery permanently like other third-party apps because the Gallery app is a default application of Samsung. You cannot uninstall some applications for good; Samsung gallery or photo gallery is one of them. You can re-enable it as well.

Uninstall The Gallery App From Home Screen

The second method is super easy. You can just select the application whatever you want to disable or uninstall from the home screen. And then click it and tap Uninstall button.

Let me clear about it.

  • Swipe up the home screen and scroll the available applications. Select the Gallery icon to tap for a while.
  • Then it will show you options like Add to Home or Uninstall/ Disable.
  • Select Uninstall/ Disable. It will be Disabled within a second.

Uninstalling an application from the home screen is the same as disabling Gallery. So you can apply this trick to uninstall the rest of the unused applications.

The Summary of The Two Processes

After all the described methods, you may get puzzled. So, we make a shortlist of the process.

1.Settings >Apps > Gallery > Defaults> Clear.

Or, Settings> Apps> Gallery> Uninstall/  Disable.

2.From the home screen, tap and hold on for a while > Disable / Uninstall.

So, these are the ways to uninstall or disable the Gallery from your Samsung gadgets. I hope you will do that successfully.

How Can I Protect The Pictures From Being Lost

As we love to take pictures and selfies, when we disable the Gallery, we should keep in mind the possibility of losing the images. So you can restore your photos with a different application. Then you may not have to lose your loving memories.

However, store the picture on your google account and On the Sync option before uninstalling. Upload all your favorite images and videos on the trusted diary,  Google Drive. Then, you will see the memories in any handset at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Google Photos instead of Gallery App?

Obviously, you can. In fact, if you use  Google Photo to view the picture, there won’t be any hamper due to uninstalling the Gallery app.

Will it be deleted all the pictures of the Gallery after disabling?

It depends on up to your backup system. If you keep back up your photos to your Google Drive or somewhere, you may recall the pictures. But if you have not, then it will be deleted for good. So always keep a backup.

Are the Photos and Gallery the same?

No. They are completely different. Gallery shows the pictures and videos from your device. On the other hand, ‘Photos’ shows the pictures on the device and those connected to Google plus and backed up.


These are basically how one can uninstall or disable the gallery app from any Samsung mobile phone. You can uninstall any apps which are unnecessary to you from your Samsung handset following this approach.

Now, I firmly believe that you are quite able to know how to uninstall the Samsung gallery. Apply this trick and store your pictures in a different form of Gallery or do whatever you want.  You can store the pictures in Google Photos.

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