How You Can Import Facebook Photos To iPhone Contacts

import facebook photos to iphone contacts

In your iPhone phone book, you have several contacts. It is hard to remember all the contacts by their name. To remember contacts attaching a photo with the phone contacts is a useful idea. But manually attaching a photo to the contacts is a lengthy process.

If you know how to import Facebook photos to iPhone contacts, it will solve half of the problem. If you have an iPhone, you can use Facebook profile photos to your phone contacts by syncing the Facebook contacts with your iPhone. Here we will tell you how you can use this feature of your iPhone in some simple steps.

How To Import Facebook Photos To iPhone Contacts

There are simple ways about how to sync Facebook profile pictures with iPhone contacts. You can continue the process with your phone settings or using some applications. To do this, you need to follow the steps we described here.

Method-1: Import Facebook Photos To iPhone Using Device Settings

You can easily import Facebook photos to your iPhone contacts by using your iPhone device settings with some easy steps. The process is discussed below-

Step-1: If your device does not have a Facebook app and you don’t have downloaded it yet, download the Facebook app on your iPhone.

Step-2: Tap on the app and open it. Log in to your Facebook account with your email id and password.

Step-3: Close the Facebook app.

Step-4: Now tap on the setting icon on your phone screen. Go to the settings.

Step-5: Then scroll down on the screen and search for the options Facebook.

Step-6: Tap on the option Facebook

Step-7: If required, log in with your Facebook ID and password

Step-8: While signing in to your Facebook account, there will be a notification request “Allow these apps to use your account” tap on it to permit the app you want to sync to use your Facebook account.

Step-9: Tap on the contact option and slide the toggle switch and turn it on.

Step-10: After you turned on the toggle switch, your Facebook contacts will be synced to your iPhone.

Step-11: Then tap on “Update All Contacts” and import your Facebook contacts to your iPhone.

Step-12: After you completing syncing, you’re all your iPhone contacts to your Facebook account. Now go to the contact app on your device. It will show the Facebook photos as your contact’s photo.

Method-2: Import Facebook Photo To iPhone Using App

If Your iOS model does not let you sync Facebook photos to contacts, then you can try this method. You can use an app to sync Facebook photos with contacts iPhone.

The top two apps that iPhone users mostly used to sync their face contact, photo ad information, and other devices are Sync.ME, FaceSync. Here we are describing the process of the most popular apps to importing Facebook photos to your iPhone.

How to Use Sync.ME to Import Facebook Photo

This Sync.ME application is the most used app in iPhone users that used to import contacts, photos, and other information from social media.

The process of importing Facebook photos using Sync.ME app is below

Step-1: First, go to the iPhone app store. Search the Sync.ME app and download it on your iPhone. Then install the app.

Step-2: After you complete the installation of the app on your device, launch the app on your iPhone.

Step-3: On the application’s home screen, tap on the “Settings icon” that is located at the lower right corner of your phone screen.

Step-4: On the application Settings page, scroll down for the button labeled with “Sync Settings” and tap on it.

Step-5: On that page, search for the option “Information” and select it.

Step-6: Now choose the information you wanted to sync from your Facebook to your iPhone, like contacts and other information.

Step-7: After selecting the information you want to sync, scroll down and tap on the button “Done”.

Step-8: Now back to the home screen of the application. There is a giant sync button on the screen tap on it.

Step-9: A screen will appear asking what social network you would like to sync to your iPhone device. Select Facebook and then tap on the “Next” button. The sync will continue to progress.

Step-10: Once the syncing is complete, it will show all the contacts from your Facebook. Then the contacts will sync on the iPhone through the app.

Using FaceSync To Import Facebook Photo

FaceSync is another app that you can use to sync Facebook contacts with iPhone. It can import contacts photos, birthdays, and other information. The process of importing photos of Facebook contacts with the FaceSync app is given below-

Step-1: Download the FaceSync app from the app store of your phone and install it on your device.

Step-2: After completing installing the app, launch it on your device.

Step-3: When you are on the app’s home screen, scroll down to the bottom and search for the option “Sync”. Tap on Sync button that will lead you into the Sync section.

Step-4: There will be many options among them tap on “Sync with Facebook Friends”.

Now you can see the Facebook profile photo on your iPhone contacts.

Which App Is More Preferable?

Among the 2 apps mentioned above, the “Sync.Me” app will be more helpful. Also, it is available in the App store too.


Importing photos from your Facebook contact to your iPhone is a very tricky and time-consuming task. It will make it easy to attach photos to your iPhone contacts and save time. There is nothing to worry about; the process is very simple to do.  If you carefully read this article and understand every step, you can do it on your own.

To import Facebook photos to iPhone contacts, you just have to follow the processes we described here. Try them with your iPhone, and it will show the Facebook profile photos in your iPhone contacts.

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