IBuyPower Vs NZXT- Choose Your Next Build!

What is the difference between Ibuypower and NZXT? They are certainly different in the case of price. In this in-depth article, we will compare Ibuypower vs Nzxt. It is presently attempting to win the hearts …

What is the difference between Ibuypower and NZXT? They are certainly different in the case of price.

In this in-depth article, we will compare Ibuypower vs Nzxt. It is presently attempting to win the hearts and minds of CyberPowerPC consumers, which makes it its primary rival.

IBuyPower is a famous name in the gaming computer brands specializing in custom-made PC manufacturing. On the contrary, NZXT is one of the most affordable gaming computer brands specializing in making PC hardware and peripherals.

We can compare these two PC building companies in the aspect of warranty, price, services, and more.

Let’s get started with the comparison.

IBuypower Vs Nzxt- Let’s See The Gist First!

WarrantyProvides better warranty than NZXTProvides less year of security than iBuyPower
PricePC prices are higher compared to NZXTPC prices are lower compared to iBuyPower
QualityIBuyPower offers more quality service than NZXTNZXT provides fewer services than iBuyPower
SupportProvides more support than NZXTOffers less support than iBuyPower

In the below guide, you will find a detailed comparison of every aspect between these two Ibuypower and Nzxt famous PC builders.

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When comparing nzxt pc vs ibuypower pc, warranty matters the most. In the case of the contract provided, iBuyPower plays it safe, and they give better security than NZXT.

The iBuyPower company offers one year warranty for parts and three years for labor. They provide a four-year extended warranty covering four years for delivery and two years for details.

In addition, they have a five years extended warranty which covers five years for labor and three years for parts. But they will charge you additionally for that option, and you will have to contact them if you want an extended warranty.

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IBuyPower does not handle the shipping and handling costs. Still, they provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

The company also offers a fourteen days money-back guarantee for refurbished desktop systems. But, it doesn’t contain any shipping, handling, and rush service charges.

Oh, a six-month standard warranty is available for refurbished desktop systems covering six months for labor and six months for parts.

Every new Gaming PC sold by NZXT is provided with a two-year warranty. BLD is the subsidiary brand of the NZXT company. It offers two years parts and a three years labor warranty.

So, NZXT provides a less year of warranty compared to iBuyPower.

Contrast in Quality Services

IBuyPower company’s site is concentrated on developed PC customers, providing them with an edge in a crowded market. Although, you will find an Easy Builder Tool on iBuyPower’s official site, which is great for beginners looking to make the gaming outfit of their imaginations.

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It is possibly one of the top custom configuration attributes as it facilitates the procedure down to finding a PC for you as per the kinds of games you play.

Customization options via the iBuyPower company’s configuration system contain custom RGB lights, elevated cases, CPUs, GPUs, CPU coolers, and developed warranty security.

The online configurator is simple and aids significantly with selecting the top machine provided one’s specific budget or to meet the consumer’s particular needs.

In addition, iBuyPower provides services like water-cooling, necessary cable management, overclocking, and custom design. In reality, it allows you to choose between AMD and Intel for your processor.

Is iBuyPower a Good Brand?

Then, iBuyPower shows a few of their builds. Furthermore, you can use filters like cost, storage, visual memory, and unique characteristics to further fit your choices. Besides providing various types of gaming-based desktop PCs and laptops, iBuyPower also possesses multiple brands of gaming equipment that are popular in the eSports world.

NZXT has one of the most extensive PC customizations that beginners and expert PC builders can fastly admire. They are a very famous name in PC hardware and peripherals. Therefore, they deserve credit for their newest endeavor into custom-made PCs.

The company has had achievements and made a substantial status in the PC hardware industry, and you should also anticipate a good experience with their custom PCs. This company provides international shipping policies. As it turns out, iBuyPower offers more services compared to NZXT.

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Difference in Support

IBuyPower was launched in 1999, and they presently provide various custom PCs and laptops that can be configured to meet your particular requirements. They sell premade systems on Amazon for low prices like 549 dollars.

Therefore, if you do not wish to wait for iBuyPower to make you a custom system, you can permanently choose to get your PC delivered to you quicker by buying via Amazon.

This company focused on building gaming-media custom PCs, and they deliver in the United States of America and Canada just for now.

IBuyPower provides an intimidating choice of components that may perplex newbie PC makers. Although, it can be a haven for those people who have done their investigation or have PC-making experience.

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IBuyPower offers more substantial customer support compared to NZXT. It provides more regular discounts and promotions compared to NZXT. This company offers loyalty programs and promises racial fairness, which NZXT doesn’t provide.

It also includes order tracking support and alteration and cancellation policies. In addition, iBuyPoweroffers free return policies.

NZXT was established in 2004, and it is famous for its cooling solutions and custom PC cases. Recently, NZXT varied its portfolio, and with the purchase of BLD, it looks like they are attempting to dominate the world. The NZXT company provides debit and prepaid card support. In addition, they provide Shop Pay support.

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Price Difference

The iBuyPower company’s PCs are relatively more expensive than the NZXT company’s PCs.

In the case of pricing, iBuyPower is inside the Goldilocks zone and has gaming systems below 1,000 dollars.

Generally, the iBuyPower company’s PCs and laptops prices are between 800 dollars to 10,000 dollars. On the other hand, NZXT’s PCs prices are between 700 dollars to 4,000 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are cyber power and ibuypower the same company?

No, they are not. CyberPower is one of the top PC manufacturing companies in California. It was established in 1998. On the other hand, iBuyPower is a comparatively new company based in 1999. However, both are leading companies for the gaming community that are experts in making custom-made gaming PCs.

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Is nzxt good?

Yes, NZXT is good. It is a highly reputed company with a stellar gaming PC manufacturing service that uses excellent components. NZXT seems to be dependable, but they have a few faults. They do not provide many varieties in their products, and the quality isn’t always matched with rivals. Still, if you want a reasonable PC that will get the job done, NZXT is a good option.

Is ibuypower worth it?

Yes, iBuyPower is worth it, and it is undoubtedly a good gaming system brand. It is also a secure and dependable brand. When purchasing a pre-built PC, the prices are reasonable and translucent because they display how much every part charges in your rig. Besides, they use the top features on the market to make gaming PCs with just one aim of running your beloved game well.

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Is IBuyPower the same as nzxt?

No, this is perhaps the most common response.Ibuypower is a well-known brand for PC parts and computer gaming accessories, but not many people know about NZXT. IBuyPower has learned to make powerful machines that offer many features for gamers and enthusiasts alike. NZXT is comparatively new player in the PC case industry and has been making a name for itself with innovative design concepts and technologies. They design their products remarkably customizable and aesthetically pleasing, and they go to great lengths to achieve this.


Choosing a suitable gaming PC is no easy feat and can be a costly investment. With many more suppliers to select from, it is sometimes difficult to decide which is the best option for our needs. To clear your confusion, you can go through our detailed comparison between Ibuypower vs Nzxt.

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While NZXT is cheaper than iBuyPower, iBuyPower has the upper hand over NZXT in all other aspects.

We hope the above information has addressed you with enough information to form an opinion when selecting your upcoming gaming PC!

We are optimistic that it will assist you in determining regardless of whether you require ibuypower or nzxt services.

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