[Fixed] Imo Camera Not Working? Oh, You Are Missing This Setting!

You need to attend an urgent video conference and your IMO camera not working, reasons can be you forgot to allow the camera or the camera is disabled somehow from the settings. But it’s pretty easy …

You need to attend an urgent video conference and your IMO camera not working, reasons can be you forgot to allow the camera or the camera is disabled somehow from the settings. But it’s pretty easy to fix, you know!

Here we describe the solution to this irritating problem quickly. You will get to know the reasons for your IMO camera issues. Additionally, you will receive magical 3 tips on IMO app settings. So stay tuned and solve your issue without suffering.

Why IMO Camera Not Working

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IMO is a popular social app that is an instant messaging software service with free video or audio call and voice message facilities. You can also send PDF files, documents, music, videos, GIFs, and free stickers, making our communication easy, meaningful, and funny.

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When your IMO camera is not working, the first thought that comes to your mind is why my IMO app camera is not workingWhat happens to my IMO? We are here to tell the answer.

4 Reasons of IMO Camera Is Not Working

1. You do not allow camera app permission

When you download the IMO app on your phone, you will get a notification from IMO. In this notification, they ask permission to access your phone contact, camera, and location. If you do not allow IMO access, then your IMO camera will not work.

2. You are using a backdated system

System updates help to increase the performance ability of your android device. So, you need to look at the updating system carefully. Always use a newly updated one device. If you are using an android that is not an up-to-date version, you may face your IMO front camera not working. So check your system update regularly.

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3. You do not clear the IMO app data

After using the IMO app for an extended period, you can get your IMO video call camera not working. The reason can be, your app data storage is full. 

4. Another app is using the camera

Another app might be active in the background of your device with the IMO app. If it happens, your IMO camera may not work.

Those are the primary and most complicated reasons for your IMO camera not working.

How To Fix The IMO Front Camera Not Working?

IMO front camera not working? Need solutions! Here are 5 robust solutions to fix the IMO front camera not working. 

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Reboot or switch off your device 

The first thing, you can switch off your android or reboot it. When you use your phone for a vast duration, you can face hanging problems with your phone. So reboot or switch off your device. It is positive to fix the IMO app camera not working.

Update your system regularly

Devices like android phones need system updates regularly to boost workability. So if your IMO front camera is not working, then you should update your system. It will be helpful.

Allow camera access permission

It is the main task. If you do not allow the IMO app to access your camera, contact, and location, your IMO camera will not function. So permit to allow camera access.

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Quit another app while using IMO

When using the IMO app camera, you should not allow any third-party camera app in the background. Remove all third-party camera apps before using the IMO camera. Otherwise, your IMO camera will not open.

Clear the IMO Cache data

Always remember you have to keep in mind that you need to clear cache data monthly or annually to prevent storage problems. If you are going with an IMO front camera not working, you can remove the IMO app data.

After taking all those treatments, if your problem is not solved, you can visit a repair center to fix your camera.

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How Do I Enable My Camera on IMO?

Nowadays, you can talk with people far away from you by seeing their faces through a video call. IMO is broadly used to do video calls with privacy.

For video calling, the primary tool you need is your phone camera. On the phone, you have this camera. But sometimes you can encounter some difficulty enabling your camera on IMO, and you face IMO video call camera not working.

You do not know the process of how to enable the camera on IMO! Do not panic. Let’s see all practical and effective ways step by step to give a clear conception.

  1. First, go to your phone setting.
  2. After that, you can see Apps. Select the Apps.
  3. In apps, you will notice all your phone apps. Choose the IMO app.
  4. Go to Permissions
  5. Lastly, allow all the options of the IMO app.
  6. Then turn on your IMO camera; your camera is ready to use in IMO.
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3 Magical Tips on IMO App Setting

  1. You can understand whether your IMO account is hacked or not by using unique IMO settings. For this setting, go on the manage device option from the IMO account setting. Then you can see the device on which your app is running. If you find another device, you can realize someone hacked your account.
  2. Go to the setting and click on privacy. There you can see the real-time chat. If you turn on the real-time chat, your receiver can see whatever you are typing.
  3. If you want to protect yourself from unwanted people disturbing you by calling, this tip is for you. Go to privacy, and you can see the calls option. Click it. Then select my contact. Now you are safe from the disliked and unwanted persons.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is failed to start a call in IMO meaning?

There are some issues with the failure to start a call. You do not have enough megabytes to use IMO, poor network connection, phone storage is full, or not allowing the permit option to access your phone can be the primary reasons.

Can I use IMO without a phone number?

Generally, you need a number to open the account on IMO app, but you can use IMO without a phone number by downloading the TextNow app. Then create a free phone number and note down the number. Then open the IMO app and enter that number to verify your account.

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Does IMO automatically add contacts?

Yes, IMO automatically add contacts based on your phone contacts. According to your phone contact number, IMO, add those contacts and show you who is using the IMO app.


IMO camera problems can be so annoying. I hope you get all the possible solutions to fix your IMO camera not working. Moreover, the magical tips will be precious for using the IMO app like a pro.

Use all of these tactics to work out when your IMO video camera not working.

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