[Solved] My iPad Speakers Making Static Noise, But Why?

Are you getting grumpy because of your iPad speakers making static noise constantly? You may have thought it happens for the louder and constant static, But the reason may also occur for the sound system …

Are you getting grumpy because of your iPad speakers making static noise constantly? You may have thought it happens for the louder and constant static, But the reason may also occur for the sound system issue or the damaged speaker.

Correspondingly, I’ll share with you a story of mine. One day, my mom was trying to make a call to his boss. All of a sudden, her iPad speakers made static noises. Unlike an average individual, she thinks the problem may happen for network issues.

So we have tried to fix it. And below are some adequate strategies, going to share them in detail.

Reasons why iPad Speakers Making Static Noise

First, we have to answer whether there are any possible chances of your iPad making loud static noise for damaged hardware or software issues.

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Well, if your iPad didn’t face any recent accidents such as sudden fall out in a tub, or getting wet in the rain, etc., then there’s no possibility for this.

Fortunately, if your iPad is making noise for any software issues, it can’t be solved at home. Again, we didn’t mean that your iPad speaker is facing trouble for manual problems most of the time.

There are tons of reasons that may troubleshoot your iPad speaker. Below we attached some of them and their possible fixes.

Causes of Making Static noisePossible Fixes
Hardware problemReplace the speaker or call for Apple support
Electronic crammed make a stubborn noise during the phone callstry to install an official software for this
Software issuesEnable the DFU mode or take it to the near Apple Service center
Speaker’s or receivers are blocked or dirtyClean the receivers or speakers
White noise on the face time callsReboot your device
Issue with the Sound systemFix it from the sound settings
Some common reasons can force your Ipad / i-phone to make loud static noise.

Now, we will only describe those solutions and some possible fixes that you can try to fix the problem.

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How to Fix Static Sound on iPad- Ultimate Solutions to Try

 Before jumping on the solutions, we’ve pointed out some symptoms some users commonly utter on various technical forums, Quora and Reddit. Likewise,

  • Sometimes my iPad Mini making screeching noise; what’s the reason for this?
  • iPad makes static noise when charging all of a sudden,
  • My iPad making weird noise when charging even if everything is ok,
  • iPad makes a crackling sound during typing or scrolling,
  •  The i-pad is giving a disturbance while using any loudspeaker to play audio, etc.

So, these are some symptoms you can solve after following these fixes below. Let us now intrigue about the solutions.

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Fix 01: Check Out the Sound Settings

When you appear on this issue, the simplest way is to check the sound settings.

For this, scroll down your iPad settings option from the top right corner to find the control center. Ensure that you’re turning off the silent mode.

After selecting the last option, back to the settings again and enable the Do not disturb options.

Fix 02- Clean the Receivers & Speakers

Sometimes your iPad makes an awkward sound as dirt or junks into the speaker opening. So you need to clean the receivers and speakers of iPad.

To do these steps, remove all the external parts from your device, such as the iPad case, earphones. Then clean the speaker openings with a tiny and clean, soft brush or cotton buds.

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Fix 03: Check the Sound of Your Device

Without inquiry of the sound, you won’t understand whether your iPad will be workable then or not.

So, start from the settings and tap on the sounds and haptic.

Next, hold the ringer and alert slider back.

In the meantime, conjure it up for a few minutes. If you are still unable to sound clear from the device, then your speaker might need services.

Fix 04: Try to Make a Video Call

If your i-pad doesn’t respond to the previous steps, try to call from it. You can try out to make a FaceTime call by turning on the speakerphone.

If you still face the same trouble about crawling or static sounds, your local network or poor connectivity could be the issue. To fix it, try to make a call again later and form a different site.

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Gix 05: Reset Your iPad

Some folk often ask the solutions of facing reward sound while watching or playing music and movies on YouTube. Sometimes they complain about the speaker’s crackles and the distorted sounds.

So, you may wonder what’s the connection between them. Actually, these unusual sounds often disturb your on-going speakers also. It is wise to fix it as soon as possible. And the best fix is trying with a reset.

  • You need to start the process by holding the lock & home button together. Do not leave it for a single second.
  • Hold these buttons until you notice the small apple logo comes on the screen.
  • Then, click on the settings > tap on General.
  • Next, select the reset options and select reset all settings. Your device takes a few times for it.

During this process, your current data wouldn’t be removed by it. But you’ve to reset the settings using a WiFi connection. So, now check again if this process emits the problem or not.

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Gix 06: Turn on the Mono Audio & Slide the Pointer

This is the sixth attempt to fix the issues. We can give you guarantees about these solutions for many user’s confirmations to work.

So, you may think, how to do that.

  • Just go to your IPad settings.
  • Tap on general options.
  • After this, find the option of Sound haptics and turn on the mono audio as well as slide the pointer.

Some Ipad has the Sound and Haptic option right under the settings menus.

After dragging the pointer, drag to either R or L. Some iPad models work with R or some easily adjust with L.

So, choose one by one and check which one suits your device best.

Your mouth will definitely agape to see the results and say, Wow! no more distorted sound.

Fix 07: Try to Put Your I-pad On A DFU Mode

After trying these iPad speaker crackling sound fixes, if your device still hangs up on the same issues, the problem indicates the defective or damaged software problems. Importantly, it would be best if you restored it by connecting with Computer i-tunes.

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Don’t worry, these are pretty easy, which you can’t believe.

Usually, there are three restoring fixes for i-pad. DFU mode is best for them; that is why we’ve chosen this. Here’s they’re,

  • Grab your i-pad and plug it into the computer. Open up your i-tunes and ensure that your device has run out or supported the macOS Mojave 10.14/ a desktop. It’s nice to know; you can turn on or off your device during the process.

[Otherwise, you need to take help from the macOS Catalina 10.15/ newer.]

  • Now, press the sleep button/ power button and hold it for 8 seconds.
  • Your display will be utterly black after doing this process. Do not get scared, it’s a good sign that you’ve successfully finished the steps.
  • Finally, restore your I-pad with the help of an i-tunes or finder. Check the sounds if they are workable or not.
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Fix 08: Reboot the Device

Rebooting your device sometimes works as a holy grail to solve iPad crackling sound when typing, weird noise, etc. To do the steps just transcript those instructions.

  • Take your device and press the power button. Hold it for 10-15 seconds and turn on your device again.
  • Your device will boot up entirely then; now check out the issues by making a call on Facetimes. It will be confirmed about the step’s variableness.

It should be noted, If your i-pad still gets stuck on the same problems. There’s no alternative way to change or replace the speaker. The iPad speaker replacement cost starts from $100, depending on the model. So, you don’t need to pay an extreme penny for this.

So, How Do You Fix a Static Speaker Sound?

To fix static speaker sounds, you’ll find plenty of options here. Among these, we will describe here only the cheapest and best way to fix it.

  • When you take it, you’ll find an audio device there. Turn it off.
  • Ensure the connection between the speaker and the audio device.
  • Unclose all the internal links from your speaker that may occur in trouble.
  • Check the speaker’s volume and try to play the sound from different sources.
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If this is workable for you, then congrats. Otherwise, replace the speakers or check the device manual for details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix static sound on my iPad?

You can fix the static sound on the Ipad by clicking and setting up the sound setting options. Sometimes resetting or rebooting your iOS will fix the problems too. Otherwise, you have to seek help from the Apple Store.

Why are my speakers making static noise?

Your speaker may make a static or awkward noise for the damaged circuits or aging capacitors. Again, it sometimes occurs when the AGC fails to connect with the Amplifier. It’s just because the Amplifier is reducing high signal levels from the gain controller.

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Can iPad speakers be repaired?

Yes, you can fix or repair the i-pad speakers. But these services won’t guarantee you like laptops or p.c. So, if they give services to repair the speakers without any warranty, the fees will be free. On the other hand, if your device gets repaired and returned in good condition, it will charge you a bit.


To sum up, the problem often happens for the output rates of the speaker also. In that case, you need to check out the ringtones options, then open the default and keep trying to play it.

If the issues of iPad speakers making static noise have been omitted by this, then ok. Otherwise, you have to replace it badly. But keep in mind, don’t try to fiddle your speaker on your own.

Because each part is very delicate and costs too high for you compared to buying a new iPad, do not try any YouTube hacks or solutions, as you will surely drain off your iPad altogether.

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