Is 32 Inch Monitor Too Big?

Is 32 inch monitor too big? Well, honestly speaking, you can make the best use of such a 32-inch screen, especially if you are an animator, editor, gamer, or graphic designer. But what about gamers? …

Is 32 inch monitor too big? Well, honestly speaking, you can make the best use of such a 32-inch screen, especially if you are an animator, editor, gamer, or graphic designer. But what about gamers?

Indeed, a large monitor will not seem comfortable if you do not know when to buy one and its best use. But luckily, we are here to help you in that regard. Stick with us till the end!

Is 32 Inch Monitor Too Big?

As a 32-inch monitor is not widely common, it is usual to assume that its large screen size might not be comfortable working with or setting up. But fortunately, it is pretty easy to set up and provides more ease than the smaller screens from time to time.

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So, it’s never too big for office work, programming, animating, and editing. Now, let’s look at some of its comfortable use:

is 32 Inch Monitor Too Big for Home Office?

You will find the standard 28 inches monitors at most workplaces because they do not take up much space. But a 32-inch monitor happens to improve work efficiency. 

While you work 9 to 5 on a 32-inch monitor, you will be able to focus more on your primary tasks. Because, unlike smaller screens, you will not have to scroll much to get insight from a spreadsheet and reposition applications. And it increases work productivity. So it is quicker and more comfortable to manage and accomplish your tasks.

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If you are wondering whether to go for a 32 or 28-inch monitor because of your limited desk space, drop your worries. Because you can always get a VESA arm if the monitor seems to take much desk space at your home or field office, the arm will hold the monitor, and you will have more space under the display to keep your other papers or stuff. 

Such a monitor provides a wide view angle which means that the color or texture of the screen remains the same from different angles. The fonts or texts do not look grainy or blurry from different angles. So, while reading documents, you can be cozy in different positions. 

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Is 32 Inch Monitor Too Big for Photo Editing & Animating

A 32-inch monitor can be your comfort zone while creating your projects if you are an animator and editor. Anything beyond that screen size will be a bit hard to get accustomed to. Because you will need to turn your head left or right to see details

While editing and animating, you need to be accurate with the texturing and modeling. And the high resolution of a 32-inch monitor allows you to work with the details. You will not miss out on filling in or out any detailing of your work. Also, you will get a lot of control buttons on the screen to save time.  

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Is 32 Inch Monitor Too Big For Programming

Writing and editing code needs accuracy and focus. With the bigger screens beyond 40 or smaller ones below 30-inch, you will strain your eyes and neck because there will be a lot of movements to check the lines. But with a 32-inch monitor, you are less likely to face such issues.

You will get enough screen space to focus on run-on lines, and the texts will be readable at 100% scaling too. And you can use multiple work windows for sourcing accurate information. So for a programmer, it is not too big but an ideal workstation.

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Is 32 Inch Monitor Too Big for Gaming?

Playing on a 32-inch monitor adds life to your experience. You will be able to enjoy the sharp details even if you sit far from the monitor. So, it is a great one to install if you play with your console. 

If your game offers to scale, then this monitor will not seem too large to play comfortably because you will be able to scale the interface to make the texts or tools more visible and crisper.

However, you will not be a huge fan of it if you are a competitive gamer as it does not have the fastest response time, unlike 27 or 28-inch ones. Also, your reaction time will not be faster as you cannot see all actions within your eye view at a time. 

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Choosing the best viewing distance is necessary before you start playing on such a screen. Otherwise, you will miss whatever the screen has to offer. For console players, the sweet spot should be 2ft (61 cm) to 2.6ft (79cm). Also, this distance will prevent a lot of head movements from experiencing crisp graphics.

But if you are not using a console and you have myopia, or you are short-sighted, a distance from 1.7ft (52cm) to 2ft is just enough. Any viewing distance beyond that will make the interface look blurry to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 32 a Good Monitor Size overall?

They are one of the most used monitors in the creative field. Especially animators, vloggers, graphic designers, and editors prefer a 32-inch monitor as it allows them to work meticulously on their projects without having to sit closer to the screen. They are great for focusing on details while illustrating digital art. Also, console players experience crisp graphics while gaming.

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What is the Best Resolution for a 32 Inch Monitor?

It honestly depends on your use. A 2160p will be a great resolution to make your gaming experience larger than life if you are a gamer. Otherwise, you can go for a 1440p. It will not make your display look grainy even if your viewing distance is beyond 80 centimeters. And if you want to enjoy a 4k display, you at least need a 3840 x 2160 pixel.

Is 32 Inch Monitor Too Big For Photo Editing?

No, even they are one of the ideal-sized monitors for editing photos accurately. A 32-inch monitor does not show cracked photos while you zoom in to edit. Otherwise, 4k resolution on screens below 32 inches does not provide a UHD view of your photos. Also, with this monitor, you can avoid increasing scaling and large viewing distance for a better edit.

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Wrap Up

While looking out for a new monitor, especially a large one, it is essential to invest your money in a screen that can serve you a lot of benefits for years. The 49-inch monitors can get a bit overwhelming to set up, and 27-inch ones might not serve the crisp features you want. So a 32-inch screen is a safest and coolest choice!

However, if you ask, “Is 32 inch monitor too big for general use,” the answer is “no.” Only because it is larger, it does not integrate too many bells and whistles. So, you can understand the specs easily and use the monitor with comfort as its smaller counterparts. Also, it is good in terms of preventing eyestrain.

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