[Fixed] Lenovo Laptop Mouse Not Working

Everything on your laptop is alright, but the trackpad stopped suddenly? Okay, then let me tell you that it’ll be troublesome to handle if you don’t have an external mouse. Well, the Lenovo laptop mouse …

Everything on your laptop is alright, but the trackpad stopped suddenly?

Okay, then let me tell you that it’ll be troublesome to handle if you don’t have an external mouse.

Well, the Lenovo laptop mouse not working can be fixed by a few simple steps.

The problem is mainly related to software and system errors when it comes to the touchpad issue. Windows 10 is going for frequent updates now and then, so concentrate on your laptop’s hardware; otherwise, you may fall behind with the un-updated drivers.

Again, if your laptop has aged, it might be a hardware issue, and for that case, you might need to change the trackpad. Because in most of these cases, the touchpad not working isn’t related to a hardware issue. 

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So, without any further due, let’s find out what may have caused this issue.

Why is Lenovo Laptop Mouse Not Working?

Basically, there may be thousands of reasons for a touchpad dysfunction. That’s why finding out the exact glitch can be a hard nut to crack.

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Sometimes, it’s just a simple misfunction, and sometimes, the situation can be a bit tough to fix. Even problems may vary from drivers, system updates, viruses, and many others, including the touchpad itself.

However, keep your finger crossed and pray that your problem is only related to software, not with the touchpad, because it may cost you more pennies.

But No worries! Let’s find out the solutions.

Guide to Fix The Lenovo Laptop Mouse Not Working

It’ll be easy for you to find the solution as now you know what may have caused the problem. So, let’s find out at a glance. Don’t be confused; you’ll get in details guidelines after the table.

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Reasons why Lenovo Mouse isn’t workingPossible Fixes to try
The touchpad can be disabledClick on both FN and F9 buttons to reset.
The touchpad key may not work. Disable from the control panel first  and then enable
The touchpad gets disabled from the windows setRight-click to the start menu, select setting, then enable the touchpad by from mouse and touchpad.
The touchpads are old/un-updatedUpdate the touchpad or bring a new one for instant results.

Reset the Touchpad Using Keys

Due to computer system errors, the touchpad might have gotten disabled by the computer. It’s the easiest solution to the problem. So let’s find out the steps:

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Firstly, all you’ve to do is to press the FN button and the F9. The touchpad will get disabled by the system, and then you’ll have to press the button again to enable it.

This problem occurs a lot in the recent Lenovo Yoga and Flex, so if you’ve got those models, there’s a high chance of fixing them efficiently. However, this problem may arise again from time to time, which you’ll have to bear.

Reset the Touchpad Using Control

If touchpad keys aren’t working, you’ll have to go to the control panel to disable and enable the touchpad. The steps are straightforward, so let’s give that a check:

  • Click On Start Menu
  • Click Control Panel
  • Select Device Managers
  • Select Mouse and Touchpad
  • Disable the Touchpad
  • Enable the Touchpad
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Well, while disabling the touchpad, there might be a popup message asking you if you want to disable a system device or not. Click yes to continue with the process. Restart the computer after that.

Updating the Drivers

Updating the drivers fix the touchpad issues and many other issues, including the hardware device’s connection with the computer’s system.

With the frequent update of the current operating systems of Windows, it’s very typical for the drivers to be left un-updated. And I hope you know un-updated drivers decrease the overall performance rate.

Drivers are primarily left in old versions when you have a weak internet connection on your laptop. When this happens, you should update the drivers manually. Download the drivers from the manufacturer’s site and install them.

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I’ve provided the link below for Lenovo Laptops:


According to your laptop model, find out if you need the 64 bit or the 32 bit before you download it. After installing the driver, please restart your computer; otherwise, the drivers might not work perfectly.

Enable Touchpad from the Settings

Sometimes the touchpad might be disabled from the windows setting option. This may be done by you accidentally or because of systematic errors. Follow the steps to turn the touchpad on:

  • Rightclick on Start Menu
  • Select Setting
  • Select Mouse and Touchpad
  • Enable Touchpad

In the settings, you can also edit the sensitivity and the smoothness of your touchpad. So, if this works out, also adjust the sensitivity according to your preference. 

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Change the Touchpad

However, if none of these steps work out to fix, then go for the last resort to change the hardware itself. It’s a costly and lengthy fix, so it’s vital that you properly check the previous steps before installing new ones.

When the touchpad gets old, this sort of problem might occur. If you still have a warranty left, you must communicate with the manufacturer to replace the touchpad. It’ll save you a lot of money that way.

When Should I Take it to A Professional?                             

I hope you know that expert hand never slips. That’s why you should take the laptop to an expert if you’ve faced a hardware problem and don’t have a warranty left. Most of the internal software problems can be fixed easily just by the abovementioned steps.

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But if you aren’t highly experienced with computer hardware, don’t change the trackpad yourself because you need to disable and open the entire computer to change the touchpad. This whole process may seem a bit messy. So safety is first.

Note: A new Lenovo Touchpad price may vary from $50 to $200.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Wiser to Use an External Mouse for Heavy Use?

Obviously, it is wiser to have an external mouse for heavy use. Lenovo laptops also provide an external mouse for use. However, if you’re used to the trackpad, use it wisely and keep the drivers updated.

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What to do If the External Mouse is Not Working?

If the mouse is alright, but the external mouse isn’t working, the problem is probably related to USB Slot or the drivers. All you have to do is update the USB drivers from Lenovo’s website. If it still does not work, you can buy a Lenovo dock station or a Hub.

Is the Solution Only Applicable with Lenovo Laptops?

The problems are very software system related, so that it may apply to laptops of all companies. However, as the problems are seen frequently in the Lenovo laptops, the guide is designed.

Final Words

Not being able to use the touchpad all of a sudden can be a pain! Similarly, switching to an external mouse suddenly is also challenging. As Lenovo Laptop Mouse Not Working is a common issue, I have developed this guide that may help you out.

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Hopefully, now it’s crystal clear to you what the reasons for the touchpad problem are and how you can fix it. My suggestions are going to be effortless for you to resolve your Lenovo touchpad. Besides, keep in mind to see a technician if the problem is hardware-related.

Wish You All the Best!

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