[Fixed] Lenovo Laptop Not Starting Up Black Screen

A few days ago, I faced a problem with my Lenovo laptop. It was not starting up, that’s why I was very much disappointed. Then my team and I became desperate to solve it anyhow by ourselves, and we did it.

If your Lenovo laptop not starting up black screen, and you want to get a solution, read the whole article with full concentration. That could happen because of hardware’s fault or software problem.

Here, you will find both anticipated side’s potentiality of causes. And you can solve it yourself. But you have to find out where the problem is.

I will share our experience, as well as other possible causes and fixing ways. Then, try the solutions one by one and get your problem fixed.

Why Lenovo Laptop Not Starting Up Black Screen Only

We found many reasons for the black screen on laptop. I would like to state our findings based on the reasons.

As I was thinking about why my laptop screen is black, my team researched a lot. All we found the reasons are:

  • Ram problem
  • Display problem
  • Graphics driver
  • Laptop battery problem
  • Memory modules

What happened to me was a ram problem. So I solved it by fixing the Ram.

Well, do you have the patience to know how we did this procedure and how you can solve your problem? If it becomes different from mine, have a look at the points below. I am going to share all the pros and cons there.

How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Black Screen of Death Issue

Oh! The fixing way can be different based on the reasons behind the Lenovo laptop black screen.

So let me explain first how I solved my Lenovo black screen issue, and then I will mention the other potential solutions of previously described reasons. 

Solving Ram Problem

As I saw when I started up my laptop, the screen is black but no issue with the power. So I tried to find out a way to solve the problem. And my team decided to check the RAM.

However, make sure there is no power issue at first by checking the cables and main source from the wall outlet, if you still haven’t checked yet.

So, one of my team members took the responsibility to do the whole procedure.

  • At first, he plugged off all the connections. Then he took off the easy access panels. If you get easy access doors or panels whatever in your laptop, you can take it off.
  • However, then he screws out all of them. When we took out all the screws, I saw the RAM and opened it. You can see the RAM on the top of each other, or sometimes they can be flat side to side.
  • However, the RAM sticks were held by two spring-loaded arms. So, I removed them by pulling those arms apart. Then the RAM popped up. So, what we did next was, reseeding the RAM.

Do you know what reseeding is? It is about removing any hard drive or computer components and then plugging it back in. 

And we did it because sometimes the drives can be loose, and when you reseed them, the specific problem can be solved.

  • However, coming to the point, after reseeding the RAMs, I started my Lenovo, and I found, wow, it is working.

The display became okay. If you see your Lenovo laptop screen not turning on after applying this trick, you should change the Ram and fix the problem.

Fixing Display Problem

Right! I must be sure now you are thinking that if your Lenovo laptop screen goes black randomly after reseeding or fixing RAM problems, what should you do? You can check out my 2nd prescribed method.

  • Sometimes, the display mode is responsible for the blank laptop screen. However, If it occurs for display mode, you can solve it by commanding a keyboard combination.
  • The command is, pressing the windows key+ Ctrl+ Shift+ B together. And immediately release them.
  • You must press and release all the keys at the same.
  • As a result, you can fix it if the laptop screen blank occurs for display. So this is a way to fix if your Lenovo laptop black screen of death.

This is how you can simply sort out your display problem by resetting it.

Updating Graphics Drivers

There is a possible cause of Lenovo laptop black screen of death for outdated graphics drivers. So if you see your Lenovo laptop screen goes black when plugged in, you can think about updating graphics drivers.

To update the graphics driver, you will have to follow some steps.

  • At first, what you need to do is pressing a shortcut. And it is Windows + R combined.
  • Then a dialog box will come named Run. Type here devmgmt.mscand press Enter.
  • When you enter into the device manager, expand the ‘Display adapters’ option.
  • Great! After this step, you have to double click on the category and go to ‘Drivers’. Then click ‘Update Driver.’
  • At this point, you may need to choose an option. First, you should choose ‘Search automatically for updated driver software.’ Then follow the instructions that will be on screen.
  • Then reboot your computer. I hope it will work for the black screen.

Fixing Laptop Battery Problem

If your luck is favorable and the reason behind the Lenovo black screen is a faulty battery. You can solve it within a couple of minutes.

  • What you need to do is just put off the battery from the laptop. I said about luck because it is time-saving and the most straightforward solution ever.
  • You have to take off the battery once and change it to a new one. Then Insert a new battery and plugin other accessories.

Then on the laptop and see if the black screen issue is solved or not. If you succeed, congratulations in advance. 

However, if you see that your laptop’s black issue is not solved, another solution is below. 

Fixing Memory Modules Issue

Memory modules are responsible for not only the laptop black screen but also the long start-up time. Therefore, if the previous solution does not work, you can try this one.

However, to solve the issue, you can reinstall the memory module. I am pretty sure you are so excited to know how you can do so. Then, you can follow the steps.

  • First of all, turn off your laptop and plug off the power cable.
  • Remove the battery, and screw off from the back and open the access panel. 
  • Look for a memory slot, and two arms will hold that. Release it by a clipper from the hatch gently.
  • However, what you need to do next is clean the memory slot with a soft cloth. However, try not to touch using your hand directly. 
  • After doing that gently, try to insert it again. Then tighten the screws of the easy access panel. And put the battery in its place.

Great, if you are done, now turn on the Lenovo laptop. Hopefully, it will be okay.

These are how you can fix Lenovo laptop black screen issues. Check out the fixing ways one by one and get your solution. Good luck!

The Bottom Lines

That is how I fixed my Lenovo laptop not starting up black screen. However, I tried to place all the possible reasons as well for the black screen on your Lenovo laptop. If you get help from the entire article, then my affordance can be successful. But, if you think you cannot find out your issue, you need to get an expert’s hand.

Moreover, I think you will be able to find out your problem by testing the possible cause of the laptop’s black screen one by one. And when you can identify your cause, you can sort out the problem by taking action. I have tried to explain the solutions as much as I can. So, have a great journey with your Lenovo laptop.

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