NZXT LED Strip Not Working? Don’t Panic, Fix Now!

NZXT LED Strip Not Working

If you want the best lighting accessory in the market, the first option is the NZXT LED strips. They perform well. But, if you observe the NZXT LED strip not working, either the strips are not connected correctly or fault in the Molex connector.

Here you will know the most possible 5 reasons with solutions for this LED strips issue that most users face.

So stay tuned to get researched information and for the best fixtures.

5 Possible Reasons for NZXT LED Strip Not Working

The NZXT lighting strips come with magnetic power with four different channels for lighting.

Those LED strips create an amazing vibe that makes your setup attractive. Now let’s see why NZXT LED strips are not working. Here is the table.

The strips are not correctly attached.Correctly attach the strips with a +5V point.
RGB fans and LED strips are connected in the same channel.     2. You can use LED strips or RGB fans in a channel.
Physical problems of Molex cable.    3. Connect them correctly.           
SATA power is not connected properly.    4. Set up SATA power appropriately.
You are using RGB Gen 1    5. You have to use RGB Gen 2.

How to Fix NZXT LED Strips Not Working

We have already discussed the reasons for NZXT LED strips not working with short fixtures.

Now we will elaborate on the solutions to make you realize how you can solve problems with the NZXT LED strips. All the information we give here is researched based. So, you can try all the fixtures without any hesitation.

So try these extraordinary 5 fixtures to fix NZXT LED strips not working.

Solution 1: Ensure the Proper Connection

The first problem we show you in the table is the attachment problem of the strips. As the NZXT LED strip needs a +5V power connection, you can not give other power with the strips.

If you give the wrong power connection, your LED strips will not work. Always maintain a +5V power for the NZXT strips. Moreover, make sure the connection is correctly attached.

Solution 2: Separate the Connection Channel

Secondly, when you run the RGB fans and NZXT light strip in a channel at the same time, your LED strips will not function.

Sometimes, both might not work together in the same channel. You have several channels, so you have to use them in separate channels.

Solution 3: Ensure the Cable’s Condition

Now come to the cable issue. The cables you use for the NZXT LED strips, is called the Molex cable. Initially, you have to check the physical conditions of the Molex cable. If you find any defect with the cables, you should replace them with new cables.

Furthermore, keep in mind to connect the Molex cable properly. Adjust the Molex cable to the power supply correctly. If you find any connection issue, but your Molex cable has not any defect, you can be sure the problem is with the power supply.

So, give proper power to the NZXT strips by the appropriate Molex cable. Then if your strips are not working for the Molex cable, it will solve it easily.

Solution 4: Ensure Correct SATA Connection

The fourth problem is the SATA power issue. SATA power works with the SATA 15-pin connector that supplies standard power.

The NZXT RGB strips are combined with SATA found hard drives and the optical drives, so you need SATA power for the strips. And this SATA power provides energy to the LED strips. Then it can lighten.

If the SATA power connectors cannot work properly, it is better to replace the connectors. Besides, make sure the SATA power is connected appropriately to provide the power. If you are not enabled to solve it, you can take help from the Support Team.

Solution 5: Connect with RGB Gen2

When you face the light issue of NZXT, the most common complex is using the RGB Gen 1. If you use the NZXT RGB strip, you need to use the RGB Gen 2 controller.

Because the RGB Gen 1 controller is not capable of functioning with NZXT LED. So, always use RGB Gen 2 for proper work of the NZXT LED strips.

NZXT LED Strips are very helpful to give a wonderful look to your desktop or your PC setup. Specifically, they work nicely at night and give you a satisfactory mood to run your PC, even if you are bored with your work. Those lights can change your mood within a moment. So the NZXT strip is worth it.

Keep In Mind

  • You can not use defective cables.
  • You are not allowed to use damaged connectors.
  • Always use RGB Gen 2 because Gen 2 can not go for NZXT LED Strip to motherboard.
  • Be conscious about connection.
  • You need 5V power for the NZXT LED Stripes.
  • Never use an RGB fan and LED strip both into a single channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do LED strip lights burn out?

No, LED strip lights do not burn out because they have a life span of more than 50000 hours. Approximately 17 years, the lights can give light.

Can you reconnect cut LED strips?

You can not connect any cut off LED strips. But you can connect the LED strips with the 4-pin connectors.


After the huge discussion on the NZXT LED strip not working, you have known all possible reasons for this irritating problem.

In addition, you get all the suggestions to fix the NZXT LED strip problems. A super tip for you always maintains the quality of the product.

So before buying the LED strips, make sure they are physically fine and perform well.

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