Paperlike Vs Matte Screen Protector- Battle for Real Paper Feel

Paperlike Vs Matte Screen Protector

Do you need a screen protector for your iPad that will improve your drawing? But what is worth productivity when it comes to choosing between Paperlike vs matte screen protector?

The Paperlike screen protector is also a matte screen protector that helps you get rid of the glossier screen. But, the battle arises among professionals for the subtle art.

What is the difference between a Paperlike screen protector and other matter screen protectors? The paperlike protector has built-in Nanodot technology that makes you feel like writing on a real paper comparing to other matte screen protectors.

However, XIRON matte screen protector also works as an excellent alternative to the Paperlike though it can’t give you the exact feel of paper writing. Well, there’s more to explore in Paperlike that people are finding so captivated. Let’s explore them.

Comparing Paperlike Vs Matte Screen Protector for iPad

Now, let’s help you get the right screen protector for your iPad by showcasing a head-to-head comparison here.

Let’s Start Comparing The Built Technology

The considerable suspense comes with the built technology being the main reason for this screen protector battle.

Paperlike screen protector uses such stuff in its surface that makes the surface with a bit fraction that you may face when rubbing a paper.  And that is where the Paperlike is noteworthy that can give you the real feeling of writing on a paper.

In addition to this, the new version Paperlike 2 comes with Nanodots technology built on its surface. There are tiny beads as known as microbeads that are spread with fine distribution all over the protector’s surface.

So, what special do these microbeads do? These create friction resulting in your pencil or stylus vibrates like you have while writing on paper. Now, that makes something worth dealing.

According to Paperlike,

“Every Paperlike has a little bit of magically engineered into its surface with our Nanodots technology.”

On the contrary, other matte screen protector uses thin paper-like film on the protector surface that gives a non-glossy mattifying surface. Some brands use 3H hardness and self-adhesive to make the surface high touch-sensitive.

However, the material used to make a matte screen protector is the same on all that is the Polyethylene Terephthalate.

The Difference In Screen Quality

Is Paperlike screen protector worth it? You will get the answer after you see the difference in the display quality in Paperlike and other matte screen protectors.

The Paperlike matte screen protector can enlighten the display light around and through the light ray.  And so, it helps to reduce any refraction of light that you may not find in any other matte screen protector.

Yes, like any matte screen protector, Paperlike also uses anti-glaring features that do not reflect light on the surface. As a result, you can use your iPad under sunlight.

On the other hand, most iPad matte screen protectors seem to take over the display color, except for some quality brands, which seems to reduce the display quality a bit.

While reviewing an ESR matte screen protector, a former Apple Retail Store Specialist Karen S Freeman said,

“A big part of what I love about the iPad Pro is the beautiful Liquid Retina screen, and the ESR Paper-Like Screen Protector does indeed cut some of the clarity.”

Comparison In Terms Of Working Performance

If you compare an iPad with the Paperlike screen protector with the bare iPad, you will notice a visible difference for sure. You will find the screen bright and sharp with no rainbow effect.  You may get a little dimmer screen, that many users are saying, but it’s worth it if you are okay with the dimmer screen.

In the case of drawing and writing, a Paperlike screen protector is fantastic. You will cheer up after experiencing the notability of writing on the iPad screen.

Paperlike helps to have more control over the pencil and do your writing and drawing perfectly. Some say this feels natural writing feeling but not exactly as the paper feel. But the rough sound while writing on the screen is indeed different comparing to the glass.

Contrarily, most matte screen protectors iPad give nearly a paper-like feeling with a bit of traction. But the Paperlike is worthwhile with its slight dampening tap sound with a more controlled tip on the screen.

Then again, some cheaper matte screen protector like the Kwmobile lacks some sensitivity sometimes that you won’t find with Paperlike.

Are you a professional artist? Do you use your iPad a lot for drawing and designing? Then, Paperlike will surely be a good deal for you. Paperlike is the best iPad screen protector for writing and drawing.

Comparing The Ease of Use

How rough and tough do you use your iPad? That can be seen from your iPad screen very well. Yes, we are talking about the cleanliness of the screen. It also depends on how much dust capturing the screen is.

To avoid scratches or fingertips on your iPad screen, the importance of a matte screen protector is undeniable.

Almost all matte screen protectors offer fingertip-resistant and scratch-resistant features. But the Paprelike reduces the muscle fatigue too that you may face due to writing on the glass.

More to this, a Paperlike screen protector is just a suitable fit to work with the Apple Pencil on your iPad like it is just made for this pencil.

Many seem to have the question that –does Paperlike screen protector wear down Apple pencil And they proudly say,

“Other screen protectors destroy the tip of your Apple Pencil in no time. With its optimized Nanodots, Paperlike gives you maximum paper-feel and minimal tip consumption. So you can enjoy for longer.”

Comparison Considering Other Features

When comparing Paperlike vs other matte protectors, all come with the same essentials like the screen protector, wet wipes, dry wipes, guide stickers, etc.

After a long time of use of your iPad, you may find scratches and dust capturing in the glass with a general matt screen protector. And the best step that time to take is- wipe off the screen frequently,

But in the case of Paperlike, they say to clean the screen with a small amount of liquid dishwasher. Isn’t it cool, though?

Also, for setting the protector on your iPad, you will find an installation guide and videos on the Paperlike site that many other brands also do come with sometimes as well.

Is Paperlike Screen Protector Worth It In Case Of Price?

After getting known of so many highlights of Paperlike, things get puzzling when it’s about the price. Yes, Paperlike does come with such a high price relative to other matte screen protectors that many find overpriced.

But is that really worth the price? Well, it depends on what purpose you want to have a matte screen protector on your iPad. By the way, this controversy will be continuing as many people any mind you know. 

However, we would like to say, Paperlike is worth it, especially the Paperlike 2, for its built technology and the quality writing it can offer with the Apple pencil.

So, What Should You Get for Your iPad Screen?

It’s not like a matte screen protector will save your iPad from getting shattered after falling down. If you are looking for a protector for your iPad, then get a Gorilla glass. The matte screen protector is not for that purpose.

Then, who should buy the Paperlike matte screen protector for iPad in comparing Paperlike Vs matte screen protector? If your concern is professional drawing and making subtle sketching and annotations, Paperlike can be worth your bucks.

However, if you occasionally use your Apple pencil and want a screen protector for reading some pdfs or watching Netflix, get a good quality matte screen protector other than Paperlike.  For such purposes, Paperlike will be nothing, just a waste of money. There are several iPad matte screen protectors are available within a reasonable price range.

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