RCA Tablet Keyboard Not Working? Know Why & How to Solve

Many users complain about the RCA tablet keyboard not working. The reasons can be outdated drivers or wrong connection settings. Please carry on reading to know more about how you can get it solved. RCA …

Many users complain about the RCA tablet keyboard not working. The reasons can be outdated drivers or wrong connection settings. Please carry on reading to know more about how you can get it solved.

RCA tablets come with the user-friendliness of a mobile device. They are durable and equipped to perform tasks fast. And you can depend on them to carry out daily activities with ease.

But like any electronic device experiencing technical glitches, RCA tablets often face this keyboard not working issue. It is indeed annoying, and sudden malfunction of the keyboard can hamper the flow of essential tasks

Let’s get to know more about them.

Possible Reasons Why RCA Tablet Keyboard Not Working

There can be many issues responsible for RCA tablet keyboard not to work. Check out the possible reasons with the solutions at a glance.

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Possible Reasons for Not WorkingEffective Solutions to Try
Connection issueDouble-check and fix the connectors
Software issueCheck and update the software
Settings problemCheck and reset the keyboard settings
Software glitchesReset the keyboard and tablet

Now, check them in detail and know the resolving steps.

Broken Connection Between The Keyboard & The Motherboard

The keyboard is wired with the motherboard. It’s like any other regular connection between components of an electronic device. The keyboard’s connection can be broken for a number of reasons.

The very first reason can be that the attachment wasn’t done properly in the factory. Sudden power surges can also damage the circuitry and break the connection. Dust residue or other stored tiny particles can damage the soldered connection between the keyboard and the motherboard.

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The connector cable attached to the docking port of the keyboard can be corroded. So it is not sending signals anymore.         

All of the above can result in the RCA tablet keyboard not responding.

Software Issue

Every hardware needs software to run on. And the software requires regular updates to perform optimally. So, if the driver software of the keyboard gets obsolete, the keyboard will stop working. It can also cause RCA tablets with keyboard not turning on.

Wrong Setting

The RCA tablets have options to select multiple keyboards. Or you can ignore keyboards altogether by inactivating the keyboard function.

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Selecting that option will cause the RCA Viking pro keyboard or RCA Voyager tablet keyboard not working.

If you select USB Keyboard in the setting, the RCA tablet keyboard will also not be working.

Faulty Connectors In A Faulty Product

Sometimes, the simplest reasons – like faulty products from the manufacturing line – can make your RCA tablet keyboard not working. In that case, you should get your RCA tablet keyboard replaced.

How to Fix RCA Tablet Keyboard Is Not Working

There are a few solutions to get the keyboard of your RCA tablet working. Let us present them to you with as much clarity as possible:

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Fixing the Physical Connection

The broken wire connection can be fixed. You can do it on your own. But you need to be careful doing it.

  • First turn the tablet over.
  • Remove the three small Phillips screws to open the back cover.  There, you will see the point of contact.
  • Insert a thin plastic underneath the contact point. The plastic can’t be more than 1/32“ thicker.
  • Put the back cover on.

Turn the tablet on, and hopefully, your RCA Voyager keyboard not working issue is solved now.

Using the Screen Power On/Off Button

Impossible as it may seem, but this actually works. First, disconnect the screen from the keyboard. Then turn the power off of the screen and then turn it back on. Do it a few times. This can actually solve the issue.

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Cleaning Contacts

You can clean the contact points using an alcohol-based cleaning product. Dip a cotton swab in the solution and wash contact ports carefully.

Check Settings

We have discussed the wrong setting that prevents the keyboard from working. If a USB keyboard or a Logitech is set as the default keyboard, your RCA tablet won’t be working. To rectify the issue, select the keyboard of your RCA tablet as the default one.

This can get the keyboard working again.

Update the Keyboard Driver

Updating the keyboard driver software can get the keyboard working again. It is always better to get the updated driver from the official website of your RCA tablet.

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You have to uninstall the older software first. And then, you can reinstall the driver.

Check if the issue is gone.

Factory Reset

Factory reset is a surefire way to fix many software glitches. Check the below description to know how to factory reset RCA tablet:

  • Turn the tablet off first.
  • Find the Volume Up button.
  • Now keep holding the Power and Volume Up button for a few seconds.
  • This will take you to the Android Recovery Mode. By using the Volume Up/Down button, go to the Factory Reset option.
  • Select the option
  • Now, confirm the selection with power button press.
  • After the Factory Reset is done, you will be back to Android Recovery Mode.
  • Select the Reboot option.
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Factory Reset of a RCA tablet can fix many technical glitches. Hopefully, your keyboard will be working now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my keyboard not connecting to my tablet?

The reason can be a physical one, like broken connectors or slots. Or it can be a software issue like an obsolete keyboard driver. Running the tablet with the wrong setting can also make the keyboard not connect with my tablet.

How do I get my keyboard to work?

You can clean the connector ports, change the default setting into RCA tablet keyboard or update the driver software. You can also Factory Reset a tablet to get the keyboard back to work.

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Final Words

Many will run to get a new tablet if they find their RCA tablet keyboard not working. But as we have explained so far, there are several ways to fix the issue.

But you need to be careful when you apply the fixes. But you may be confident in doing them and have prior experience applying similar fixes to other devices. If indeed that’s the case with you, applying the above fixes will certainly save you some money.

Hopefully, you can get the RCA tablet’s keyboard running again and enjoy an uninterrupted performance from your device.

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