5 Must Have Screwdriver for PC Building

Looking for the exact screwdriver for pc building? You don’t need too many screwdrivers as long as you have the best one. And any good branded magnetic tipped or regular screwdriver kit can work. Undoubtedly …

Looking for the exact screwdriver for pc building? You don’t need too many screwdrivers as long as you have the best one. And any good branded magnetic tipped or regular screwdriver kit can work.

Undoubtedly pc building is an enjoyable process for custom pc builders. But to build a pc the essential tool is a good screwdriver. Without a good screwdriver, connecting all the parts to the motherboard is tough.

We have researched all screwdrivers for PC building. Among them, we have selected the top screwdriver kit that is best for you. However, many suggest the 14 in 1 screwdriver set by Kobalt also.

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Firstly, read the whole article. After that, choose wisely the perfect screwdriver kit for you.

5 Screwdriver For PC Building (Screwdriver kit)

PC building is definitely crucial work to do. Most work can be done using a number-2 Phillips screwdriver but we shouldn’t do that. Every type of screw needs a certainly suitable screwdriver to build a pc smoothly.

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A screwdriver kit will save you from all the extra work. Because it contains different types of screwdriver heads according to your need.

We will present here 5 screwdrivers for pc building. Such as:

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1. Jakemy Cordless Electric Screwdriver– with Adjustable Torques

It is an electric screwdriver with the highest speed. Jakemy screwdriver is best to remove a lot of screwdrivers fastly. The head tool is especially compatible with all types of bits. One can use 18 security bits with a Jakemy screwdriver.

 And the best part is this screwdriver is cordless and rechargeable. Mostly, a fast screwdriver that comes with a cord is not a suitable screwdriver for pc building.

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2. Gearwrench 80066– Comes with Philips/ Torx/ Slotted Heads

It’s also widely known as the Gearwrench dual-material screwdriver. Gearwrench 80066 contains a 20 piece set of different screwdrivers for usages comfort. Particularly their metric and imperial size made it a lot easier to find the right Screwdriver for PC repair, also.

Highly recommended for heavy machine mechanic lovers. These screwdriver’s handles have a really smooth grip.

Alongside, their handles are also best for high torque. It is to be noted that the tip of the screwdriver is made with a black oxide magnet to prevent screws from falling apart.

Compared to other screwdriver Gearwrench 80066 is quite affordable among the top-notch screwdrivers for pc.

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3. Nanch Mini Precision Screwdriver Set– Portable To Use on the Go

This set contains 22 regular and small-sized screw heads. It has the highest different types of screw heads among all other screwdriver kits.

Nanch mini precision screwdriver set will be useful in the usage of other important equipment too.

This mini precision also has a screwdriver for ps4 building. All of the screw heads are made of high-quality stainless steel but they are not strong enough to handle hard screws. That’s why most experienced people can handle it smoothly.

4. Oria Precision Screwdriver kit– All Type Head Included Bits

This screwdriver kit has a 142 in 1set with 120 types of different bits. Orin precision screwdriver is well-known for its compact and flexible design. There are certain areas in pc which are hard to use with any screwdriver.

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Oria precision has a flexible gooseneck design to assess the difficult parts. It is also a portable screwdriver set for comfortable usage.

However, it can’t handle tight screws like a Gocheer mini precision screwdriver. Alongside, pc building Oria precision kit also has a screwdriver for ps 5 and torque screwdriver for pc.

5. AmartisanMagnetic Screwdriver– with Flat & Slotted Types

 It is best for professional users because it contains 15 pieces of different screwdriver heads. Amartisanmagnetic screwdriver contains magnetizer and replaceable driver heads. The handle has a smooth and controlled grip.

 However, beginners would find it tough to use it. Amartisanscrewdrivers are known for their cushion grip and durability. It is one of the best Magnetic screwdrivers for PC

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What screwdriver do I need for PC building?

The most common screwdriver that you need for pc building work is Phillips. With a number-2 Phillips screwdriver, most of the pc building work can be done. For screw adjustment, it contains a ¼” shaft. However, you would need other types of screwdrivers for pc building.

Is it okay to use a magnetic screwdriver on a computer?

Yes, it is okay to use a magnetic screwdriver on a computer. The magnetic screwdriver doesn’t contain enough magnetic attraction to do any damage. For safety reasons just keep away the tip of a screwdriver from open hard drivers or circuits.

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What size screwdrivers do I need to build a PC?

To build a PC you would need mostly a small to medium-sized Phillips screwdriver. There are no specifications about exact size of a screwdriver. But a Phillips screwdriver of size 4.5mm is most important.


In the end, we want to suggest that firstly you should consider the need for your screwdriver for pc building.

Suppose you are going for heavy usage with easy handling for a longer term. In that case, it’s better to go for a screwdriver like Jakemy cordless electric or Gearwrench.

On the other hand, try the other screwdriver kits mentioned in the article for lighter usage.

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