What Does Clean IMEI Mean- Know Now!

You may be known to IMEI number checking while buying a phone. But do you know what does clean IMEI mean? It’s just a verification system to know that your phone is not stolen or …

You may be known to IMEI number checking while buying a phone. But do you know what does clean IMEI mean? It’s just a verification system to know that your phone is not stolen or uncertified and the IMEI number is the genuine one.

While shopping for a new phone or conducting research, you may have heard the terms IMEI and IMEI number bandied around, and you may not have understood what they meant or why they are such an essential aspect of the device purchasing process.

If you’re looking to learn and comprehend what these terms may imply for you, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s plunge into it. I’ll go through it regarding IMEI in detail in this article.

What Does Clean IMEI Mean?

A clean IMEI indicates that the phone has not been reported as LOST or STOLEN. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) comprises 14 to 16 digits depending on the device. Every iPhone has a unique IMEI number that is active at all times. So, the number is like a digital edition of a Social Security Number.

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As a consequence, you cannot use other SIM cards without the phone store’s approval. The IMEI is compatible with CDMA( Code Division Multiple Access) networks.

When you purchase a new phone, the IMEI number will be printed on the receipt or the box. You should save these for future phone repairs and other IMEI-related actions.

Nowadays, making a duplicate IMEI and set it inside your phone is not a critical thing. So, the clean IMEI comes up, indicating the imei is real and has no issue with the phone.

If you have a faulty IMEI, your warranty and identification are no longer available when using a mobile phone network, and the IMEI number will be restricted. The cellular network works as an IMEI blacklist checker.

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How Do I Know If My IMEI Is Clean?

There is a specific method for determining whether your IMEI number is valid or not. You may find out more about it by reading the discussions that are provided below-

IMEI is a unique number that is assigned to every phone. This identification is basically to block the device when reports as lost or stolen. You may view the IMEI number on your phone’s screen by just dialing *#06#.

On the internet, you can find certain entirely free websites and require only the entry of your number of IMEI. After that, click on the option to have your IMEI checked against the international database.

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Then you may check whether the IMEI is valid and the phone isn’t blocked. You may find ESN in some phones instead of IMEI. Clean ESN meaning is exact as well as Clean IMEI.

Does a Clean IMEI Mean the Phone Is Unlocked on That State?

A clean IMEI shows that the service provider activates it correctly. A phone with an uncertain IMEI is either still active or lost/stolen. Providers won’t start phones with invalid ESNs or IMEIs. Unlocked phones are those that have been freed of the SIM lock.

These two entities are distinct in their attitudes toward one another and their meaning, but they are also interconnected.

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However, if your phone or device fulfills all of the following conditions, you can reclaim as clean IMEI Check or clean ESN:

  • The mobile device identified by the IMEI number has not been reported as stolen, lost, or used with illicit conduct.
  • Your mobile device will no longer be associated with any user account with any mobile service provider. It has to be unlocked from its original carrier.
  • Before the mobile device has “unlocked,” it will have no unresolved transactions or settlement problems.

How Can I Check IMEI for Free?

Well, checking the IMEI is free of cost.

We have just learned, the IMEI number determines what job it plays, where it locates, and whether or not users need to verify if their IMEI number is known as blacklisted.

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So, overall it can be split into 3 ways and then confirm the IMEI status online to determine if the IMEI is clean or not.

Method 1: Look in the box for the imei number

You may find your phone’s IMEI number by looking at the back of the device.

If you cannot locate a clean IMEI iPhone number on the rear, check for some individuals written in the SIM card slot on the inside of the phone. Locate the IMEI code near the barcode on a receipt or box.

Method 2: Locate IMEI in settings

On your iPhone, navigate to “Settings,” then “General,” and finally “About,” in order to view your IMEI number.

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Method 3: Entering the dialing code

You can also get the IMEI or ESN by dialing *#06# on the call dialing section.

After obtaining the imei number, you can search on the web that allows you to perform a free check to be sure if it’s a clean IMEI.

How Can I Check My IMEI Online?

So, now you know how to obtain an IMEI number in some simple steps. Then you may look it up online also.

Numerous iPhone or android phone IMEI checkers are available online that allow you to verify a clean IMEI iPhone or android for free. You can use an online IMEI blacklist checker to check whether your IMEI number is clean or not.

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Some websites additionally provide warranty information, a complete phone report, purchasing information, and information about restricted signals, as well as information about whether the device’s IMEI is clean or not. It refers to as imei pro or IMEI professionals.


So, we have tried our hardest to deepen our knowledge of what does clean IMEI means to you in this article, and we hope you find it helpful. Also, hoping it clarifies what an IMEI number or a clean ESN meaning.

Ensure you receive the ESN/IMEI for future purchases and check that it is clean or not via IMEI blacklist checker.

Before buying a brand new phone, all you need is to double-check the information, especially when it’s an iPhone. Otherwise, it will cost you suffer more in the long run.

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You can check and verify your usable phone, whether under claim or not, and make your phone safe and secure to use!

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