Where Do I Find Tools on My Android Phone to Ease App Use

Are you thinking about where do I find tools on my android phone to master the Android? It’s undoubtedly under your phone settings. But the option can vary in different brands. The tools on android offer …

Are you thinking about where do I find tools on my android phone to master the Android? It’s undoubtedly under your phone settings. But the option can vary in different brands.

The tools on android offer a multitude of necessary services. If you are a Samsung Smartphone user, your device has an app called Samsung Tool. This app can also render services similar to those that are delivered by the android tools apps. 

Let’s get to know more about where we can find those tools, along with a few more details about them.

Where Do I Find Tools On My Android Phone?

Every android enabled Smartphone has a multitude of tools pre-installed in the device. So the first place for tools on my android is the Settings option of my android phone.

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Let me tell you now how I find my tools app.

As I have mentioned earlier, android enabled phones have the tools pre-installed. To find the tools menu on my phone, we need to go to the Setting option. To find the tools menu android, click on Setting.

Usually, you can find the Setting option in the Home Screen or scroll the Menu Bar down from the top of the screen.

You will find a Gear sign at the bottom right of the Menu Bar and just above the space from where the notifications would start. That’s your Setting option.

You are now in a place where you can get the tools you may need or are using already.

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A Typical Android Phone has the Following Tools:

  • Gaming tools- where all the gaming apps are stored and help to block calls or record while playing.
  • Office tools- where all the office purpose apps can be organized, and you can get access to your business or office work with a one-touch.
  • Quick Tools- where you find all the apps for quick access for easy usage of your android.

Well, there are some other tools also, though, that depends on the phone models.

In this regard, you should know that you can get many kinds of tools from App stores as well. The most obvious place would be the Google Play Store app. But there are other apps stores like Amazon App Store, F-Droid, etc.

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They can also provide tools for your android phone. 

What Is Tools App On Samsung

To help the users run the proprietary apps, Samsung has a pre-installed Tools app on Samsung phones. To provide support for running S-Pen or multi-window functions, users may need this tools app Samsung.

Quick Tools was previously known as Screen Rotation Lock. It is more powerful now, and manufacturers armour it with more options. So it is much quicker for us now to perform many daily essentials that would have taken more time in the past.

How Do I Get Quick Tools On My Samsung?

However, in 2 ways, you can get access to the quick tools on your Samsung phone. There are:

  1. From the settings menu and
  2. From the edge screen
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Method 1: Find Tools App from the Setting Menu

Step 1: On your home screen, swipe down and open the notifications panel. Then tap and go to the settings menu, the gear-like icon.

Step 2: Now, you should scroll down the screen and tap on the edge panels.

Step 3: Next, you can see Edge panels. If these Edge panels are off, click on the ON/OF switch panels to turn it on.

Step 4: Check the box on top of the quick tools panel and display these quick tools in the edge panel.

Method 2: Find Tools Apps From the Edge Screen

Step 1: Pull this edge panel into the middle of the screen to open it.

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Step 2: Tap on it and go to your menu of edge panels

Step 3: After doing this, check the box to see the top of the quick tools panel to open. And then just let the edge panel to display it.

If you want to add a function to the Quick Settings tab, simultaneously tap and hold the button for it and bring it to the bottom by dragging.

That’s it – That’s how you can access Quick Settings.

If you want to change the arranging order, just hold and drag like before to change their positions on the Samsung device.

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As the name implies, using Quick Settings, we can have quick access to the toggling features that we use continuously. This option removes us from surfing through numerous apps and gets the job done in an instant. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Android Tools app?

An android tools app is a software application programmed to perform specific tasks and ease the android operation. Nowadays, millions of apps are available, and we can use them to our advantage in many ways.

What is the Tools app on Samsung?

The Tools app is basically pre-built on most Samsung devices. It’s aim is to make the functions that we need or use almost all the time effortlessly reachable. The developers keep upgrading the app to make it more suitable for the new technologies and more user-friendly.

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How to use Game Tools on your Samsung device?

Game Tools is a function that runs on Android OS 7 or higher on Samsung phones. It is developed to enrich gaming experiences. The Game Tool can record gameplay, take a screenshot, lock the navigation button or block receiving calls and notifications during playtime.

Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope the question of where do I find tools on my android phone has got the answer now.

Besides, Google Play Store is the go-to source for most Android users. Through Google Play, you can get any app with confidence.

But that’s not always the case for Amazon App Store or SlideMe. Do a little research, read the reviews and then choose an app that you think can help.

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Then again, the F-Droid gives you apps that are truly open-sourced, probably free from malware, and never stores personal data. 

And Samsung seems to cover its users with their pre-installed tools app.

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