How To Connect a Router To a Router Modem Combo- Easy Way

The router-modem combo is a modem with a built-in router. To have the best advantage of this combo, you have to connect it with a new router. How to connect a router to a router modem combo?

The “Bridge Mode” is the ultimate solution to it. Gateways in different devices enable this Bridge Mode that connects the router to the router-modem combination.

With the general procedures, it is easy to do it if you know the system. Learn the process on this page that describes it easily with some steps.

How To Connect a Router To a Router Modem Combo

A modem and a router are necessary equipment that connects your devices to the internet and the wireless network inside the home or office. The Modem is responsible for securing your home with the network from the Internet Service Provider. The router is the connector of the Modem to your wireless and wired devices.

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What will happen if you want to use your new router? Can I connect a router to a modem/router combo?

Yes, you can connect it by enabling the “Bridge Mode” on the gateway of devices. This feature is a traditional networking technique. It clearly links two different networks smoothly. This Bridge Mode will turn off the routing option keeping the Modem on as this mode is instructing modem router combo to work as one Modem only.

Note: When the Internet Service Provider resets the signal or updates devices, it can turn off the Bridge Mode and put on the Default mode back. In that case, you may have to set it again.

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Step By Step Process for Bridge Mode

To enable the “Bridge Mode,” you have to know or find out the ISP supplied router number and the username and password of your device. Now follow the instructions below:

Step-1: At first, disconnect the coaxial cable at the back part of the router modem. Now, turn this modem router off and then turn it on again.

At the back part of the combo, there is the WLAN button. Hold it down for 5 seconds to turn it off. You can confirm it when you see that the wireless indicator LED light is off.

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Step-2: Now, you have to connect an Ethernet cable between the computer and the router modem combo.

Enter the computer’s browser and add the Router model number in the address bar to set it on the computer.

Then press the Enter key. You will see the bar for username and password. Add them to suitable bars.

Now tap on the ‘Advanced’ option that is at the top-right corner. Click on the “Status” option and then to “Connections.”

Step-3: Here, you will find the “eRouter Provisioning” option, and this is the desired option to set the modem internet for the combo.

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On this section’s drop-down menu, you will see options like Router mode, Bridge Mode, etc. Click on ‘Bridge Mode’ and then tap on ‘Save.’

It should be ready to use the combo now.

But it is also possible that you are not getting the desired options under the drop-down menu

If you do not find it, it means that the Modem is still connected to the COAX cable. Then you have to unplug the COAX cable. After doing it, you will still not be able to see the “Bridge Mode.”

To find the Bridge Mode, turn the Modem Internet power down and turn it on the back after a few seconds. Here, you have to log in to get the Bridge Mode and then put it on.

If the Internet Service Provider reboots their service, you have to reconnect the Coaxial cable to reboot the modem router. It will disable you to log into the interface again.

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To log into the interface, you must remove the computer and connect the Ethernet cable to the router. It means that you cannot log in to the interface using the computer anymore.

You can use the MAC or another device to connect it. After disconnecting the computer, turn the modem router for a few seconds and then turn it on. Now it will bind to the MAC address or other device address of the router.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need both a router and a modem for wi-fi?

Yes, we need both the router and the Modem to run the Wi-fi connection to more than one device. Almost all the Modem provides only one LAN Ethernet port that can connect one device. If you want the internet for several devices in your home or office, you need the router. It provides more security than only using the Modem for the internet.

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How to hook up a router to a modem router combo?

When you already have a modem router combo unit to access the Internet Service and upgrade it with a new router connection, you have to make an extra connection to the new router port. To do it, you have to plug in the new router to the modem router using the Ethernet cable and then connect it to the new wi-fi network.

Can you connect a router to a modem that already has a router?

Yes, you can connect your router to a modem with an existing router. It provides extra security to internet service. To connect it, attach the Ethernet cable from the pre-existing LAN ports of your house router to the WAN port on the new router. It will run when you provide the required IP address of the new router.

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Final Words

Now you know how to connect a router to a router modem combo. It may seem not very easy to hear the job, but it is easy to do when you learn the steps.

Procedures may vary a little regarding different devices. But it is almost the same for most of the devices. If there are some differences for some devices, you will know it while connecting them.

Using a router-modem combo with another router provides the best security to internet service. You should make a unique user ID and password to keep it safe from hackers.

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