How To Disable Airplane Mode Android to Avoid Unwanted No Signal Mode

How to disable airplane mode android device? from the settings or quick notification panel, you can disable or enable it easily. But how can you permanently remove airplane mode? Do you also need to know? …

How to disable airplane mode android device? from the settings or quick notification panel, you can disable or enable it easily. But how can you permanently remove airplane mode?

Do you also need to know? Read this context. Here we have shared the steps for disabling the “Airplane Mode” as well as removing it without causing any issue to your android device.

Let’s see how you can do that.

How To Disable Airplane Mode Android Smart Phones & Tablets

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In the Android operating system, it is pretty easy, and the only thing that can differ in the direction of touch. Let us see how you can permanently remove airplane mode in android devices.

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Method-1: Disable/Turn off from the Quick Notification Panel

You can disable the Flight Mode from 2 sides- from the quick notification bar and the settings. We are discussing both here.

Step-1: Unlock your screen using a password, pattern, or fingerprint.

Step-2: Now, from the home screen, go to the quick notification settings.  Swipe down the screen to the bottom from up or swipe up from top according to your phone’s accessibility.

Step-3: Here, you will see icons of different features; among them, you should find the airplane icon. Still, if you don’t find it, swipe the screen left or right side and look for the airplane icon.

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Step-4: Now tap or toggle it off if it is turned on or the toggle button is green.

Method-2: Disable from the Settings

Another way to access the flight mode is from the phone settings. The steps are as follows-

Step-1: Go to the gear icon like application- settings. No matter how you go from the notification panel or the application manager.

Step-2: Search and select the “Network and Internet” option or the ‘Connection’ on some devices.

Step-3: Scroll down and find the flight mode.

Step-4: Turn it off and a loading bar with “Airplane Mode Turing Off” should appear.

Permanently Remove Airplane Mode Android

If you don’t like to use airplane mode and want it removed from the quick settings, you can do this from the quick notification panel. Following these steps will remove the flight mode permanently from quick settings until you turn it back. Remember, you can’t remove it permanently as it is a by default application in all android devices.

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Let’s see the steps for disabling “Flight Mode”.

Step-1: Get access to the “Quick Notification Bar”.

Step-2: Select the “Edit” option on the top. If your device doesn’t, select the 3 dots and select the edit/change notification grid order.

Step-3: Now tap and hold on the airplane icon to select it and pull it out to the removal area.

Step-4: Release your finger when you remove it from the quick notification settings bar.

Step-5: Tap “Done” Or “Save”.

Step-6: The airplane mode is now disabled/removed from the quick notification swipe bar.

However, if you can’t remove then hold on and then pull it out to the top bar side to remove it from the notification bar. You can also remove this using the “Edit” option on the quick settings only if your device has the option to do so.

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What Is Airplane Mode Android?

The Flight mode feature is added for traveling by air. When the plane takes off, we can’t see anything. But the pilot still manages to fly the plane perfectly by some signals. At the same, our phones and laptops can also send signals to receiver towers.

These signals can interrupt the signals sending and receiving the airplane you are in. Moreover, a simple miscalculation can bring disaster. Yet, our phone is essential to us. For that, developers added the airplane mode so you can take your phone anywhere in your flight without messing with the controlling signal of flight.

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What Is The Purpose Of Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode can break every online and offline signal on your phone. It interrupts the cellular network. Because if you are trying to use the internet on your phone with your SIM’s help, that will send wireless wave signals.

These types of signals can get mixed up or even mistreat the communication signals for the pilot and airport stations. The newer planes also use the internet for communicating quicker. When you activate your cellular data, you are trying to get some wave signals in your direction. That can create a problem for both you and for the pilots. Not just that. Even if you are not trying to connect to the internet, SIM can send and receive data between network towers. And the frequency is so high that it’s enough to cancel out the communication signal between a plane and base stations.

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The airplane mode prevents all kinds of cellular signals, which means you cannot make any call or send any text message. In addition to that, you won’t be able to use the internet through mobile data. When we turn on airplane mode, it also stops the Wi-Fi modem on our phone. Though the new phone can bypass the block by force, the Wi-Fi modem receives internet signals from network towers, and then it sends them to the mobile receiver to provide an internet connection.

For that, Wi-Fi gets blocked once the airplane mode is on. So you don’t become an interruption for the pilots. Yet, on some phones, you can enable Wi-Fi from the quick settings menu or even from the network menu while it’s on Airplane mode. Don’t do that for your own and other’s safety, especially if you are on the flight.

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As we mentioned earlier, airplane mode can disable both online and offline signals. It can stop Bluetooth signals. Bluetooth signal is a concise range, but wave flight mode can stop sending and receiving any wave signals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any use of Airplane mode other than in Flights?

Mainly it is beneficial to use when you’re on a plane. Besides, airplane mode can eliminate unnecessary notifications when you are in a meeting or are doing meditations. If you feel wish to have some time to leave yourself alone, it can be a great asset.

Does flight mode save power?

Yes, it does save battery on your phone. Airplane mode blocks any internet or other signals. A radio signal, location tracking, and cellular signals can consume a lot of batteries. You can utilize the charging of the battery and the capacity by keeping your phone in airplane mode.

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Can I toggle flight mode on and off while the screen is locked?

Most phones don’t have this option. Because it will be directly breaking some terms and laws about privacy policies. Yet if your phone allows it, you can check. But the annoying part is you need to unlock your phone using a password or fingerprint or others to access airplane mode.

Final Talks

We are here at the end. We hope you got the idea of disabling airplane mode. It is undoubtedly a great feature to have. Yet has some disadvantages. With our pro tips, you can easily understand how to disable airplane mode android.

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However, don’t forget disabling the airplane mode will let your device have network access. By the way, you can enable it any time from the Android phone settings.

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