How to Hide Carrier Name On iPhone? 2 Ways to Tweak

Do you know how to hide carrier name on iPhone? By jailbreaking your dear iPhone, you can easily hide the carrier name that might be bothering you. However, the long carrier name wastes the most …

Do you know how to hide carrier name on iPhone? By jailbreaking your dear iPhone, you can easily hide the carrier name that might be bothering you.

However, the long carrier name wastes the most space on the status bar. Even when you take any screenshot, it shows on that. Though you will not get any official ways to hide the carrier name from your iPhone status bar, there are still several ways to help you. 

Here, we will show you the best tweak to hide carrier names on iPhone in this article. These excellent methods will also help you change the carrier name into your favorite one or even to a single emoji. 

How to Hide Carrier Name On iPhone?

So many carrier names are available in different countries. Like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone are the most common. But the carrier name varies along with the other countries. 

As you will not get any official ways to hide or change the carrier name, you must go with third-party apps to solve this problem. So, let’s see the methods below to make this significant change. 

Method 1: Use “CLEANSTATUS” App

To use this method, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. The jailbroken device allows you to use the third-party app. By this, you can easily use third-party apps to hide the carrier name on your iPhone. 

It removes the restrictions and allows greater control. But make sure your iPhone is compatible with jailbreaking. 

Step 1: Download “HEXXA PLUS” To Jailbreak Your iPhone

To jailbreak your device, “reboot” it first. You can use either “UnCover” or “HEXXA PLUS” to jailbreak your iPhone. But we recommend you go with the “HEXXA PLUS.” Download the “HEXXA PLUS” on your iPhone from the iOS device’s link. Install the app after downloading the app from the link. 

Step 2: Install “Cydia”

Then open the “HEXXA PLUS” app and tap the “get repos” option. We recommend the “Cydia” here. Scroll down and tap on the “app manager’s repo list.” Click on the list and copy the “Cydia” repo’s link. 

After this, open the “HEXXA PLUS” app again and extract the downloaded repo. Here paste the previously copied address and tap “ok” to extract the “Cydia” repo. Then hit the “download” button and “allow” to go to “settings.” 

Then enter into the profile downloaded and click on the “install” button again. After installation, tap the “done.” Once the jailbreaking process is complete, it will allow you to install third-party apps.

Step 3: Install The Free Tweak “CLEANSTATUS”

Open the “Cydia” and search for the free tweak “CleanStatus.” Then tap the “install” to install the “CleanStatus.” 

Step 4: Go to The Setting On “CLEANSTATUS”

Once you complete the installation process, go to the “setting” option of the “CleanStatus.” 

Step 5: Turn Off The “Carrier Name”

Go to the “setting,” and you will see an option called “carrier name.” Then toggle to the “off” button just after the “carrier name” option.

Method 2: Use “MakeItMine” 

When you want to hide the carrier name on your iPhone, you always need to use Cydia. But you can also use the Tweakbox, panda helper, which is the alternative to the “Cydia” app if “Cydia” does not work for you. 

Step 1: Jailbreak Your iPhone

First, you have to jailbreak your device. The jailbreaking process paves the path to install the third-party app on your phone. So, use any of the jailbreaking apps to make your iPhone rooted. 

But keep in mind that if you fail to complete the process, your device may brick. 

Step 2: Install and Open the Cydia 

Once your device is jailbroken, install the “Cydia” as we have already shown you in step 2 in method 1. Then open the “Cydia.” 

Step 3: Search for The “MakeItMine”

Enter into the “Cydia” and search for the “MakeItMine” application. After finding the “MakeItMine,” tap on the icon to open the app. 

Step 4: Enter Single Space on the Text Box

After entering into the “MakeItMine” app, you will see a screen preview showing a text box with the “carrier” button in the top left. Then enter a single space on the text box to hide the carrier name. You can also enter any other name to change the carrier name. 

Step 5: Respring The Entered Text

Tap the “carrier” button on the top left side of your device’s screen. Then you will see a preview showing you “really respring?” At last, Tap on the “ok” button to complete the process.

Some of the iPhone devices may not have this carrier name on the status bar. For them, it’s a big sorry and also great for not needed the hassle also.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to hide the carrier name on iPhone?

If you have iPhone X, XS, XS MAX, it is possible to hide the carrier name. Because they automatically drop the carrier name because of the less space. But for other series, you must have a jailbroken device to fulfill this job.

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How can you hide the carrier name on iPhone?

To hide the carrier name, you have to jailbreak your device. Then download or install any of the tweaks to change or hide the carrier name. Interestingly, you also can use emoji instead of any character.  

Is it safe to jailbreak the iPhone?

Typically, jailbreaking and the rooting system is the same. But the jailbreaking process is not safe for the iPhone. Because it can fell your device in the security risk, thus your device may brick or be hacked by any cybercriminals. If you can complete all processes of jailbreaking correctly, you can avoid some of the security risks. 

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Does Cydia is risky for the iPhone?

Cydia may be risky for your iPhone because you can use Cydia only when you have a jailbroken device. But if you always back up all your data before jailbreaking process, you can reduce some risks. 

Final Verdict

Perhaps after going through this article, you have got the solution on how to hide carrier name on iPhone. You can hide the carrier name as per your need. You can make fun with your dear ones by hiding the carrier name also. 

At the same time, hiding the carrier name is also necessary to eliminate our irritation.

When I hid the carrier name on my iPhone, one of my friends was surprised that how I did that! That words were exciting for me and a pleasure too. 

Now it’s your turn. Hide the long carrier names and give a surprise to your friends!

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