How to Move Task Manager to Another Screen: No-Fail Methods

Are you wondering how to move task manager to another screen? Changing some settings and the drag and drop process can work, but you must know the correct way to do it.

No matter using Windows or Mac, you will always need a task manager to monitor the running processes and programs from time to time. While working with more than one tabs opened, you might need to drag and move any of them to your work comfort.

But can you move the task manager while using multiple screens? Of course, you can, and we will show you how for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac users.

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To avoid misconceptions, we are suggesting you not leave the article halfway.

What Is Task Manager?

Before getting started, we need to get a basic idea of the task manager? It is an operating system component that allows you to overview a computer’s processes and overall performance.

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Most of us might consider it a tool to get rid of frozen programs, but it also shows you the memory consumptions and available system resources.

However, Windows and Mac have their very own ways to open, operate, and move the task manager. Let’s find it out.

How to Move Task Manager to Another Screen: A to Z

While working with an application and you need to open the task manager, you might find it opening in the home screen of your monitor no matter which key you use. To avoid this problem, MS Windows, Apple, and the user forums suggest several ways to escape.

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In this part, we have sorted the top three suggested methods with six keys to open the task manager. Keep reading!

How to Move Task Manager to Another Screen Using Windows

From Windows NT 4.0 and 2000, the task manager is available in all versions of Microsoft Windows. We will discuss 3 methods of how to open task manager on the second monitor while using MS Windows.

These 2 methods will be applicable, as mentioned earlier. So keep an eye on which versions you are running right now before applying it to your Microsoft Windows.

Method-1: Up To Windows 8

Here are three of the available keys you can use to any versions up to windows 8. All you need to do is,

  1. Press Alt+Tab: Enables the Windows snap keyboard. Simply use the arrows in the direction to move.
  2. Press Windows+Arrow: Moves a screen aside. Tap on the keys several times until the task manager window reaches another screen.
  3. Now, go to the screen Settings and change the screen to default. You will need to slide back to the previous monitor before ending the task.
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Method-2: For Windows 10

This one is windows 10 specified,

  1. Right-click on the taskbar.
  2. Find and click on the task manager.
  3. Drag the task manager where you need it.
  4. Lock the taskbar.

How to Move Task Manager to Another Screen Using Mac

Task manager also exists in Mac, just in another name. You will find it named the “Activity Monitor,” providing the same function as the Windows. The third method is for Mac that we mentioned at the beginning. You will need to do as follows.

  1. While multiple activity screens are opened, move your mouse pointer to an inactive screen that is grayed out.
  2. Now move it with your cursor to the bottom of your desired screen.
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This will take the “Activity monitor” to the new screen and disappear from the old one.

6 Way to Open Task Manager

Let’s find out the ways to access the Task Manager of your computer.

  1. Ctrl+Alt+Del: A new window will appear. Select the option saying, “Task Manager”.
  2. Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Quick opens the task manager.
  3. Windows+X: You can do it on Windows 8 and Windows 10. It brings up a power user menu that provides quick access to different utilities, including the task manager.
  4. Right-Click Task Bar: If you prefer a mouse, you can simply right-click an open space in the taskbar and select task manager.
  5. taskmgr.exe: Search for it in the start menu typing “task Manger” or open the run box hitting “Windows+R” from your keyboard, then type “taskmgr” and select “OK”.
  6. Create Shortcut: You can create a shortcut by opening the task manager using any of the above methods with a simple right-click. You can either add the shortcut to your desktop or pin it with the taskbar.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I change Task Manager display?

Open the processes tab from Windows task manager and select view. There you will find all the necessary options to customize your task manager display.

What happened to my Task Manager?

If the task manager is not opening, try the six keys we have discussed in the article.

How do I clean up task manager?

While the Crtl+Alt+Del opens the task manager in one press, pressing it twice will help you restart your computer.


If you have gone through all three methods, try it now, whether you have a Microsoft or Mac. How to move task manager to another screen is made easy within these 3 simple methods.

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You can also check the MS official websites and forums to check and confirm the little keyboard details that will help you choose the friendly option for you. You can also discuss it in the forums and communities to compare the results with other users.

For Mac users, you might find the options quite confined. But there is always a solution in the communities. If you cannot find one, please contact the official webpage or your vendors.

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