7 Power Supply Brands to Avoid While Buying!

Do you have any idea of which power supply brands to avoid while choosing one for your build?. To get a smooth user experience and to prevent unwanted issues, choose the brand and configuration of your PSU wisely that can meet your system requirements well..

The main functional purpose of the power supply device is to convert AC (alternating high voltage current) into DC (Direct current) and provide proper Voltage power to the system.

As there are plenty of brands and companies selling power supply devices, it’s pretty hard to select the best one for your computer, right?

So let’s see which brands you should avoid while purchasing a power supply unit for your PC.

7 Worst Power Supply Brands to Avoid

According to the user’s experience, some power supply brands got too many negative reviews. Here’s a list of brands names with the reason behind why you should not buy them –

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The CUG-950B, CUG-700B, Green Power, ZX Series, ZP-750B, V-500, etc models of the Coolmax brand don’t meet the requirements as they advertise.

Especially because they can’t deliver the wattage they proclaim, risks of explosion while testing. There’s no circuitry protection either.

However, some have found this brand good enough and it is really a rare case like 1 in 100 uses.


Apevia brand’s PSU models like Warlock Power, Aspire Beast, Turbolink ATX-TL450W-BK, etc. can’t deliver the promising watts they are advertising.

Moreover, it gets dead or shuts down during testing. Because of such inadequate efficiency, this PSU brand is now avoided by the power supply users.

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The Diablotek PHD650 model mainly has a poor built-in quality with an insignificant component designation.

On the other hand, the RPM-1050 model also can’t meet the required voltage regulation. Both of them don’t meet their advertised specs.


Logisys is one of the worst power supply brands experienced by many. It has voltage regulation problems. The noise suppression is out of specs. Plus, the brand requires poor efficiency.


The Cougar A560 CGR BE-560, Cougar RA650, and Cougar CMX 700 all of these models had voltage issues. The power supply unit is not as advertised.


Raidmax Cobra Power & RX-735AP, both models, have poor built-in quality and voltage regulation. The questionable efficiency of the brand is another main reason to be deterred.

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The Enermax brand can’t give any exemption to your system’s power supply. The brand failed in protection during testing

However, these are known as the worst power supply brands nowadays. If you were planning to get one from any of these, you need to think twice.

Are Cheaper PSUs Always the Worst?

It’s not like that the cheaper PSUs are always the worst. The PC experts normally suggest high-end expensive power supply units just to ensure that the build quality is good so that it doesn’t go wrong easily.

In contrast, the cheap ones have filthy components selection. Therefore when it fails to run, it has a bad record of taking other elements of your system with it.

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However, if you have a tight budget, you need to take a look at a cheap but good-quality power supply unit. Here are some best budget-friendly PSUs you can buy.

  1. Corsair RM550
  2. Corsair CX450
  3. Corsair RM750
  4. XPG Core Reactor
  5. Corsair AX1600i
  6. Corsair AC1000, etc

The Expensive One Can Be the Worst Too!

Well, buying an expensive PSU can’t guarantee your computer’s 100% reliability. You need to track down the best PSU brand for your PC. Or, a PSU that is at least compatible with your computer.

For this purpose, you need to see the Power supply brands ratings and PSU tier list. Tiers mainly point out the performance, reliability, and efficiency of a PSU.

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So, please check out the recent PSU brand tier list to make your PC building journey easier.

Top 3 Power Supply Brands

Does power supply brand matter? To be honest, it’s a really common question among PC users. A PSU brand plays a vital part in your computer system just as the PSU. Choosing a good power supply unit will save you from many unexpected accidents.

This internal hardware device is the heart of your computer system. So, it’s crucial to select a promising quality PSU from a reputable brand to make a move for the overall system.

Here’s a list of the best power supply brands for you

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Compared to other power supply brands, the EVGA consents 52A on a single +12V rail. This popular brand provides quality PSU with better performance to assist your PC.

In addition, their price range is also very reasonable. The intellectual company also knows the customer’s desire in the modern marketplace.


The Seasonic is another best and the safest PSU brand in the market. Many exclusive brands have already wielded their base strategy in their PSU.

It has 12 years of warranty with great features and performance. With high-quality built-in components, the power supply unit has a fully modular system and operates silently.

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There are plenty of reasons to buy Corsair brand’s PSU. It is one of the most hyped PSU in the power supply rankings.

Because of its fully modular specs, outstanding performance with 10 years warranty, and magnetic levitation fan. The new RM750x delivers excellent performance with good built-in specs

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Now you might be thinking, does power supply brand matter for gaming? Well, any PSU brand can’t affect gaming directly.

But, a good quality PSU from a prominent brand will help the other components of your computer run smoothly.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the power supply system and enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most reliable power supply brand?

The most reliable power supply brand so far now is Seasonic. Many exclusive brands have already wielded their base strategy in their PSU. The reliability and product quality mark the brand as one of the safest choices in the run.

Does it matter what brand power supply I have?

If you buy a good quality power supply unit from a reputable brand, there will be fewer chances of your systems failing. Plus, it will save your time and money from wasting. That’s why power supply brands matter in some cases.

Why shouldn’t you buy a cheap power supply?

Cheap power supply units have poor built-in quality, power protection, and efficiency. It can’t supply the same amount of voltage power as high-end PSUs. Plus it can damage your computer’s components. This is why you should not buy a cheap power supply.

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Final Words

Finally, we have come to an end. That was all about power supply recommendations of best and worst brands for you.

Hopefully, you got a clear concept about which power supply brands to avoid and why you should avoid them.

Hopefully, it will lessen your confusion. And help you to pick your PSU brand and model smartly.

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