How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage Samsung[ W/O Root]

How to use SD card as internal storage Samsung devices? You can either root the android device to access its settings or just manually and easily set this from the SD card settings option right …

How to use SD card as internal storage Samsung devices? You can either root the android device to access its settings or just manually and easily set this from the SD card settings option right after mounting the SD card.

No matter which method you try both is easy and safe. However, we’re going to share 3 methods here inside to smoothly solve the problem of using SD cards as internal storage on Samsung.

Solution Of How To Use SD Card As Internal Storage Samsung

To use an SD card as internal storage, you have to apply some methods. SD card randomly used for making enough space to store all the android apps and other necessary files you need.

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However, it’s usual that when you insert an SD card it sets as the external storage. But with some tricks and few tapping, you can reverse the settings.

So, here is our first method from the 3, which is applicable for the older versions Samsung devices.

Method-01: Set It From Inside The SD Card Settings (No Root Method)

Samsung android has several versions, and not so all the setting options of an android are similar.

Follow these steps carefully to set SD card as default storage Samsung.

Step-01: Go Directly Into Your Setting & Select Storage

Insert the SD card into your phone and give it some time to catch all the documents on your phone. Then go to the setting option first and select the storage from the ‘Battery & Storage option’.

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Step-02: Select Your SD Card And Tap The Three Dot Menu

Afterward, select the S.D. card from all the options on your phone. If you don’t find them, tap the three-dot option from the menu. Then select the settings from there.

Step-03: Select The Format As An Internal

In this third step, you have to select the format as an internal option. Then tap the erase option or backup & reset all the data from your screen.

Rebooting your phone is essential; otherwise, you’re experiencing broken issues invisibility of your S.D. card’s MTP. Other people have claimed that sometimes their apps are showing errors continuously.

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You’re now able to see that your SD card is formatted as internal storage.

Method-02: Set From The System Apps (Need Computer/Laptop)

The second option only applies if the first one doesn’t work. Mostly the Samsung newer model does not have the feature of setting the S.D. card. For them, this process is effective. When no option to format SD card as internal storage Samsung, you can try this one.

Please turn on your developer option to fix it as internal storage. To do this term, follow these steps one by one.

Step-01: Find Out The About Device Option & Click The “Software Info”

On this option, first of all, click on your device to find out the “About Device” feature. Select the “software info” option.

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In short of step-01: About Device > Software Info.

Step-02: Open The Developer Mode Option On

After clicking the “software info”, you need to open up the “Developer” mode. To open the developer mode, touch the “Build Number” 7 to 8 times continuously. When it opens, you can see a popup saying developer mode is on.

Then go through the following steps.

In short of step-02: Software Info>Build Number.

Step-03: Switch On USB Debugging Mode

After turning on the developer mode, Now it’s time to roar on the next steps. It’s essential as you’re now able to explore something new. Slowly scroll down inside the developer mode, and you’ll find the USB debugging feature. Tap it and turn the option into a blue signal. Then connect your phone with a P.C for doing the next steps.

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In short of step-3: Developer option>USB Debugging Mode.

Step-04: Backup All The Data & Connect The Device To Your P.C.

Connect the device to your computer using USB data cable. Then go to chrome. And type ‘chrome://inspect’, then type enter. It will take some time and shows the connected devices. If you can’t see your device here then refresh the browser and wait. However, if still not showing then download and install an ADB platform tools into your PC. Then try to check if the device is showing with the device ID number.

Step-05: Open Command Option From Main Menu

Type “cmd” in the search bar from the main menu in your computer, and enter. Once the “cmd” prompts opens up navigate the “adb” to platform tools from this command prompt. Then type “adb” devices and enter it will show you the ID number that you got from the chrome browser at first. And your SD card is now adopted and set as internal storage in your device.

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Method-03: Set Your SD Card By Using Root Essential App

Suppose your phone doesn’t support the previous method. Then it’s time to go for the third method.

Some Samsung devices don’t support adoptable storage. Some devices require root, or some devices don’t. If you use a Galaxy A5, J5, J7, or On5, it would be better to set all the formats by root. Even with this method, you can use SD card as internal storage Samsung A20

Follow these three steps:

Step-01: Download The App Root Essential

Download the root essentials mobile app for following the next steps. Go inside the “Google Play Store” and type “Root Essentials” in the search box.

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In short, you have to do the work on these sequences: Google Play Store> Root Essentials.

Step-02: Set All The Information To Adoptable Storage

After downloading the app select adoptable storage to set your S.D. card as “Adoptable storage”. Just touch the button “Adopt”.

In short of step-2: Adoptable storage> Adopt.

Step-03: Flush The-Plug In & Reboot Your Device

Afterward, flush all the information by plugging in your phone into a P.C. and make sure to use a custom recovery unless it won’t be workable on your phone. Then reboot your phone and re-open the “Root essentials” option for doing the task to be done. Now, select your ‘Android settings’ / ‘Device Maintenance to storage’.

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Select the SD card and re-open the ‘settings’ for setting up your ‘Migrate Data’. Check your phone now.

So, if you want to know how to use SD card as internal storage Samsung A01, or other models, it will work. And the best part is this method is also effective to use SD card as internal storage Samsung tablet devices.

In short of step-03:

Root essentials> Android settings / Device Maintenance to storage > Re-open the Mobile settings> Migrate Data.

Pro Tips

Make sure to keep a backup of your card, because after rooting or trying any of the last 2 methods mentioned above, your SD card will be formatted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I move apps to SD card on Samsung a01?

For first, make sure your SD card is set to use as internal storage because some system apps can’t e moved to SD card. After that, go to the storage and then apps, and let it load all the apps. Finally, select the apps you want to move and select Move to the SD card or external storage.

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How do I increase storage on my Samsung a01?

Whether it’s Samsung A01 or other, to increase storage, use SD card of higher capacity than the internal storage of your device settings.

How do I set my SD card as default storage on Samsung a02s?

you can set it from the phone settings right after inserting the SD card or use some root applications to root the phone as shown in this context.


We have discussed 3 methods on how to use Sd card as internal storage Samsung Android. But your device’s setting method relies on what model you have used or the model of the Samsung phone you have.

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The above methods are pretty similar for every Samsung model. But before trying these methods on your phone, it’s essential to check your phone doesn’t have any manual problem. The results may seem to be a little buggy, but it works.

Make sure to connect your P.C with your phone and visible MTB disk to command it properly.

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