All My Safari Tabs Disappeared iPad iOS 13 Is Now Fixed!

all my safari tabs disappeared ipad ios 13

In iPad iOS 13, sometimes you may have lost your previous tabs accidentally. It is a concerning fact as you used these tabs for your essential survey or research. It also happens that you may face the problem of disappearing safari tabs after updating your iPad to iOS 13. Do you want to fix it and get all your lost Safari tabs? You can get rid of this problem if you check out these in-depth researched solutions that I found when all my safari tabs disappeared iPad iOS 13.

How To Fix When All My Safari Tabs Disappeared iPad iOS 13

You may accidentally close all the safari tabs in iPad iOS 13. After that, you find out that your watched tabs disappeared from your iPad. It is because you closed one of the activation windows containing multiple safari tabs running in it. You can fix this problem if you cling to this article till the end and follow these methods.

Method 1: Using Safari

Take a look at the following steps to fix this problem-

  • Step-1: Go to your home page and open the safari app again. Check it either there remain any tabs or not. If not, then try further steps.
  • Step-2: Bring up the dock at the bottom of your iPad iOS 13. You get the dock section on the home screen. In the Dock section, you get all the apps you have recently watched or seen.
  • Step-3: Look at the bottom left side of your iPad screen. You can find the Safari app icon in the dock section. You have to hold down the safari icon and release it.
  • Step-4: Then, you can see some options for selection. You have to select or tap the first option. The first option is to show all windows.
  • Step-5: Tap the show all windows option. At that moment, it opens your recent activation window that is containing safari tabs.
  • Step-6: Then see on the top right side of your iPad iOS 13’s screen. There is an icon called reopen closed windows.
  • Step-7: Press that icon for reopening. Then it has opened up the previously closed all tabs of Safari.

After following these above steps, your disappeared safari tabs are now reopening again.

Method 2: Recover From iPad History

You have to follow the upper steps before coming to this second method. When you have no way to restore or reopen your safari tabs in iPad iOS 13, you can take the help of your iPad history section. Check the iPad history. In that history section, you may find the sites you visited before. You can take the idea of previously watching safari tabs of yours or which tabs you used that time from these sites. Follow these short steps for finding history in your iPad iOS 13-

  • Go to your iPad home screen. You will see the bookmarks icon at the upper left of your iPad iOS 13 screen. Tap the bookmarks icon.
  • After taping the bookmarks icon, you will find the iPad history.

Unique And Amazing Features Of iOS 13

IOS 13 has introduced some fantastic features in Safari for iPad users. These are-

  • Open Safari, you can compare the start page with the iOS 12’s start page. The start page access to your favorite websites and the Siri suggestion will also surface relevant websites.
  • iOS 13 gives you links and messages to frequently visited websites.
  • The start page is designed to make sure you check out your friends’ recommended websites.
  • The URL bar received a new icon bar denoted by two a’s (Aa). This new icon includes resizing text, enabling reader view, hiding toolbar and requesting a desktop website, etc.
  • In Safari, you will get some control systems. You have access to zoom any page from 50% to 300%.
  • Safari iOS 13 also allows you to manage image size. While you are uploading a photo, you can change it to a large, medium, or small size.
  • There is a new option for the tabs to use bookmarks for more tabs. You will find more tabs later by using these bookmarks icon. For taking this opportunity, you have to long-press the bookmarks icon. Then choose the add bookmarks for all the tabs option. It will select all the tabs you have opened.
  • You also can save these bookmarks tabs inside a folder. If you want to reopen them later as new tabs, long-press on the folder option, and select open in new tab option. Then these saving tabs will open in new tabs.
  • There is a fantastic setting to copy the contents, which is included inside the iOS 13.
  • A new feature comes in iOS 13 for sharing a new web page as a link, PDF, or reader view format by using the share sheet.
  • Using the options section (options section is the upper side of the safari start page), you can choose to send the content as a PDF or web archive.
  • Apple introduces a sign-in option with its features which is new. It is a privacy-focused alternative to the existing sign-in option using by companies like Twitter, Google, or Facebook. This sign-in option works in Safari across iOS and Mac OS. It allows you to sign with various apps using your existing Apple ID as an authentication method.
  • You can use the 30 additional keyboard shortcuts in iOS 13.
  • Notably, the iOS 13 can display the desktop-class website rather than the mobile view. It gives users a viewing experience close to what you find on a Mac.

Concluding Part

Nowadays, the iOS 13 can run several windows on the iPad. You can search your favorite programs for watching or browsing important research papers by opening different tabs in a single window. You can save or organize your tabs according to your needs. Sometimes, you may accidentally close one of the windows containing multiple tabs at the time of dragging down any tab. Later you find out that the tabs disappeared from your iPad iOS 13. It may happen to anyone who is using iPad iOS 13. So, don’t be upset. Because if you follow the above steps that I tried when all my safari tabs disappeared iPad iOS 13, you may find the solution too.

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