How to Fix Case Fans Not Working Issue

Are you confused about why are the case fans not working or how to solve the issue? Check the case fans may be stuck or clogged for dust. Or some software issue can be causing …

Are you confused about why are the case fans not working or how to solve the issue? Check the case fans may be stuck or clogged for dust. Or some software issue can be causing this also. But you can fix it yourself!

If you own a PC, there’s a possibility you face a problem with fans once in a while. It can be a CPU fan, front case fan, rear case fan, or any other type based on your preference.

Today we will provide you with a complete guide to help you figure out what is going wrong with your case fans and answer all your questions on the go. We will also provide you with some additional information regarding the functions of case fans.

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Let’s get started!

Possible Reasons Why Case Fans Not Working

Figuring out the issue is the starting point to any solution. Therefore, if your case fans stopped working, there can be a few possible reasons behind it. Before you start looking for them, make sure you have checked the connection.

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Let’s take a glance at all the common problems and their solutions:

ReasonsPossible Solutions
Connection IssueDisconnect and reconnect the fan connectors
Circuit issueCircuit repair or motherboard replacement
Faulty hardwareReplace the hardware
Clogged fanDry clean the fan
BIOS issueReset the bios
Driver IssueUpdate Drivers

Now that you know the reasons and possible solutions let’s get into the fixing details!

Step By Step Solutions for Case Fan is Not Spinning

Before we jump into the detailed solutions, there are two things you are required to make sure of.

Firstly, the fan’s cable is properly connected to the four pins of the assigned CPU slot in the motherboard.

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Secondly, the power supply unit (PSU) is good enough to supply sufficient energy to the motherboard. In both cases, you will simply need to replace the hardware to fix the problem.

Now, what if the cable is connected accurately and the PSU is also fine? Let’s get to the other solutions!

If you’re unsure about the connections, check how to connect case fans to motherboard with clear steps.

Solution to Circuit Issue

There’s a chance that your case fans stopped working because of the circuit issue in the motherboard.

Before replacing it, follow these two trials and run steps to confirm a faulty motherboard as it’s going to cost you a fortune.

Step 1: Firstly, remove the fans from your motherboard and install them into another computer for a trial and run. 

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If it seems working fine, we will move to our next step.

Step 2: If the case fans are working just fine, we can be sure that the issue might be with either the PSU (Power Supply Unit) or motherboard circuits.

As replacing the entire motherboard will cost you a lot, we will check the PSU before going for it.

Now, how to figure out if the PSU is faulty or not?

You can check if the motherboard functions properly with another PSU. You can use a PSU from any other computer to do the trial and run.

As a faulty PSU fails to supply adequate energy to the motherboard, it can cause the case fans to spin slowly or stop spinning altogether. If you find it faulty, installing a new PSU will solve the case fans not spinning issue.

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If both the trials prove that the case fans and the PSU are in a good state, then you are required to repair the circuits if it’s possible or replace the entire motherboard to fix the circuit issue.

Solution to Clogged Fan

If you do not cover your CPU case properly, there’s a high chance it will start accumulating dust and clog the fan, resulting in the case fans not turning on at some point.

If the case fans fail to function properly because of this reason, you surely have nothing to worry about!

There are two ways to clean the clogged fans- completely remove the fans and clean it yourself bit by bit, or use a can of compressed air to dry clean it. We would definitely recommend you going for the latter option.

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With a can of compressed air, you need to point it towards the CPU fans from a distance and blow-dry all the dirt, debris, dust, soot, etc., from the fan.

Use a brush also to clean up the mess beneath the fans after using the spray can. You can use this compressed air can clean the clogged fans by removing them from the case as well. Either way, it will serve your purpose the best!

Solution to Bios Issue

Bios, or basic input/output system, is one of the most important start-up programs of a computer. This built-in core process software is responsible for controlling and powering all the connected devices to the motherboard.

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Therefore, an issue with the Bios can result in the case fans not working on PC. If the Bios is misconfigured, you must reset or flash the Bios to fix the problem.

With these simple, easy-to-follow steps, you can completely reset the Bios to the default settings in your computer:

Step 1: Shut down your computer from the main menu.

Step 2: Now, as soon as the computer is shut down, press the ‘power’ button to turn it on and press the F2/ F11/ 10 key according to your motherboard bootable key upon start-up to enter into the Bios setup.

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Step 3: Then, press the ‘F9’ key and select the ‘Load Setup Defaults’ option.

Step 4: Finally, press the key that highlights the ‘Save and Exit’ or ‘Save Changes’ option.

Now, you have successfully reset the Bios on your computer. There’s an alternate way to reset the Bios by pressing and holding the ‘power’ button for at least 30 seconds on the CMOS battery (which powers Bios firmware). In this case, you are required to remove the battery from the motherboard, install it again and restart the computer to reset the Bios.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are my fans not working?

Among various possible reasons behind your fans not working, there are a few common ones. The fan is not getting sufficient energy supply to function, it has accumulated dust and got clogged, or wires might have stuck with the fan. You can check these issues out and fix them to get the fans running again.

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Should the CPU fan run all the time?

CPU cooling fans do run all the time while the CPU is running. However, these cooling fans do not run at full force all the time during use. You need to keep the fans running to allow the computer to function in a safe temperature range. If the computer doesn’t get a chance to cool off, it might heat up and cause damage.

How do I know if my case fan is working?

Every time you turn your computer on, you will notice a subtle noise coming from the CPU case. If you don’t, you might need to check the front and rear of your CPU case. You will usually see the fan rotating on the back or side of the case. If the fan isn’t working, we recommend you work on the fixes before using the computer further.

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By now, you have gathered everything you need to know about the reasons behind case fans not working and different ways to solve the problem.

We hope you have found all the answers you were looking for. Now, you can easily figure out the issue and fix your case fans without a sweat!

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