How to Convert Work Laptop to Personal Computer to Use at Home

Did you just retired from your work or got in hand an old office laptop that does not need for office purpose anymore? But you are not getting any easy steps or ideas on how …

Did you just retired from your work or got in hand an old office laptop that does not need for office purpose anymore? But you are not getting any easy steps or ideas on how to convert work laptop to personal. Simple reset or reformat can do your job, but there are some locking factors, so do your homework before getting into the conversion.

However, from our research, we got several ways to convert a corporate user laptop to personal use. A computer provides all functions to reset or remove as per your needs. You can reformat your laptop or reset it or wipe the unwanted data or restore the essential files.

Read out the complete information below and just follow the steps we showcase one by one.

How to Convert Work Laptop to Personal

Simply reformatting the laptop can work here, but sometimes, the administrator account gets locked, and you need to find out the company to unlock that. We don’t want this hassle, of course. 

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So, we got some solutions here.

As we know, when we resigned from our job, it might happen that your company never asked for laptop back though not all companies do that. 

Well, whatever the reason is, if you think your work laptop will be of no use for the work, then there is a high chance that you can use that for your personal use or assist your child in online learning. 

So, in this case, you have to convert it by reformatting or reinstalling the Windows system.

Convert Work Laptop to Personal By Simple Reformation

To convert work laptops to personal ones,

  • Format the laptop by wiping all data, or
  • Reinstall the Windows operating system with reformation of the drive
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First of all, remove the company login laptop. Usually, all the domain users in the company can access their accounts on the laptop if it is domain-joined. In that situation, you may simply sign out the previous employees’ account and then log in using the old username. It will remove work network from work laptop. Your windows will create a completely new profile for your account to choose from. 

Convert Work Laptop to Personal By Reinstalling Windows

Sometimes, there can be a risk of the account being locked and can’t access the administrator account. If you are afraid of the same, you can reinstall the Windows system on your laptop and wipe out all previous data by formatting the C drive.

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When you choose to reformat your laptop to erase the hard drive completely, this will completely wipe the old company laptop. Wiping old company laptops will remove all the company information as well as its domain network, but to do so, questions may arrive on how to reformat laptops

You must need an installation CD, or you can use any bootable drive if you have any.  And, you need to confirm that you have all the software to restore it, then you can install your windows installation disc to format the hard drive.

After inserting the CD, it will run auto and if it doesn’t double click my computer, locate the drive and click autorun. Wait for the CD to load. It will take a few minutes if you interpose; it will disrupt. After that, accept the default operating system, which is asked by the installation disc.

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Or, the best way is to reinstall the Windows during startup. For this, 

  • You must insert the installation disk or the bootable drive in the laptop before pressing the power button.
  • When it shows the laptop brand logo or the motherboard logo, keep pressing the boot menu key (that can be F2, F12, or any other according to your motherboard requirements) during the startup of the laptop. 
  • Then, select the bootable drive that you want to reinstall the Windows from.
  • Format the hard drives and let them install completely in a new form.
  • Proceed with the navigations path one by one and let it install the system.
  • When your installation is complete, a fresh disc will appear. Then restart your computer until the machine reboots. 
  • While rebooting, press the bootable key repeatedly again for disk partition if you have not done it yet. This will completely run the program to format, reload the OS and install your original drive that came with your laptop. It may take around only 30 minutes to reformat the process.
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Reformatting a laptop will lose all your information. If you want to keep it, you can back up your hard drive to external CDs, DVDs, or any other device. It will help in saving your important files and programs.

This way, while following all the steps, it will convert your work laptop to a personal one.

How to Unlock a Company Laptop

To Unlock a computer, press CTRL+ALt+DELETE from the keyboard to get out of what unwanted window you are in.

Then type the login information which you last logged in as a user, then click OK. You can also restart if you think from the login option if you think it might have been a glitch, not incorrect login details.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my company laptop for personal use?

To reset your company laptop for personal use, go to settings and reset or simply type reset from the Windows start menu bar.  Here, you will see a title saying, “Reset this PC” click on it; you will see two options written “keep My Files” or “Remove Everything”. You can click one based on your needs and let it reset to the default factory settings. But the best way is to reinstall the system to use a work laptop for personal use.

Can I reformat the company laptop?

You can reformat your company laptop first using the Windows Media Creation Tool to make an ISO, boot from it, wipe all partitions and reinstall Windows 10 pro, or second is inserting the original key and returning it to pro followed by a system reset.

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How to wipe a computer before recycling?

If you want to completely wipe out data from your computer go to the Windows start menu and type Windows recovery or reset. Then select reset to reset the computer to its factory settings. But beware it will remove all the data on your computer. So, make sure to have a backup.


At last, we hope that you have got all the information on how to convert work laptop to personal.

When you have an old office laptop left at home and no use, it is better to use it for your personal purpose by formatting it or reinstalling the Windows.

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And so far by now, we believe you know that converting a laptop to personal use is not a big deal. 

Follow the above steps. It not only will help us to use it as personal, but it will also save our pc from being ruined. Moreover, using work laptops for personal use can be risky, and chances of hacking threats also. 

However, a privacy concern remains left on the laptop to avoid the company information leaking and hacking. So, the best choice comes to avoid any further issues is to reformat and wipe out all company data and use a fresh laptop for your personal usage.

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