How To Disable Voice Command On Samsung Galaxy S2: Easy Steps

how to disable voice command on samsung Galaxy S2

The “Voice command” app is such a crazy feature in today’s smartphone. It is beneficial for people who are disabled to read and operate the device. But it can be annoying to a normal people, also very embarrassing when it keeps talking and you are in a public place or in a pin drop silent room meeting.

So, you should know well how to disable voice command on Samsung Galaxy S2 to stop it immediately and avoid unwanted voice talk every time. But the sad part is when the “Voice Command” enables, it does not let us use the device in the same that we use generally. So, it is a tricky job when you want to stop it. Well, we have made things clear like water here. Just follow the steps shown here & do them as guided.

How To Disable Voice Command On Samsung Galaxy S2

When the voice command as known as voice assistant feature is enabled, it is quite challenging to operate your device. Mostly double tapping the ‘Home’ button enables the voice talk. So, you might face hindrance to find and go inside the disabling option when you will want to disable it.

Don’t worry, here we have shown the steps very vividly so that you can follow them with perfection and disable it with no more, not command working vex. Remember, when the ‘Voice Assistance’ feature is turned on, you can’t operate the device normally. If you want to turn off or disable it in this situation, then you must know-

  • You have to use 2 fingers at a time to scroll the screen vertically or horizontally.
  • First, tap once and then double-tap on any option to open up.

However, we are showing the steps here for when the voice command is already turned on. But if you only need to know the disabling method, you can follow these from the below 7 steps:

Step 1: Go To The Settings

Swipe down your screen or scroll your screen to access inside the Apps. Tap on the gear-like icon of the settings option. Then, double-tap on it to confirm it to open up.

Step 2: Scroll Down & Find Accessibility

Scroll down using 2 fingers and find the option “Accessibility”.

Step 3: Touch It & Then Double-tap To Open

Touch the “Accessibility” option. After that, double-tap on it again to go inside.

Step 4: Tap On Screen Reader

Touch on the option “Screen Reader” once. Then double-tap on “Screen Reader” to go inside.

Step 5: Touch Once The Voice Assistance

Now, select “Voice Assistance” by tapping on it once. And double-tap on the toggle button that is green now.

Step 6: Select Turn Off

After confirming, select the option to off “Voice Assistance”, a pop-up comes up. Here, you will see 2 options- “Cancel” and “Turn off”. Tap on turn off once and then double-tap on it to confirm your input command. And the voice assistance as known as voice command feature is turned off. Now, you can use your device normally.

Step 7: Go Back To Settings & Select Apps

Now, let’s disable it permanently to avoid further enabling issues. Go back to settings again and find Apps/ Application Manager.

Step 8: Select All Apps

Inside the application manager, scroll left/right and set the top bar at “All”.

Step 9: Scroll & Find Voice Command

Scroll down and find the “Voice Command” option.

Step 10: Select Disable & Also Force Stop

Inside the “Voice Command” option, you will find options like- “Disable” and “Force Stop” side by side. Select “Disable” and hit the button “Ok”. And the “Voice Command” feature is disabled permanently. You can also select the “Force Stop” button to double confirm disabling.

However, there is another option to permanently delete the “Voice Command” feature: root the device. After rooting your phone, you can get permission to delete system applications. If Samsung Galaxy S2 does not support any root apps, then you can do it using a computer. Well, before rooting your device, be sure of the after-effects you might have to face after you root your android phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I permanently turn off the voice assistant?

By disabling it from inside the application manager, you can permanently turn off the voice assistant in any Samsung Galaxy phone.

How do I operate the device when the talkback feature is turned on?

When the talkback feature in galaxy phones is turned on, use two fingers at a time to operate the device.

Final Words

So, no more worries if you follow our step-by-step guideline to disable the “Voice Assistant” or “Voice Command” feature. We tried to show the easiest possible way of how to disable voice command on Samsung Galaxy S2. This process is also working for other Samsung Galaxy phone models. However, we hope after reading our article you can use your device without problem. Don’t hesitate if you want to know more about it. Just comment on the comment button. Thank you.

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