How To Make Your Own Notification Sound iPhone: 2 Simple Methods

how to make your own notification sound iphone

Do you know how to make your own notification sound iPhone and use it with the vibes? Today, we will show you the ways to make your own notification sound on iPhone easily. Cell phones come with various tones for notifications, calls, keys of dial and keypad, etc. But no matter how charming they are, some of us will always love to customize. While the androids allow tone customization options quite easily, iPhones always got an exception. But don’t give up, because here we are to make your own notification sound iPhone with two simple methods. In this article, we will talk about how to customize your iPhone notification tones on your own. Let’s learn the ways.

How To Make Your Own Notification Sound iPhone

The tone customization process of an iPhone is not similar to an android. Not just the notification tone, you can also customize the ringing and alarm tones on your iPhone. But in today’s article, we will mainly focus on the notification tone or which is also known as the text tone.

Method 1: Using GarageBand

This method is an original and popular one to customize tones for your iPhone. You will need to download the GarageBand app for this method. The procedure may seem a bit lengthy, and at the same time, every single step is worth it. All you have to do is-

  • Go to the app and select audio recording.
  • From the top left of the toolbar, tap the three-dotted line icon.
  • A new window will open; from the toolbar, select the blue triangle.
  • Then select the loop from the top right of the toolbar.
  • Go to files, and your downloaded songs will show up.
  • In case the songs don’t show up, tap browse.
  • Select the song, and it will appear on the files.
  • Drag and drop the song from files to the GarageBand window.
  • Limit the track from both ends as needed and click the down arrow on the top left.
  • Save the song and rename it as you wish to.
  • Your customized tone is ready; long-press the tone and click share.
  • Select the icon where you want to export it, i.e., ringtone.

Your customized tone will be exported on the selected section of your iPhone and ready to use. Next, head to the settings and select sounds. You will find your customized tone right there.

Method 2: Syncing With The iTunes Store

You may have already noticed that whenever you decided to try a new tone, Apple suggests buying it from iTunes. But this is the method where we will show you how to customize your preferred tone and load it through iTunes without buying it. All you need to do is-

  • Find the song you would like to set as a tone.
  • Edit it by minimizing the length of the song within 15 seconds (up to 30 seconds).
  • Go to the Share menu option in GarageBand.
  • To export, select send ringtone to iTunes.
  • Synchronize your iPhone with iTunes and load your ring tone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select sounds on your iPhone.
  • Tap on your preferred alert tone.

Your customized tones will be in the ringtones section of your iPhone, and from this section, you can now set it as any type of alert you want.

A Bonus Method- With The iMazing

This method is the easiest and the most time-saving method. But the crucial part is you need a MacBook or PC. If you have already got your customized tones on your MAC book or PC, then all you need for this method is to download the iMazing application on it. Then follow as bellows-

  • Install and launch the iMazing software on your desktop (MAC or PC).
  • Open the iMazing window.
  • Connect your iPhone with your MAC book or PC.
  • Click the ringtones icon of your iPhone device on your desktop window.
  • Once the ringtone file is open, drag your customized tone from your desktop and drop it on the iMazing window.

Your customized tone will be transferred to your iPhone device. In case you want to import any tone of your iPhone, simply drag and drop the file off the ringtones window as before.

Quick Tips

In this part, we have a few tips for you to better customize your notification tones. These tips will help you set the tone without facing system errors over and over again.

  • For alert and text tones, the duration must be kept under 30 seconds, but for ringtones and alarms, any duration is allowed.
  • Go to settings and then select sounds and haptics to get your ringtones and alerts.
  • Go to contacts and then edit contact to get your contact-specific ringtones and text tones.
  • To get the alarm tones go to the clock, alarm, and then edit.

A Short Brief On The Software

The three applications we mentioned in this article are iOS specialized. Here is a short brief on each, in case you are a beginner level user-

GarageBand: This software is a collection of virtual musical instruments and an exclusive feature of the music studio. It has live loops that make you capable of making music like a DJ. Download, record, and customize your tons anywhere you want to with GarageBand.

iTunes: It helps you navigate your media files and software stored on your apple device. Also, it enables playing a certain media file by connecting your iPhone to television. The application charges for the items it provides. These include music, movies, television shows, and audiobooks.

iMazing: It is a general-purpose manager software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It can store and backup your messages, music, and applications and is capable of transferring them from your computer to your Apple device. Also, it enables printing massages and recovering photos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does GarageBand allow the creation of an entire song?

Yes, it does. This application has features that can record, compose, and add instruments with your recorded tones, enabling you to create an entire song and keep our music studio in your pocket.

Do I have to pay iTunes monthly?

First of all, the methods prescribed in this article don’t include any software charges, and secondly, if you purchase any item from iTunes, you will need to pay for a certain thing. It will not include any monthly charges.

Can I install iMazing on an iPhone device?

No, you can’t. This software is programmed specifically for your desktop, whether it is a MAC book or a PC.

Do I need to install iTunes to use iMazing on my Windows device?

No, you will not need to. The iMazing software offers you to download the Apple drivers in order to communicate with the iOS devices.

Final Words

So, wrapping up time now. After reading this write-up, we are very sure that now you know how to make your own notification sound iPhone device that you will love to use.  However, there is nothing more pleasing than using own favorite personalization. In this context, we have covered all the effective and user-demanding ways that you can try without any hassle.  So, enjoy your iPhone with your customized tone.

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