[Fixed] iPad not Charging When Plugged in- Causes And Solution

Sometimes you may find your Ipad not charging when plugged in. Check the charging port and cable if there is any damage issue. There can be dirt or water in the machine or a simple …

Sometimes you may find your Ipad not charging when plugged in. Check the charging port and cable if there is any damage issue. There can be dirt or water in the machine or a simple hard reset can fix this.

Do not worry. There can be one or more issues with the charging of your iPad.

Whether the iPad lets us find ‘fake charging’ or ‘slow charge’ problems, we will troubleshoot the hardware and software issues and gradually resolve all the difficulties that your favorite iPad might have been going through.

Possible Reasons for iPad Not Charging When You Plug in

You restart the iPad, but it won’t charge. So, at first, we check the charging cable and port, check the connections, and examine the wall power outlet.

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But at times, it gets more complicated that there can be another serious issue. Let us discuss what makes your iPad not charging.

Before discussing the reasons for the iPad no response in charging issues, let us look at a small chart. This chart will help you to grab the problems and the solutions in brief.

Hardware ProblemsSolutions 
Damage USB Charging Port And Lightning CableReplace it with a new one 
Debris And Dirt In The USB PortClean and Connect Again.
AC AdaptorDisconnect the power block, reinstall it. Use another cable. Change a new one 
Water or liquid damagesGet support and service from Apple/ Local repairing experts
Overheating issueDisconnect from charging and cool down the temperature.
Taking charge via computerUse AC adapter comes with iPad.
Software ProblemsSolutions
Any software crashesReset iPad, DFU restore.
iPad won’t ChargeReset iPad.

Now, let’s start with diagnosing and find the reason why the iPad not getting a charge. After that, Get ready to fix it.

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Check USB Port And Cable 

Check the lightning cable by connecting to another computer. If it works, you are sure that there is not any damage issue.

Sometimes kind of dirt or dust can enter into the USB port. Take a close look at the port. However, if there is any dust, clean it with a cotton bud or tiny paintbrush. You can use a pincer or paperclip to pick the dust from the USB port. 

In case of any damage issue of cable or port, fix it properly. You can change the replacement of a new part from Apple support. Though you will find the replacement parts from your nearby shops, it is always best to use apple certified accessories for the iPad.

Check the ipad Charger

Frequent power ebb and flow do harm to the iPad charger. It can kill the iPad battery. Generally, iPad Charger stops taking charge in any dangerous fluctuations of electricity. This is for the safety of the iPad. It will resolve itself. 

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Check the iPad with a different charger. If it works, then your iPad is fantastic. Now check the iPad charger to the other connection like your pc. If it won’t charge, then your charger is faulty and needs to change. But if it works, then go to the following solutions.

Hard Reset The iPad

After examining all the cables, ports, and chargers, they may come out fine. But still, the iPad is not taking charge; any software crash may occur. 

In this case, the iPad screen may turn black, and the iPad will not retort. Now you have to perform a hard reset on Ipad to fix this software crash problem. 

  1. Press 20 – 30 seconds the iPad Home ʘ and Power 󠄀 button at the same. Wait and keep on holding the buttons. Leave the buttons when you see the 2z c KlofllJR Uk2Qri19jK0gzG6ZCr8K61oKH7ctlMoCJiLP0D9xE5C qRED KpHnuj9Z4ndcQa7B 2ZA bAkvW Oi9nnzk4yxAzai NT3kFAENVEKJP (symbol of the Apple) explores out on the screen.
  2. This reset can rearrange your battery settings and charging issues.

If your iPad has no Home button, then try these procedures:

  1. Tap and release the volume up (+ ).
  2. Again tap and release the volume down( -) .
  3. Now tap and don’t release tapping unless Apple icon flashes on display.
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Maintain The Temperature

iPad is designed to run between 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When it gets cool below 32 degrees or hot over 95 degrees, it stops taking charge. That can sometimes be not every time. Its screen also gets darker and works slowly. 

Always keep your iPad in a safe, cool place, especially a room temperature. Do not place your iPad under the sun or beside any hot substance. When the iPad returns to its normal temperature, it will start charging automatically.

DFU Restore of the ipad

DFU restore is a factory default in any Apple device. It can completely delete all your codes on the iPad. Your software will fix entirely from the beginning with a new start. 

So before proceeding with the DFU, have a backup of all your important data like photos, videos, contacts, files, etc.

  1. At first, Plugin your iPad into your computer with a USB or lightning cable. 
  2. You will see iTunes on the computer screen.
  3. If the iTune does not appear, you have to do another task. Before that, your screen will ask you about any storage transfer issue. You need not accept that because you are restoring the iTune, not transferring data. 
  4. Tap and hold the Power button and Home Button together for 2 to 3 seconds. The iPad screen will go black. Do not release the buttons for 3 seconds.
  5. Again tap the Home and Power button for some seconds until the computer detects iTunes. 
  6. Press Restore And Update to renovate the whole system.
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Solve When iPad Pro Not Charging When Plugging in

iPad Pro is a powerful device of apple which fantastically makes for the modern generation. It takes a decent charge while operating some tasks. If your iPad Pro is not charging, fix it by following this diagnosis one after another. 

  1. Clean the dust or debris inside the port. 
  2. Restart the iPad Pro. 
  3. Try another charging port to charge the iPad. If it takes to charge, your iPad is still fine. If not, do the same practice with another lightning cable and AC adapter.
  4. Charge iPad Pro settings sleep mood.
  5. Update Ipad Pro with the iOS or IPadOS.
  6. Reset the Ipad Pro or restore DFU mood.

Solution for iPad Not Charging When Plugged into the Computer

After using some days, most users say, why iPad does not take charge when I plug into my computer. iPhone or iPod can take charges from the computer, and no hacks occur. But in the case of the iPad, it shows slow charge or ‘not charging issues. The core cause can be with the lightning USB cable that you use to connect the PC.

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iPad AC adapter provides 10 watts charger. Sometimes a computer cannot deliver this high charge. It can afford a shallow charge to the iPad. Even a laptop and USB hub also do the same low-powered transformation to the Ipad. That’s why you will see your iPad’s very sluggish charging or not charging problems with your computer.

It is not an ideal practice to charge the iPad on the computer. Moreover, slow charging denotes that you can not charge your iPad from the PC during travel. Use the iPad AC adapter that comes with the Ipad for appropriate power. 

Solution for iPad Shows Charging Sign But Actually Not Charging

There is a common complaint: iPad not charging when plugging in, but it shows charging. Apparently, it is a technical issue. There can be

  1. Damage issue on the port, cable, or AC adapter
  2. Water or liquid substance in the port or adapter
  3. iPad may need a hard reset

Solution for iPad Not Charging To 100 Percent

Your iPad battery gets too hot during usage, and its software stops taking power on 80%. This is a safety precaution for the life of the battery. Stop charging and take the plug out from the iPad. Let it cool. When the charger becomes cool, it will retake the charge. 

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Sometimes a faulty or damaged charger or battery turns them hot. Moreover, these issues waste power. A watery element also makes the charger burning. In that case, the iPad could not take proper charge and remain incomplete to charge. 

In the new iOS 13, there is Optimizing Battery Service that slows the charging rate. You can get it from settings> General> battery.

How to Clean iPad Charging Port

iPad is a handy device, and most users use their iPad for a long time in a day. They put it into the pocket or bag, place it on the table. That’s why dust and debris get dirty into the sensitive ports. And that might be blocking the charging port from taking charge.

You can clean your iPad port in several ways. 

Compressed Air With Air Duster

  1. Buy an air duster from the market. There is a piped nozzle to blow air into the pointy area.
  2. Point the nozzle very close to the charging port. Make sure that the nozzle does not touch the port so that the pointy parts can be harmed. Also, maintain a small room to pass the blown air out.
  3. Spray some shorts like some clicks. Do not hold the spray button for a long time. The dust remaining in the port will blow out.
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Do not practice blowing by your mouth. Human blowing consists of humidity that can be harmful to your device.

Use Toothpick, Paperclip, Pincer, And Brush

Clean the port with a soft little brush. Enter some bristle of the brush into the porthole and carefully clean it. A small paintbrush also does this task.

Use a pincer, toothpick, or the top of a paperclip to pick out dirt in case of any hairy or fibery elements. If the dust stays muddy, use these also.

Maintenance Tips for iPad 

Unluckily iPad chargers are not as trustworthy as Ipad themselves. There are some rules and regulations to charge iPad for long-term service. Here are some ideal practices for charging issues that you should maintain.

  1. Ipad takes high charge. That’s why its adapter is powerful to supply 10 watts of power. But charge via computer, laptop, or another USB hub may not be compatible with these powers. Always trust your iPad with an Apple-certified charger, port, and AC adapter which comes with the iPad.
  2. Regularly clean the port and fix the damage issues.
  3. Do not let the iPad battery and the charger get too cold or too hot.
  4. Do not charge your Ipad and Ipad Pro with your computer. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does the iPad say not charging when it is connected to the charger?

There can be several issues for not taking charge of your iPad. Any dirt or damage in the port, liquid in port, cable problem, or any software glitches can be the reasons.

How many years does an iPad battery last?

iPad batteries are made of lithium-ion. After using it for about 2 to 3 years, Lithium-ion can lose its capacity. As a result, it can not hold a full charge for a long time, and we see the quick charge out in the iPad. It is often seen that an iPad battery can last a maximum of 4 years or more if properly operated.

Is it worth replacing an iPad battery?

It depends on the warranty and the iPad version. If your iPad is good enough for its work and has a warranty, you can replace the battery from Apple. Do not forget to backup all of your contacts and other data. If your iPad warranty is out of time, you can also replace it with Apple. In this case, you have to spend around $99 for the new battery and $6.95 for the replacement service. 
Another issue is if your iPad is old versioned or has some technical faults, your battery replacement will not be worthy. 

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How much cost to replace an iPad battery?

Without a warranty, the replacement cost will be around $99. There is a service and shipping charge of $6.99. Of course, you have to pay the included tax also.

Is it ok to use an iPad when it’s charging?

There is no problem found so far to use an iPad while charging it. You can play a game also. But it is not an ideal practice to use any device while charging. You see, precaution is better than cure.

Final Words

After applying all the steps one after one, We hope your iPad is not taking charge when plugged in the cable problem is solved. It is shown that these not charging difficulties occur for technical or hardware issues most of the time. 

A charger is an external hardware, and charging is a rapid task for an iPad. It will be wise to use your iPad according to the device rules. 

Never charge the iPad with another cable or charger. Let’s not charge it for a long time. Take care of your iPad battery and the charger. It will expand your iPad longevity. 

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