[Fixed] Lenovo Yoga Plugged In Not Charging- Solutions For Different Lenovo Yoga Laptops

Lenovo Yoga Plugged In, Not Charging

In the middle of my typing, my laptop shows a 20% charge. I plugged in the charger to the laptop. It’s not taking charges but shows plugged in.

If your Lenovo Yoga plugged in, not charging, you can solve it by checking the hardware or updating systems.

Most of the time, replacing cable and AC adapter or repairing power circuit eradicate the not charging problems. If these do not work, you can update BIOS or battery driver. Let’s discuss all these solutions in detail so that you can fix yourself.

Practical Solutions for Lenovo Yoga Plugged in, Not Charging Issue

There are many ways out to reset the Lenovo laptops charging complexities. Some are hardware, and some are software problems. Let’s discuss these solutions.

Fix Hardware Problems

Whenever we face any problem with a piece of machinery, we check the hardware connection instantly. Therefore, it is instinctive to check the power line, circuit, adapter, charger, and connections.  

Check The Connections

It comes first. I think 100% of PC users, even you, do this when your Lenovo Yoga not charging. First, examine the link to the charger. Make sure the plug is correctly attached to the socket. Also, look out the charger is set perfectly into the laptop and not misplaced.

Check The Charger

Sometimes, your laptop charger can be damaged. Maybe some power fluctuations or external issues can burn its pin or tear its wire. Look at the pins. Test the charger in another line or another laptop. You may spend to buy a new charger.

Check The Electrical Power Circuit And Adapter

A faulty electrical circuit or a defective AC adapter won’t provide proper power to a machine. As a result, you may see your Lenovo Yoga charging, but it will not take charge. Repair the electrical circuit if it is faulty. Use another AC adapter if the old adapter is not working.

Reset The Battery

If these three methods turn problem-free and your laptop is still not charging, go for a little laborsome task. Reset the power and the battery. Follow the steps.

  1. Shut down your Lenovo manually.
  2. Release the charging cable and AC adapter from the laptop.
  3. Now, turn over the laptop and safely remove the battery.
  4. Press the power button for thirty seconds, release it.
  5. Place the battery back and plug the charger.
  6. Turn on the PC. You will see it is charging.

In the case of a non-removable battery, you need to update the battery driver. But before that, you should drain your battery charge from 15%. Research shows that the majority of users make their laptop charging by resetting the battery.

Try Another Laptop Charger

If you have another laptop or manage another charger, try it on the PC. In case of hardware issues, the PC will take charge. Otherwise, it is a software problem.

Fix Software Problems

Ops, your hardware solutions are not working, and still, your Lenovo laptop is not charging. Do not worry. There may have problems with the software. These software solutions are appropriate for Windows 10.

Update The Battery Driver

A battery driver helps the battery to connect to the motherboard. Therefore, any problem with the driver can stop taking charge. Updating your battery driver can solve this problem. At first, trace the battery problem.

  1. Press Windows and I keys.
  2. Update and Security
  3. Troubleshoot
  4. Go to Find & Fix Other Problems, Select power
  5. Press Run TroubleShooter

Now update the battery device. First, uninstall the Microsoft ACPI adapter driver of the battery.

  1. Press Windows and X keys.
  2. Device Manager
  3. Batteries
  4. Right-click Microsoft ACPI-Complain Control Method Battery
  5. Uninstall Device
  6. Press Uninstall

Your battery is uninstalled now. So you have to install a new driver for your pc.

  1. Select Action And Click Scan
  2. Go to the previous ways – Batteries, and right-click on Microsoft ACPI-Complain Control Method Battery.
  3. Choose an updated driver from a list and reset the battery.

Update Lenovo Vantage

Lenovo Vantage is a helpful software to update your device. It also detects the problems of the laptop. So, reboot your computer and reset the vantage for the ‘not charging issue.

  1. Restart your laptop
  2. Press F8 key
  3. Select Advanced Boot Options
  4. Click Repair Your Computer
  5. after rebooting, install Lenovo Vantage again.

Alternative To These Steps Is

  1. Move your cursor to the battery icon until the battery layout pops up
  2. Click on the Lenovo Vantage, or search Lenovo Vantage on the search bar
  3. Activate the Conversion mode if it is not
  4. Now, turn off the ‘Conversion mode’ and turn it on again after some seconds.
  5. And you will see your battery showing- ‘plugged in, charging.’

It’s pretty simple, you see.

Update Basic Input Output System (BIOS)

BIOS can troubleshoot your hardware issues. Before updating the BIOS, back up all of the data for security. Also, ensure continuous power to the PC to not disturbing the update process.

Remember updating BIOS will delete all your program on the PC. So even if there is any disturbance on the power supply, your PC will not turn on.

  1. Google the Lenovo Support Page and search for Update BIOS Version
  2. Put the serial number of your laptop, and you will find the information about your PC
  3. Click Driver and Software
  4. Click BIOS
  5. Select an updated BIOS Version
  6. Download it and Run for updating.

Some Major Lenovo Yoga Models and Their Not Charging Solutions

Lenovo Laptop ModelsSolutions that Work Most
Lenovo Yoya  700Hardware and software solutions
Lenovo Yoya  710Hardware and software solutions
Lenovo Yoya  720Hardware solutions, update BIOS
Lenovo Yoya  c740Reset battery
Lenovo Yoya  213Hardware solutions
Lenovo Yoya  900Hardware solutions

If your Lenovo Yoga 700 is not charging, try the hardware way out first. If the hardware solutions fail, then try the software corrections.

If you find your Lenovo Yoga 710 not charging issue also follows the same process as the yoga 700.

However, when Lenovo Yoga 720 plugged in, not charging updating BIOS solve the issue in most cases.

The updating of Lenovo Vantage And BIOS can create the problem, Lenovo Yoga c740 not charging. You can reset the power or battery. It will work.

Lenovo Yoga 2 13 battery not charging or the Lenovo Yoga 900 not charging issue will be solved trying the hardware solutions. Otherwise, you know the software solutions also.

Another method one of the recent victims of Lenovo Yoga laptop find is loading the default boot menu. His problem was with his Lenovo Yoga 370 plugged in but not charging. And after trying all the hardware solutions and battery reset fix, he loaded the BIOS to default.

To do this simply-

  • Turn off your laptop
  • Turn on & continuously tap the F2 button for BIOS to boot up the load.
  • When it loads up the BIOS menu, press the F9 to load the default BIOS settings.
  • After that, press the F10 function menu to save the settings and exit.

Now, He just boot the laptop in Windows and reinstalls the battery while the AC adapter plugged in. And it solved his not charging issue.

To be noted, the above steps are for Windows 10!

What To Do When The Not Charging Issue Arises After Some Days

After some days or months, if your battery charging complications come again, you have to do something practical.

You can not work well on your laptop without power support. So, check your laptop warranty documents and knock the retailer to solve this problem.

However, you may need some experts’ hand. You can go to lenovo support. It is an official site for technical help on behalf of Lenovo. They will solve your problem.

Final Words

I solved my Lenovo Yoga plugged in, not charging by checking hardware resolutions. If your laptop has no serious problem, the connection checking can eliminate not charging issues. Reset the battery is also beneficial. Try to be careful of applying any tricks about any damages. Take help from a technician or your tech-knowledged friends.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I reset the battery on my Lenovo Yoga?

It is not so tough.
1. Turn off the laptop and release the charger.
2. Now, remove the battery from the laptop
3. Press the power for thirty sec
4. Replace the battery and connect to the charger
5. Turn on again. It’s taking charge.

Where is the reset button on a Lenovo laptop?

The reset button is a small hole situated at the center of the bottom on the backside. This button can power the system unit when the power button does not work.

How do I open my Lenovo Yoga 900 laptop?

sometimes it is essential to replace our old laptop battery. For that, we need to open the device before opening a laptop at first shut down it properly. Then, disconnect the charger and other devices like USB, Speaker, etc. It would be best if you had some instruments to open Lenovo Yoga 900.
* Screwdriver and
* Pry bar
Now Follow The Steps:
1. Turn back your PC and unscrew the ten screws on the bottom part.
2. Carefully pry up the bottom cover plate by a pry bar.
3. Here at the bottom part, the battery is plugged in on the middle top. Five screws connect the battery to the PC’s body—Unplugged the battery. Then unscrew the screws.
4. Safely remove the battery.
5. Place a new one.
6. Put the screws and tighten them. Plug the battery.
7. Place the bottom plate and tighten the screws. It is done.

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