[Fixed] Mophie Charger Not Working? Why & How to Fix 

Why is your Mophie Charger Not Working? Before jumping to the conclusion, double-checking the power source of the charging pad is advised because at times, the charger is not connected to a power source that’s …

Why is your Mophie Charger Not Working? Before jumping to the conclusion, double-checking the power source of the charging pad is advised because at times, the charger is not connected to a power source that’s strong enough.

When your mobile phone gets overheated, the Mophie Charger by itself does not charge the phone. Charging your phone at those times would lead to the worst-case scenario. You should wait for the device to cool down. Another silly mistake made by the users is putting on armored or thick cases on the phone during charging. In most cases, the device won’t charge when the back cover is really thick.

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Still, have confusion regarding the reasons? Okay, then let’s go in-depth and talk about the other occurring reasons and how you can fix when Mophie Charger is Not Working

Why Mophie Charger Not Working?

Sometimes there is no major problem with the Mophie charger, but users face difficulties. In most cases, the problems occur because of the original power source not having enough power and other silly issues. So it is important for the users to be aware and use the product as it is supposed to be used.

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If you are having trouble finding out if your power supply is adequate or not you may look into your phone’s performance if it reboots without permission, hangs, or does random boots. Other problems like sudden crashes and hangs, uninvited dots and flashes from the screen, and many graphical problems may arise too.

Let’s find out the other problems behind your Mophiecharger is not working, their reasons and fixes:-

Reasons for Mophie Charger Not to WorkPossible Fixes to Try
Wreckage in the CableTry out with a different cable if it works, then change the cable
Plugging SystemChanging or Repairing the Power Sockets
Software Problems in PhoneRestart, Reset and Update the Phone
Armored or Thick CoverEither Change the Cover or Remove it
Overheated PhoneWait Until the Phone Cools Down

The major reasons behind this common issue faced by everyone have been mentioned above. We hope you have tried it already. If you haven’t, check out now!

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Cable Wreckage Issue

When there is wreckage in the cable it does not only disallow the Mophie Charger to recharge the phone but also kills the phone’s battery life. It’s crucial to be aware of that.

Power Socket issue

Problems in the power socket are dangerous! It is even more dangerous when a multiport or a hub is connected as then it gets the ability to destroy multiple devices. An up and down in the actual source of power may discourage the Mophie Charger to work.

Internal Problems

When there are internal problems inside the device a lot of functions might not work. Just like a lot of other functions, it’s very usual for the Mophie charger to not work too.

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Thick Cover Problem

When the cover of the device is thick or armored, the charger cannot touch the phone’s body so it fails to charge the phone. Last but not the least, charging while the phone is overheated can lead to problems like bursting and many others. It is dangerous. Mophie chargers help to prevent that sort of accident.

At times resetting the Mophie charger may help.

In order to reset the Mophie charger holding down the power button, which is located at the back of the charger, will shut the Mophie charger off. After that, turning it on will reset the charger.

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Mobile Software Issues

There can be other reasons too except the power source too. At times users don’t align it properly and complain about the device being broken. Issues can arise within your cell phone too.

For software-related issues checking for updates, restarting your phone, and resetting the phone does the job.

Last but not the least, proper alignment is important when you are charging with the Mophie Charger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Tell if the Problem is Within the Mophie Charger?

If the problem is within the Mophie Charger it will stop charging all the mobile phones. Testing it with other mobile phones will help you find out. Then also changing the cables will clear out your question. 

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Should I Charge Without the Phone Case?

If the phone case is thin and not armored then charging it without the case will do no harm. However, if the case is even a little bit thick it may not charge as fast.

Can Mophie Charger Lead to Overheating?

The answer is no! If your phone is overheating then there definitely is a problem with the socket, power source or there are internal problems. Mophie chargers are usually crafted to eradicate the possibility of overheating.

Bottom Lines

So now we can say you got enough ideas for why your Mophie charger not working and how you can fix this issue. Right?

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Make sure to go through all of the above-mentioned reasons and try the fices one by one before you go for the repair or replacement.

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