Moto App Launcher Keeps Stopping: Reasons with Top 4 Solutions

Moto app launcher keeps stopping over and over again? Don’t panic because maybe the app needs an update or your device is facing low storage. Some other causes may make this happen too. Let’s know …

Moto app launcher keeps stopping over and over again? Don’t panic because maybe the app needs an update or your device is facing low storage. Some other causes may make this happen too. Let’s know with the fixes.

Generally, the launchers are also known as ‘Home-screen replacement applications’. And the Moto launcher is a built-in launcher application in Motorola devices that allow the users to organize the other applications on the device in a personalized way.

Sudden interruptions of these app launchers are one of the common problems for android users. In this article, we have targeted to resolve it for Motorola lovers.

From our article, you will get 4 simple solutions and a bonus. To avoid misconceptions, stay tuned till the end. We assure you to get the exact fix.

Know Why Moto App Launcher Keeps Stopping?

When the app launcher of your Motorola suddenly stops working, you might have seen the warning, saying, ‘Unfortunately, the launcher has stopped working.’ This can happen due to different reasons. Here, we have sorted the possible ones for you. Have a look if you can relate.

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Reasons for Moto App StoppingSolution to Resolve
The system is out of dateUpdate the app
Software glitchSimply reboot
Overloaded application cachesClear cache data
Overloaded launcher dataClear all data
Installed launcher from an unauthorized sourceUninstall & reinstall it

Things To Do To Fix When Moto App Stopping Issue

Now, if you can relate to why your Moto system launcher is not responding with the reasons mentioned above, then congratulations, because we will resolve all of them in this part step by step, we have the Motorola authorized and also the community suggestions just for you.

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Solution 1: Check If the App Is Up to Date

When your Moto app launcher is not responding, the first and foremost thing you should do is check whether your android system and the running applications are updated to their latest version. To update the app, follow the following steps,

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Find and select applications or apps
  3. Select Moto Launcher app
  4. Check if the status says, ‘Version is up to date’.
  5. If not, turn on your internet connection.

To update the running applications, do as follow,

  1. Check thoroughly if any of them is missing updates.
  2. If missing, go to Google play store.
  3. Find the app that is missing updates and select ‘Update’.
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Similarly, you can check your system update from under the software system option.

Solution 2: When Phone Tries Force-Closing the Launcher

When your phone is automatically trying to force stop the system app launcher, it may misbehave due to bugs in software or any software glitch. This is not a significant issue at all.

After updating the system and applications, restart your phone to the ‘Safe Mode’. To enable safe mode,

  1. Press and hold on to pressing the power button of your Motorola device.
  2. When the phone shuts down, or the power off option comes up on display, touch it and hold on touching it.
  3. Release tapping on the option when you see ‘Reboot to safe mode’ before you.
  4. Now, power off your phone again.
  5. And, power on and let it start in normal mode.
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If the status of your Moto app launcher remains the same, then check on the next solutions.

Solution 3: Fix When Moto App Is Overloaded with Cache Data

While your phone is overloaded with application caches, the Moto app launcher can stop responding as well. So, at this point, do as follows,

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select ‘Apps’.
  3. Find the system launcher from the menu and tap.
  4. Select ‘Storage & cache’.
  5. Then tap ‘clear cache’.

This process will eliminate all the caches of your phone in one tap. If the solution is yet not working, then stay calm. We have 2 more yet.

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Solution 4: Fix for Overloaded Launcher Data

Now, this solution may seem quite breathtaking for you because it will clean up all the existing data, including files, settings, and accounts, of your phone. To do so, the first 3 steps will remain the same as the previous solution. The final step will change where you need to select ‘clear all data’ instead of ‘Clear cache.

Before applying this solution, we will suggest you to backup all data and settings. You should go for the solution only if the previous 3 are not working for you.

Another problem may arise and make your Moto app stopping again and again when you download the Moto app from any unauthorized source and install it on your android device.

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In that case, just uninstall the app and reinstall from the right apk source only can be found from the Motorola site.

Then again, sometimes the auto-rotate option can be a cause of Moto App launcher to be unresponsive and keeps stopping. Turn off auto-rotate, and it can be working again.

How to Turn off Motorola App Launcher?

If none of the solutions above is working for you, here is a bonus solution for you. Turn off your Motorola app launcher as follows,

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select ‘Moto app’.
  3. Select disable.
  4. Agree with the conditions and tap OK.

If the disable option is unavailable, then select ‘force stop’ and agree to continue.

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After that, try a restart and then enable the Moto App again to check if it resolves the problem or not.

And this should resolve by now after trying all the 4 fixes shown here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Moto app Launcher keep stopping?

There might be cache overloaded, excessive data, or bugs in your Motorola system. Resolve these, and your app will be working smoothly again.

Is the sudden launcher interruption usual?

It is quite usual. But fix now if it is happening on your new set or keeps interrupting always.

‘Moto app launcher not responding’ is it fixable?

Of course, it is! Try cleaning up the catches and excessive data, reboot and update existing applications and see if it works. If not, please try a hard reset to your phone.

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If you have made up to the conclusion, you must have already found the issue bothering you with the question in your mind why does my Moto app launcher keeps stopping.

If not, then we are extremely sorry to inform you that you need a ‘Factory Reset’ on your Motorola device.

You can contact Motorola’s original help desk or take your phone to a service center to confirm the damages. If your Motorola is not older than a year, we strongly suggest you do so. And if it is old enough, how about taking a new one!

To avoid the Moto interrupted app launcher issue, you need to do some care from the very beginning. Try not to overload your device with newer app installing, avoid over internet usage and downloading from unauthorized sites.

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