[Fixed] Power Supply Making Noise- 5 Possible Reasons and Their Solutions

Is your PC power supply making noise? Looking for solutions? Whoa! You have just found your desired content to take you out of your struggle. The noise from your power supply can be caused by …

Is your PC power supply making noise? Looking for solutions? Whoa! You have just found your desired content to take you out of your struggle.

The noise from your power supply can be caused by different issues like dirt inside or overheating issue. Some of those can be resolvable, while the others might not.

So before taking any necessary actions, the first thing you will need to confirm is its reason. According to the commonly seen criteria, we have sorted five reasons.

And, in this content, we will be discussing all of those possible reasons for which noises are caused with their possible solutions. We assure you giving best and most working solutions.

Why Power Supply Making Noise: 5 Reasons with Necessary Suggestions

When your power supply fan making noise, there could be several reasons behind it. Find the most common reasons in the table below.

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Possible ReasonsSolutions
Dirty fanclean it out
Clogged ventilationClean the PSU casing as well the internal components on a period basis
Old PSU fanReplace the PSU fan
Loose screwCheck out if there are any loose screws both inside and outer side of the PSU casing and fix it.
Overload and overheatlet it rest or try to slack for a few hours.

 All these reasons can lead your power supply fan to make grinding noise. Does any of the reasons seem to correlate with your PSU system? Then try the suggested solutions.

Fix for Power Supply Buzzing When Plugged In

If your power supply making clicking noise or starts buzzing right after plugging in, then your device might be suffering from any of the first 4 criteria shown in the table. To resolve

  • First of all, turn off the PSU and unplug it.
  • Find out which criteria are causing the problem (it can be more than one).
  • Follow the suggested solution.
  • Plug-in power supply.
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If this solution is not working for your device, check out the next one.

Fix Power Supply Making Noise When Playing Games

Generally, when we start playing video games, it keeps going for hours. This is one of the most commonly seen unawareness among gamers. This tendency forces the PSU to receive continuous overloads, which ultimately leads to overheating of the internal components that go beyond the capacity of the cooling fans to handle. This problem can be caused in both typical as well as to the gaming PSUs. To resolve,

  • Reduce continuous unnecessary usage.
  • For gaming PCs, let your device rest from time to time.
  • Keep unplugged from the power source for a few hours.
  • Turn off or restart in case the PSU fan is suddenly loud.
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A constant overload can cause the power supply makes loud noise when starting every single time. Check out the next case. Who knows that might be yours?

Get Rid of Power Supply Fan Noise on Startup

This can be happening because of an aged PSU and cooling fans.

  • Change the PSU right away.
  • If you are on a super budget, at least try replacing it with a new case fan.
  • It can also be due to the old internal components of the PSU. Try changing the particular component.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my power supply making noise?

If your PC’s power supply making buzzing noise continuously, that might indicate that your device is at the top of its ability to supply power to the components. It could be both because the device has been aged or the cooling fan is incapable of performing. So, it would be better to change the power supply in this situation, or maybe just the cooling fan replacement may help.

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Is it normal for a power supply to buzz?

A certain level of buzzing or humming noise is average for every power supply system until it gets excessively louder. This might be an issue by the transformer or the AC supply voltage. This problem can also be caused by overheating and aging of the system.

What does a bad power supply sound like?

If your device has a bad power supply issue, you may notice unusual buzzing or humming noises. Considering the normal buzzing noise, if the sound seems like any of the above, then try to change the power supply as quickly as possible. This sound can also indicate that your device is about to fail soon.

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How do you fix noisy PSU fan?

In some cases, the reasons behind your noisy PSU might be resolvable. When the PSU air intake and cooling fans are clogged, or the rear side of the PSU is too close to the wall or other obstacle, it can cause noise as well. Simply clean the internal components on a periodic basis and try to place the PSU with enough clearance.

Final Words Just for You

If you have come through this far, then you can surely determine which reason is causing your power supply to buzz. So, at this stage, all you need to do is to get started with the suggested solutions with respect to the criteria.

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 If your power supply making noise yet, then go for a service center and see if they suggest you change the entire system or just a few components. Are you still experiencing even though changing a power supply? Then you actually need to be more careful with your device while using it.

Your device needs to rest, be cleaned, and modified as well, although it is a machine. So be awake while using it if you need your device to provide you with the best performance.

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