Samsung Account Locked Due To Abnormal Factory Reset: 3 Simple Solutions

samsung account locked due to abnormal factory reset

Is your Samsung account locked due to abnormal factory reset? Then congratulations! You have found this right article to resolve your problem. A number of Samsung users face the account lock problem while running the factory reset. After resetting, the device may ask for Samsung account ID and password. But this is not it! Once you provide the required information, you may find out that the operation has failed to proceed further.

Similar errors may arise in the case of any model of Samsung like S5, S6 or Note 3. Today, we will guide you with 3 solutions of how to resolve it. Let’s get started.

What Is Factory Reset?

Before we get into the methods, we need to know what exactly factory reset refers to. A factory data reset operation erases all the existing applications and their related information of the phone by taking it to the initial setup condition, excepting those data that are backed up. So it can be considered as the other name of “permanent delete”.

Generally, factory data reset is needed when you notice rapid hangs, lack of sensitivity, and lower phone speed. Taking the phone software setup to its initial condition helps to recover the existing malfunctions and junked storage, which ultimately speeds up your phone without creating any internal damage.

But as mentioned before, when you do the factory reset, it will permanently remove all the existing data and log you out of all the accounts that you were signed in before starting the reset operation.

Solutions For Samsung Account Locked Due To Abnormal Factory Reset

Over the internet, the factory reset issue is a common error that many Android device users face pretty often. In this part, you will get through 3 methods to resolve this problem if you are a Samsung user that is authentic and safe to apply. To avoid misconceptions, don’t miss a part.

Method-1: Try Signing In With Account ID And Password

This method will include the following steps to unlock your Samsung device

Step-1: Provide your Samsung account ID and the password to the dialogue box.

Step-2: Tap “SIGN IN”. It will take some time to verify your identity, and your account will be unlocked. But in case you forget the ID or password, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Tap the highlighted text below the password box saying, “Forgotten your ID or password?”.
  • Provide your phone number or email address as required.
  • Wait until the verification.
  • Enter ID and new password.
  • Tap “SIGN IN”.

Well, this method might not work if the account is locked.  In that case, try the second method.

Method-2: Bypassing The Samsung Account Lock

Now, this method may seem a bit lengthy and tricky to you, but it works so efficiently and unlocks your Samsung account. But you will require a Wi-Fi connection. We have described each step very vividly.

All you need to do is

Step-1: Tap the “EMERGENCY CALL” below the dialogue box.

Step-2: Wait until the dial pad appears.

Step-3: Dial any emergency contact number.

Step-4: Tap call.

Step-5: Follow the toolbox and tap the 3 vertical dots.

Step-6: Tap contacts.

Step-7: Tap the emergency call small box and disconnect the call.

Step-8: Slide to the home button and select “OK”.

Step-9: Go to the keypad and follow “Micro”, “Google App”, finish task, and “OK”.

Step-10: Turn on Wi-Fi and type setting scheduled the Google exploration bar.

Step-11: Select backup and reset.

Step-12: Follow “Factory Data Reset”, “Reset the Device” and “Delete All”.

Step-13: Sign in to your Samsung account.

When you try to sign in make sure the device Wi-Fi is connected. Then your account will be successfully unlocked and ready to operate.

Method-3: Take Help From Samsung Support

In case the second method is not working for you, this is the one you should go for. Reach for your nearest Samsung showroom and ask for help from the company agent. You can also contact through online by Samsung hotline support group or email them using the address provided on their website.

Bonus Solution To Avoid Such Unlocking Issue

To avoid the unwanted account locked issue due to abnormal factory reset, you can take this measure before any uninvited occurrence. Just do as follows.

Step-1: Go to settings.

Step-2: Go to the locked screen and then security.

Step-3: Select “Find My Mobile”.

Step-4: Enter your Samsung account password.

Step-5: Switch off the option for “Reactivation Lock” and confirm it.

Step-6: Provide your Samsung account password again and confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Are these methods applicable to any Samsung device?

Ans: Of course! These methods are applicable for Samsung S5, S6, Note 3, Note 4, and any other model.

Ques: Does a factory reset removes the Samsung account?

Ans: Yes, it will remove your Samsung account of the device, but you will need to provide your account ID and password again to sign in. Simply follow the first method provided in this article.

Ques: Is any of the methods going to do any harm to my device?

Ans: Not at all. All these methods are safe to apply and won’t make any changes to the built-in system applications.

Final Words

Samsung is one of the highest preferred android device provider companies nowadays. People around, are commonly using these gadgets and facing the problem rapidly as well. But it cannot be the reason to give up on the company while there are several solutions to it.

If you have already read the entire article, then at this point, you can decide which one you prefer to apply. So while Samsung account locked due to abnormal factory reset in your Samsung device, don’t panic because there is always a way to get out of it.

We aim to provide you with the simplest solutions to your everyday tech struggles and make you surf smooth and stress-free.

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