[Fixed] Select Multiple Files Mac’s Shift Key Not Working- Reasoning and Complete Guide to Fix it

Apple computers have always been revolutionary in the computing field. The quality of the latest desktops and laptops of the company is glorious. However, countless users of iMac and Macbooks are facing a common problem; …

Apple computers have always been revolutionary in the computing field. The quality of the latest desktops and laptops of the company is glorious. However, countless users of iMac and Macbooks are facing a common problem; shift keys not working.

It is one of the mandatory keys of the computer for multiple selections of icons, photos, and many others. Problems can arise from many sides, so before replacing the keyboard, we should check those out. Firstly, there can be connectivity issues if you are using an iMac; in that case, re-registering your keyboard will do the job.

Do you still have confusion regarding the reasons and solutions? No problem, we can discuss the discussion and help you fix your Mac, as your shift key is not working.

Why Mac’s Shift Key Is Not Working?

In the majority of the cases, the problems turn out to be internal instead of external. As iMac’s mostly use a Bluetooth keyboard, there are always connectivity problems arising. Before going for a device replacement or repair, you can try out with any wired keyboard; if it works out, then the problem is Bluetooth connectivity. iMac also allows resetting the devices that are connected with Bluetooth.

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Here are the steps to reset the Bluetooth device:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on the Bluetooth Icon
  • Click on Bluetooth Devices
  • Remove Keyboard
  • Reconnect Your Keyboard

In most cases, this works out when your Mac’s shift key is not working. However, if these don’t work, you might need to go for a keyboard replacement.

If you are using a Macbook, the case might be different. Just like windows, MACS use a system management controller and PRAM. Sometimes issues in those can lead the computer to fail to recognize the logic board. In this case, re-installing the macOS can do a huge help.

Before re-installing you can also try out resetting PRAM and SMC too. Another internal issue stopping your Mac’s shift key from working is the functional issues with the NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) of the MAC. The cure for this problem is the same; resetting the NVRAM. At times you might be resetting those or fixing those materials of the computers can help you out.

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Here are the steps to reset the PRAM and NVRAM:

  • Shut Down and Turn on the MAC
  • Press alt + command + p + r (While it is Turning On)
  • Release the Keys after 20 Seconds
  • Mac will Reboot Normally

Let’s Find Out The Other Problems Behind Your Mac’s Shift Key Not Working, Their Reasons, And Fixes

Reasons for Mac’s Shift Key Is not WorkingPossible Fixes to Try
Connectivity Issues (iMac)Reconnecting if the Keyboard is Bluetooth.
Connectivity Issues (Macbook)Checking out if the wires are loose between the keyboard and the computer.
Internal Software Issues (SMC, PRAM, NVRAM)Resetting the types of RAMs and SMC.
Problem with Only One ButtonFixing that button from a Technician or Use the Command button, which does the same job.
Problems with the OSOS Update or Reinstalling the OS

The reasons above are mainly the reasons behind this very issue many Apple Computer users are facing. If you have not tried these out yet, then go for it now!

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Bluetooth connectivity issues can arise because of a lot of reasons. Firstly, if your device is an old one, that problem may arise. On the other hand, if you have connected countless devices with your Mac, you might endure this very problem too. In this case, primarily the old iMac devices have this issue, as many iMacs don’t update to the latest version anymore.

There can be connectivity issues with the Macbook too! Like all other laptops, there can be loose wires and ribbons that connect the keyboard to the computer. Going to the technician near your house to fix the loose wires and ribbons or change them completely will do the job for the safest choice.

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In Macs SMC, PRAM, NVRAM are the components that help store the memory of all the functional issues and a problem that can lead to a major issue throughout the entire computer. Hence, it’s essential to check out if they are in shape; you can try resetting them, and if it doesn’t work, rebooting the computer must do!

Problem with the OS! It’s a major issue for Macs. Most iMacs go for regular updates, and many old mac devices don’t update to the latest version of macs. For the devices that can update, you must update your computer now. However, for the devices that cannot, you can try reinstalling your Operating System.

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There Can Be Some Unpredicted Problems Too

At times, opening the keys gently brushing the inside can solve this very problem. There can be dust stored near the shift key only, which is blocking you from using it properly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Tell if the Problem is with the Keyboard or Internal?

For starters, you can just check it with any external keyboard with your Mac’s USB ports. iMacs and Macbooks accept all external keyboards and mice now, although Apple only allowed access to their devices in the beginning.

Can Only Fixing the Shift Key through Technician do the Job?

The answer totally depends on the issue you are having with your computer. If the problem is hardware-related and the shift key is not working, it is obviously the ultimate solution. However, if there are other internal software issues, the cure is different

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Is it Wiser to Use Wired Keyboard or Wireless?

When it comes to connectivity, wired keyboards are definitely the ultimate choice. However, for flexibility and portability, wireless keyboards can be good. Some devices always endure connectivity problems.

Final Comment and Efficient Alternatives

Sometimes all of these fixes may not work too, which means your keyboard needs to be replaced. Firstly, as Mac keyboards are crazy expensive, other wired keyboards can do the same job. On the other hand, the command key can almost do all the jobs the shift key can, especially the multiple selection facility. Using the command key for this very reason can help you out.

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